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Waxing Lyrical

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:lol: What are you so angry about? I meant no offence

I quite agree plagued canine, perhaps it would be wise if you kept your visage silent, lest your commoner views offend my ears

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:lol: What are you so angry about? I meant no offence

I quite agree plagued canine, perhaps it would be wise if you kept your visage silent, lest your commoner views offend my ears

Ahh the internet, home of misconstrued mesages. I wasnt angry, i was just saying i kinda guessed that the cookie would fall out whence bird sigeth song, more pointing out i wasnt stupid (which i expect is pointless). Shall i add smiley faces to everything from now on? :) :) :) :) :) :) I hope that didnt come across as angry? Or that? etc.... also :)

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cant believe how angry illdog was :o

This popped up on my music list today, it's still probably my favourite Pearl Jam song, and if anything I like the lyrics more now than when I was a kid

Pearl Jam - Black

Sheets of empty canvas, untouched sheets of clay

Were laid spread out before me as her body once did.

All five horizons revolved around her soul

As the earth to the sun

Now the air I tasted and breathed has taken a turn

Ooh, and all I taught her was everything

Ooh, I know she gave me all that she wore

And now my bitter hands chafe beneath the clouds

Of what was everything.

Oh, the pictures have all been washed in black, tattooed everything...

I take a walk outside

I'm surrounded by some kids at play

I can feel their laughter, so why do I sear?

Oh, and twisted thoughts that spin round my head

I'm spinning, oh, I'm spinning

How quick the sun can drop away

And now my bitter hands cradle broken glass

Of what was everything?

All the pictures have all been washed in black, tattooed everything...

All the love gone bad turned my world to black

Tattooed all I see, all that I am, all I'll be...

I know someday you'll have a beautiful life,

I know you'll be a sun in somebody else's sky, but why

Why, why can't it be, can't it be mine

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(Come on)

I can feel it coming over me

I feel it all around me

I've been waiting for this moment all my life

It's my destiny

There's a fight inside of me

It's waiting to come out now

No matter what

No matter how

I know I'll make it through somehow

Cuz when the mood feels so wrong

I'll still be holding on (holding on)

I'm gonna keep on going

I know I'll be strong



I won't let anybody break me down (break me down)


Nothing's gonna stop me now (now)


Gonna, gonna make it, gonna keep on going


The last man standing

I'm waiting for whatever (whatever)

I'm never giving up

Nothing can break my spirit

Cuz it's indestructible


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A four verse story about catching a taxi is the reason i like rap music. Verse 2 (Opio) and 4 (A-Plus) are great.

Souls of Mischief - Cab Fare:


Yo the jam was fly

Oh my now it's over

my batch of pals cut so Tajai must catch a taxicab

dag nab

Why'd they leave me?

stuck in the late night alley

I'm not so hype that everyone should be sweatin'

yet nobody's smilin'

plus crews are pilin'


thinkin' what they'd look like wearin'

my gear

a sigh when the yellow cab neared

it sped up, 'cause dreds made him think I'd vic him

now I gotta dodge thugs like I'm playin' chicken

an englishman, an irishman, 5 or 10 caucasians passed me

in their taxis

oh no such luck

I'm gonna get bucked

for my apparel

as I seen a black guage barrel

just then a fat cab came to my rescue

damn I'm glad black men drive them cabs too


it seems nowadays cab rides are rather pricely

especially when the driver goes for self

in spite of the directions that are given

they are driven

to cruise backstreets

that treats

them to a pricely fair, exactly

what happened to myself when I chose to call a taxi

it pulled up to the curb and I hopped into the backseat

gave him the destination, said he'd never heard of the place

and I'd have to tell him as we went along, and then placed it in drive

when I said make a left he made a right


I get it, you wanna make some slight


so you can be sure

that you get yours

and when I turn my head you up the bill a little more

I told the cabbie to stop, he didn't think I watched it

fake reached into my pocket

and then jetted like I was Rocket


his tail light was broken

as a token

of appreciation, he started chasin' but I smoked him


What? you can't escape me

mop head

drop dead, deceased

say your final summons if I catch ya

bet ya

regret ya

ever ditched me



guys been

robbin' me lately

he went up Lake St.

