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Ghosts N Goblins Resurrection


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So, this has finally seen a multiformat release (it’s out on PS4 tomorrow but pre-orders get it a day early).


The Ghosts series is something I’ve always enjoyed, but rarely managed to finish. I did complete Super Ghouls N Ghosts on the SNES back in the day, which certainly took some doing.


In terms of difficulty, this is certainly the most player friendly yet. If you fancy a serious challenge, stick it on Legend. Squire, the lowest difficulty gives you several hits before you die, but apparently locks away some content, though I don’t know what yet.


It’s still a tough game. I died several times against the first boss. And it still has the typical death traps that will almost certainly kill you the first time, due to how unpredictable they are.


I do miss the double jump feature from Super GnG, as a lot of my deaths have come from falling into pits. Or getting overwhelmed by constantly respawning enemies.


I’ve reached Level 3. The second boss was a bloody chore. We shall see how it goes…

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Well, after returning from my holiday, I’ve come back to this. 
Level 3 then. I’ll sum it up in two words: fucking bullshit. I died not once, not twice, but 54 times.


The level is mostly pitch black, with candles periodically lighting the way. Instant death falls are absolutely everywhere. Small enemy bats appear that, if ignored, will almost certainly hit you into a hole. If you’re really unlucky a Red Demon will show up, who will either gradually kill you, or cause you to rush to avoid him and fall into a hole. 
God do I miss the double jump feature from Super G&G, as without it there’s a lot of cheap deaths. 
And there’s also plenty of sections that will catch you out and kill you the first time around, as you can’t predict what will happen.


Thankfully the boss was relatively easy. But getting to him? Utter ballache.

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