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  2. Nag

    Cool Video Game Shit

    ??? To be honest, I'm still clueless @DANGERMAN... I just thought it looked cool.🤣
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  4. OCH

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

    I was a little pissed how short the X-Men level is, given how long and drawn out that lame Avengers level before it seemed. I must admit I have just stuck with my previous team now. Everyone else seems so samey, I really can't be bothered to try them out. Also used the cubes to focus on levelling up Hulk. At level 25 now and he is insanely powerful. Also his abilities are, unlikely practically everyone else, really weighty and satisfying when they hit. Granted the other three members of my team aren't too behind at level 23. The 'unwinnable' battles were actually insulting to the point they should have just been cutscenes and not wasted gameplay on them.
  5. It will be interesting to see how they go about making a New Thor at all. Given there is no Mjolnir and no Odin.
  6. Maf

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

    I played through the X-Men level today and got some of those characters. It’s so annoying when they show you cool characters and then you can’t use them. It’s like why do that, man? Lol Is it just me or do the girl characters get knocked down like sacks of shit? I don’t know if it’s coincidence or what but Scarlet Witch, Wasp and Psylocke are always almost dead as soon as things get rough. But Hulk and Wolverine and whoever else are happy as Larry just standing around not doing anything, getting hit a bunch and not giving a shit. I also let loose a 4 way extreme attack in portable mode and it was like watching a slide show but with a bunch of slides missing
  7. Also what are the odds they had planned for Storm Breaker, when introducing it in Infinity War, to end up in the hands of Beta Ray Bill in Thor 4 in 2018 🤔
  8. I see Tom Hanks is playing Mr Rodgers as Tom Hanks, he's got a hell of a range
  9. As much as I really want to see the Black Widow movie, it’s sort of packaged with a bit of salt in the wound that we won’t get more Black Widow post Endgame. It’s stunted both by the fact it takes place after Civil War and before Infinity War so you know Natasha will be fine for that period, but also it can’t even connect to a further sequel that would take place after Endgame. Not that every film has to have a sequel or connect with extra continuity, but off the bat it seems like it has nothing to do in both the short term or the long term and is more the MCU equivalent of a lifetime achievement award for Johansson. Like ‘We really missed the boat on this, but now here you go’ I love the character but it all all seems kind of redundant at this point. It’s situation is kind of reminiscent of Solo.
  10. I've only watched a bit (skipped to when it wasn't just about the box). Unless I'm missing something it's just a pretty and expensive housing for your consoles? It's an Amstrad Mega PC
  11. Nag

    Cool Video Game Shit

    I know bugger all abou PC's but I'm assuming this is wank worthy?...
  12. It's more the fact that it happened, not that it looks bad that I find funny.
  13. Nag

    Films II : The Filminator

    Sounds shit...
  14. A trailer about nice things and a good person and nothing horrible, no action or anything depressing.
  15. wiivo 2.0

    Pokemon Showdown

    For a moment I thought I was in news and they’d announced a Pokemon stadium. Edit: I watched the trailer and it went from gameplay to an online maths spreadsheet.
  16. The cgi eyes are from an alternate ending and no where near close enough shot as that gif. It’s zoomed in af.
  17. Poor Wesley... $$$😭
  18. Didn't get away with not paying his taxes though did he.
  19. When you're Wesley Snipes you can be a complete twat and get away with it, it's us normies that can't.😂
  20. OCH

    Final Fantasy VII

    For those that didn't want to bother with the Limit Break Grind....
  21. Yeah, I heard about that a couple years ago. It is so strange and really makes Snipes seem like a complete twat.
  22. I had to double check the CGEye thing and holy shit... 🤣🤣🤣 https://m.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/wesley-snipes-cgi-eyes-blade-trinity_n_5b8693f4e4b0511db3d36723
  23. Bruce Willis has fake eyeballs?
  24. Same thing with Bruce Willis apparently, right from his early career too.
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