but I'm followin'


up steps

he ran to the left, I made a left and crashed

into a rose bush

my nose crushed

on impact

but yo, I'll get him back


Ha, I didn't have enough for a car, what a bummer

I had to get a job drivin' taxis last summer

all the other drivers knew that my car was spectacula'

'cause I had a tight, very bright yellow Acura

pilin' in 9 or 10 skins at a time, G

funny how the honeys with the money always find me

payin' their green to see what color my house is

feelin' like Del 'cause they would sleep on my couches

I'd charge senior citizens extra, 'cause they never mention

I'd take all the money from they pension

and I'd drive a blind man around for a while

even if he only had to travel just a mile

with a smile

and don't let your dog off the leash

'cause if he stepped then I would have to squash the beast

and if you didn't have the right change, don't even ask me

or else I woulda' ran ya ass down wit' my taxi

All done to the Taxi theme tune:

<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlUrk1RTQ7A&hl=en_GB&fs=1&"></param><param'>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlUrk1RTQ7A&hl=en_GB&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlUrk1RTQ7A&hl=en_GB&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>

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For some reason (because they're awesome) I was listening to Tool while reading the lyrics and I got to 10,000 Days. I'd always assumed the song was mocking the unchristian nature of devout christianity; that while they all go up to heaven at the rapture and death, the rest of us burn just for not believing or not believing in the right god.

We listen to the tales and romanticize,

how we follow the path of the hero.

Boast about the day when the rivers overrun,

How we'll rise to the height of our halo.

Listen to the tales as we all rationalize,

our way into the arms of the savior.

Feigning all the trials and the tribulations.

None of us have actually been there,

Not like you...

Ignorant siblings in the congregation.

Gather around spewing sympathy,

Spare me...

None of them can even hold a candle up to you.

Blinded by choice, these hypocrites won't see.

But enough about the collective Judas.

Who could deny you were the one who illuminated?

Your little piece of the divine.

And this little light of mine, a gift you passed on to me

I'm gonna let it shine

to guide you safely on your way.

Your way home...

Oh, what are they gonna do when the lights go down?

Without you to guide them all to Zion?

What are they gonna do when the rivers overrun?

Other than tremble incessantly.

High is the way,

but our eyes are upon the ground.

You are the light and the way.

They'll only read about.

I only pray heaven knows,

when to lift you out.

10,000 days in the fire is long enough.

You're going home...

You're the only one who can hold your head up high.

Shake your fist at the gates saying,

"I have come home now...!"

Fetch me the spirit, the son and the father.

Tell them their pillar of faith has ascended.

"It's time now!

My time now!

Give me my

Give me my wings...!"

Give me my [x5]

(Give me my wings)

You are the light, the way,

that they will only read about.

Set as I am in my ways and my arrogance.

Burden of proof tossed upon the believers.

You were my witness, my eyes, my evidence,

Judith Marie, unconditional one.

Daylight dims leaving cold fluorescence.

Difficult to see you in this light.

Please forgive this bold suggestion.

Should you see your maker's face tonight,

Look him in the eye.

Look him in the eye and tell him,

I never lived a lie, never took a life,

But surely saved one.


It's time for you to bring me home.

It turns out that it's actually about Maynard's mum, who was paralysed for 27 years (10,000 days), and who was very religious. Basically it's an ode to his mother and her religion

But with A Perfect Circle he wrote Judith, written (I think) just before her death, which is pure anger aimed at her faith and her god

You're such an inspiration

For the ways that I will

Never, ever choose to be

Oh so many ways for me to show you

How your savior has abandoned you

Fuck your God, your Lord, your Christ

He did this, took all you had and

Left you this way, still you pray, never stray, never

Taste of the fruit, never thought to question "Why?"

It's not like you killed someone

It's not like you drove a hateful spear into his side

Praise the one who left you broken down and paralyzed

He did it all for you...

He did it all for you...

