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  2. Yeah, agree with all that. It’s just the lesser of two evils for me as I still do have fun in Quick Play. I usually play with a couple of mates and we still do play to win, it’s just not so much of a biggy if we lose. Plus it’s nice to have a go with characters that I wouldn’t dream of picking in competitive mode (ie DPS characters). Having said that, much as I love Overwatch, I think I would’ve jacked it in ages ago if: a) I wasn’t playing with friends and b) Another online multiplayer had come out that appeals to me.
  3. Maryokutai


    Not a big fan of Quickplay to be honest. Every time a new character comes out I play it a bit and I just don't enjoy the "we don't give a fu**" attitude on there. You have to care at least a little bit for Overwatch to work in my opinion. Otherwise it's just weird team compositions running around and trying to out-kill each other.
  4. Maf

    The Anime Thread

    I just didn’t like the character designs. They were really grotesque and ugly. There’s DBS manga on YT. The guys are fighting a new bad guy called Moro who is some kind of wizard or something. It’s not very good but maybe the anime version will be better There’s also that Dragon Ball Super Heroes which is like official fan fiction. It is watchable but a bit naff
  5. Sly Reflex


    Shut up, Ben. Manc cunt.
  6. Today
  7. I wasn't sure at first. It gets a bit nuts in terms of their abilities and satisfied that itch whilst waiting for other stuff. When do we get new Dragonball stuff?
  8. I've seen it a few times now and it's always a spectacle. The radio chatter in the final mission is hilarious as well, people tend to miss a lot of it because they're battling the final boss, but go back and listen to it if you get chance. The Commander losing his shit gets me every time.
  9. Bigkopman


    And in the end , everybody is different.
  10. Then off to Endgame!🤗
  11. Maf

    The Anime Thread

    I watched a bit but didn’t really like it
  12. Stop trying to turn this into a DMC thread.
  13. Watched the ones available. Good stuff. His dopey simplistic demeanor always makes me laugh 😂 You watched Baki on Netflix @Maf?
  14. The DMC discord I'm on turned into an Avengers discord. My DMC posting is being subverted by Thanos, this is the worst possible timeline
  15. 😅 yeah. 😂 That's a given. But knowing him, as a measurement I can guage how good it is by how much he trashes it 😅
  16. I’m behind on the MCU but I understood this and thought it was funny.
  17. I saw the midnight showing in a double-header with IW. IW I really enjoyed again but still don't find... (spoilers just in case) Anyway, Endgame. I thought it was a really nice send-off for 11 years of Marvel movies, and while there were some incredible scenes, especially... ... I just wasn't that impressed. It could have been the lack of air-con, so the cinema felt like a sauna by the end, but it just isn't a GOAT contender. I dunno, maybe I'm just not as big of a Marvel fan as I thought. Positives and negatives in spoilers for anyone that cares... I like more than I didn't like overall, but still. Maybe it was overhyped in my head. I dunno.
  18. If I had to guess it will be like Me: I really loved it except for a few bits here and there and OCH will be like OCH: Fucking trash is nothing like the comics where are the X-Men blarefhh die, Spider-Man, die why are you so much better than my beloved mutants [Insert GIF] Or something like that
  19. Really good reception for Endgame. Good to hear from those that have seen of it how good it is. @Maf and @OCH hurry up. Keen to hear your takes (seeing as I don't know when I'll get to it, I'm taken to feeding off others emotions like an emohawk😅) Biggest comic nerds around and you ain't seen it yet. Disgraceful 😛
  20. ThreeFour


    We'll your not being disrespectful in this long ass post so I won't bite 🤐😉 Apart from this Making sense of your use of many words more like. Like and old drunk sat rambling on a park bench 😅 ____ There's loads there I'd like to counter or add to or embellish. But I think we all agree it's getting a bit long winded and we're taking up a thread. Plus I'm sure a mod is ready to pop a vein 😆 This is why I think a podcast could be good. Maybe after I've played Anthem and you Division 2 (I thought I heard you mention it). Otherwise I'm ready whenever mostly. I'm always down for that. Depends what I'm on with as finding time can be difficult. My roadmap after Sekiro is probably Metro Exodus in May. New Destiny DLC in June (shuddup). July August I think I'll tackle Anthem, friends be there or not. September is Borderlands 3 and Destiny drop. Not that you wanted to know my schedule, but that's my plan 😅 I kept it neat/nipped it up. Do I get a sweety?
  21. Saw it again last night, definitely want to see it in 2d on sunday maybe. The screening last night was on a small screen and it was really fucking dark too, so I am looking forward to a 2d screening to try and pick out any details of things.
  22. Me and @Sly Reflex beat this last night on normal. Fucking hell - that's how you end a game. Spoilers for the last two missions:
  23. Whiskey_chaser

    Slay The Spire

    Forgot to mention - I've now managed to beat the final ending with all three characters (214 hours on the clock). Now I've got to work on my ascension levels!
  24. Finished the 20 Questions with @RoboticMonk3y - great job as always @Sly Reflex. Some excellent game choices in there and it had me reminiscing about the glory days of Xbox live before all this party nonsense. I'm still chuckling over the last Desert Island discs. I'll never watch Countdown again in the same light.


    and yet...
  26. Maf

    The Anime Thread

    I might need to make a new email to get the crunchy roll free trial so I can watch OPM
  27. Nag

    Generation Zero

    I went back to this and restarted it on Thursday night... Yeah, it's not for me. Unfortunately when it comes down to it it just isn't very fun. It's just a little too boring and janky for its own good what with huge expanses of not a lot and bullet's clipping through walls during combat. The fights generally just become battles of attrition as long as you have adrenaline shots you can self revive... Or face a huge fucking walk back from the safe house you're forced to respawn at when you run out. It's been a while since I've felt jipped for not taking note of the reviews but I certainly should've in this games case... It's being traded later (along with DMC5)... it'll help fund Rage 2.
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