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  2. I don't play video games any more: I play a video game. So since I'm here I'm gonna put this here since I do thinks it's a good tune.
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  4. I've gone back to Big Star lately. They're basically sad millennials but from the 70s Tight as fuck, tho
  5. RikSP

    Netflix recommendations

    Looks great overall, but Cavill looks rubbish.
  6. Nag

    Gears 5

    Fuck off @wiivo 2.0...😘
  7. wiivo 2.0

    Gears 5

    I got this downloaded yesterday thinking it had started. Silly moo. Don’t know if I’ll have time over the W/e now.
  8. Been wanting this for a while. It's a rogue-like Colony Wars by the looks of it and I've played it for 30 mins and hate the controls and hopeless alternative options. I wish I bought Monster Hunter Generations instead right now. I'll sleep on it and try to meet it on its terms.
  9. Playing it 4 player. It's a bit rubbish. The camera actually breaks the game completely.
  10. retroed

    Gears 5

    I had a notification for it on my phone via the Game Pass app, and set it to download from there.
  11. Awesome! My cpu, the last part, was supposed to arrive wednesday but now amazon seem to have no idea when it’s coming. Could cancel and get it from elsewhere but lots of early adopter problems being reported so maybe it’s not so bad to wait a bit. Took the ssd out of the old pc to see what would happen and it worked fine, just booted to windows 8 instead of 10, so that was nice. edit - canceled the cpu and ordered from somewhere else, £6 cheaper so thought that was a good till i realised it doesn't come with the free game pass. oh well
  12. First time I’ve got a limited run games game.
  13. Hendo

    Gears 5

    Is it just a download on the store or do you have to pre-order it first?
  14. OCH

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

    For the camera, not as far as I see. There are specific scenes wherein the camera locks into place, in a 2D Streets of Rage way. So it is relatively stylised. Outside of those scenes, you can adjust it with the right stick, but it does still catch on things. When it comes to the Co-op options, I wouldn't know I'm afraid. For that answer. you'll likely have to wait for one of the others buying the game to test that out. Meanwhile, Another hour or so in, I've swapped out Drax for Daredevil. The fact that Chapter 3 is geared towards the Marvel Knights Netflix Defenders, was an interesting change of pace. What fan of those shows doesn't love the Hand Ninjas? Team: Star Lord Hulk Daredevil Wolverine All level 14
  15. Bob


    Role queue finally coming straight to your face. https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/news/23060961
  16. Maf

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

    I just realised this doesn’t have Vision as a playable character so I can’t play the game like it was a sequel to Captain America and the Avengers Maybe I sub in Scarlet Witch and head cannon that some shit went down inbetween
  17. Latest Nicalis release from the States.
  18. Nag

    Gears 5

    Yes! Oh...🙁 Let's hope they up server capacity over the course of the weekend.
  19. OCH

    Films II : The Filminator

    Yep, I thought the same. A pass from me, from that trailer alone. Smith looks really weird now he's lost all that weight. Granted whatever the last one of those films (Dogma, J&SB Strike Back etc) was probably the last thing I saw either of them in.
  20. Within the first one to two hours, you'll have access to Four Spider-Mon (Parker, Morales, Brock and Stacy) and have fought four Spider-Man villains... That's why. I've got a deposit on an expensive holiday to pay for AND four games on the Switch I've barely touched. But, the right lure catches all of us. Enjoy😉
  21. I caved and it’s now downloading on the Switch but as soon as the transaction was complete I regretted it. Like why did I buy this? I don’t need this
  22. Mmm, I was looking forward to this but these rune puzzles might be scratching my tedium fuse. After about the tenth go of staring at twigs in the first hour I started reminiscing about the joys of horse riding in RDR 2. I really didn't envision this game being like this at all.
  23. Ooff that was painful. I think Smith and Mews look so different to their characters in the early 2000 that I can't get on board with this. Mews especially with his new teeth (heroin, hell of a drug). Also the jokes and writing are painful. This does remind me though, I've been meaning to catch up with the last few Smith films, although they are meant to be hit and miss.
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