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Superhot: Mind Control Delete


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Sank a fair bit of time into this now. From what I understand, it began as an early-access expansion to the awesome Superhot, until it’s reached the stage it’s at now.


If you haven’t played Superhot (and you really should, because it’s bloody amazing), for the most part I’d recommend this. Enemies move when you do, so each level plays out like a puzzle, with you figuring out the best way to clear a room of enemies. Melee enemies aren’t too much of a problem, but enemies with guns can quickly ruin your day.


Luckily you can chuck something at an enemy, which will make them throw their gun in the air. Enabling you to steal it, and kill them with it. Fun times


So, what does MCD add to the mix? Quite a bit really. You gradually unlock extra abilities, such as having more health, more ammo, being able to bounce bullets off walls, or sending another bullet flying out of an enemy if you kill them with a headshot.


Catch is, you have to choose what ability you want to start with. Prior to each run (generally about 6 arenas), you can choose from one of the perks you’ve managed to unlock. Then after every couple of arenas, you get to choose another perk. Get to the end of that run, and you’ll unlock another ability. Die, and you have to start the run all over again.


The difficulty can be a bit all over the place. The arenas in each run are randomly generated, and where you start in that arena is also random. You might end up in a tough situation right from the start. And as you unlock more perks, there’s an increased chance the one you want may not show up, as that’s also randomly chosen for each run. 

About halfway through the game, new enemy types get added. Some can only be killed by hitting a specific part of their body. Some carry weapons that you can’t steal. Some explode when killed and send lethal shrapnel out, meaning melee kills are to be avoided at all costs.


Unfortunately towards the end, some Boss type characters are added, and they are total bastards. For one thing, they’re indestructible. All you can do is dodge them, and try to finish the arena by killing all the other enemies as fast as possible. Might sound simple. But when you’re getting shot at from multiple enemies, these bosses are a real pain. Usually, rushing around is a good way to lose health. With a boss in the mix, rushing is your only option. The bosses also appear totally at random for each run, and may not show up at all. The later runs can consist of 7/8 arenas, increasing in difficulty. So it’s a massive ballache to be doing well on a run, only for a boss to randomly show up and send the run flying out the window.


Its tough at times. But it’s definitely got that “one more go” factor.


Oh, and apparently one of the trophies required for the Platinum, is to get to the end of the game, perform an update, and leave that running for 7 actual hours. Haha haha fuck off.

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