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My kid has been crazing me to install Fortnite and Kerbal Space Program. He's only six so it's a flat no on Fortnite and Kerbal looks a little too complex but I stumbled on this over the weekend and it's proved to be a massive hit.


The premise is simple - build vehicles using a load of parts you unlock in an adventure mode to overcome obstacles. This is done by a really intuitive building tool that snaps bits together like lego. As you can imagine, the internet is there to showcase some amazing models that put our crappy eight wheeled buggy with a jet engine on the back to shame.


You can delve pretty deep into some of the mechanical parts, assigning hot switches and tweaking suspension settings if you like and the physics based nature of it means things can go comically wrong. Both my kids have now been making cars out of lego that we can recreate in the game to try out.


It's early access but there's plenty of game there already and it runs solidly. There's an adventure mode, sandbox mode, racing and online multiplayer alongside a load of daily challenges.



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