Oh so many ways for me to show you

How your dogma has abandoned you

Pray to your Christ, to your God

Never taste of the fruit, never stray, never break, never

Choke on a lie even though he's the one who

Did this to you, you never thought to question "Why?"

It's not like you killed someone

It's not like you drove a spiteful spear into his side

Talk to Jesus Christ as if he knows the reasons why

He did it all for you...

He did it all for you...

He did it all for you...

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I knew 10,000 Days was about his mum but I didn't know Judith was about her. That's a pretty fucking angry song to write to your mum!

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Can I bump this thread? I love the lyrics on Conor Oberst's new album Ruminations.


Barbary Coast (Later)


There's a dancehall there
Where the sick folks go
Like the olden days on the Barbary Coast
There's a barefoot child playing in the rain
You can sell your wares even if they're hot
In the great bizarre or the parking lot
Cause it takes a while to know who to blame
I might have a taste cause the first one's free
And the checkout girl's got a thing for me
And they're both as sweet as the day is long


I don't wanna feel stuck, baby
I just wanna get drunk before noon


I don't mind my head when there's room to dream
Feel like Paul Gauguin painting breadfruit trees
In some far off place where I don't belong
Tried to lose myself in the primitive
In Yosemite like John Muir did
But his eyes were blue and mine are red and raw
'Cause the modern world is a sight to see
It's a stimulant, it's pornography
It takes all my will not to turn it off


I don't want you to feel sad, baby
I take everything back, I swear I do


Cause once all the friends I had
Have used me up and left
I bet you hang around
I bet you'll hang around awhile


Mamah Borthwick (A Sketch)


Just because you got it
You don't have to flaunt it
With an endless stream of famous men
Pretty as a portrait
Look like Mamah Borthwick
On that Shining Brow of Taliesin


Someone might try and burn it down
So you'll have to put the fire out
A fortune spent but that's irrelevant to build something that's sacred till the end


It costs twenty dollars to visit Fallingwater
It's a perfect house where no one lives
Maybe someone once did but they got evicted by a busload full of greedy tourists


And it would take a time machine
To fulfill all of my fantasies
'Cause a hidden dream can be embarrassing
And the only thing that's sacred till the end


Every time I tempt fate
There's a major earthquake
Heard the people scream as the ceiling fell
Every building damaged
Only one left standing
It was Frank Lloyd Wright's Imperial Hotel


A rumination in my mind
Winding like the ramp at the Guggenheim
I'm not content
But I'm feeling hesitant to build something that's sacred till the end

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I like the lyrics to Blake Mills’ song “Before it Fell”:


And the space in between
Nothing and something is everything
What is shown and what is seen
Where I've lived and where I've been
Where I was taken and where I was held
In a world of your making before it fell

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Steel Panther

"17 Girls In A Row"

I fucked 17 girls in a row last night and 10 of them gave me head
I had to tip the maid a hundred dollar bill to clean the wet spot off the bed, yes I did
The very next day I told the guys, they flipped me off and said that's all lies
Got to admit I was a little peaved, Stix and Lexxi wouldn't believe

I fucked seventeen
Seventeen girls in a row
What a dirty hoe
I banged 17 girls in the grocery store and never lost my erection, no
They had to mop all sperm in aisle 3 and some poop in the produce sex-sex-sex-tion, stinky
When I told the boys in the band they said motherfucker, you're out of your fucking head
I don't lie about the girls I screw, they're all so jealous 'cause they know it's true

I fucked seventeen
Seventeen girls in a row, yes I, yes I did

Seventeen girls in a row
Seventeen girls, I shoot my blanks in every hole
Seventeen girls in a row
When I was done, they were begging for more

I fucked 17 girls at the trailer park down in Memphis, Tennessee
I whipped out my dick and they got on their knees, like they were all getting ready to pray
Wham to the bam to the thank you ma'am, then I praised the Lord like Billy Graham
Hell, maybe where I'm gonna go, but when we get there I'm pretty sure the Devil will know

I fucked seventeen
Seventeen girls in a row

Sweet, young, juicy pussy
I fucked seventeen girls in a row

Hop on that cameltoe
I fucked seventeen girls in a row

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