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Casting problems

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On and off over the past couple of years I've tried to get casting working. The problem I've always had is that I don't (didn't)  have a receiver. I've got an Amazon stick but even that struggled, and given that I've sideloaded Kodi I kind of don't need it 


What I ideally want is a way to stream from my phone (Showbox) to my pc. There's apparently a way to stream to Chrome using allcast receiver extension, opening some ports, that took me ages to be able to connect to, then when I did there was no picture 


Then I found this thing that streams to vlc (a media player) which actually works kind of great. It mirrors your phone, isn't restricted by apps, easy to set up. 


The problem with it, to send internal audio over you'd need to route your phone, so instead what it does it use the microphone to pick up your phone's speakers and sends that over instead, which is amazing, hilarious, and completely unworkable all at the same time 

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