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Untitled Goose Game


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I've played a few areas of this, and it's... alright. It's not funny or quirky enough for that to keep you playing, there's not a lot to the gameplay that that's the reason you're playing, and there's a few frustrations that pull some of the fun out of it. I do really like how the goose moves though


The gameplay loop is that you're locked in to an area and have a list of dickish things to tick off. The first area is the one you'll have seen from the early footage, you're tormenting a gardener, so the list includes things like getting him wet, getting him to switch hats, making a picnic. Some are easy enough, walk up to an, sorry, waddle up to an item, press the button to pick it up, then waddle back off with it. Some you have to set up, do something to get your target to change position so they're vulnerable. It's here where it feels most like a stealth game, or a game akin to Gregory Horror Show or an adventure game, it's also where it's the most tedious


Goose Game doesn't have the tells of a traditional adventure game, it doesn't spell things out for you, which might be for the best. It reminds me a bit of Doughnut County, that was a game that never really got complicated enough to get interesting, all style no substance, if Untitled Goose Game was any easier it would be a procession. That said when you can't work out how to do the next task it's a boring experience, I'm not sure if the game starts focusing characters on the actions that will put you on the right track, but it should. 


Beyond that the only other criticism I can level at it so far is that it can be a bit fiddly. If there's a couple of items that can be picked up, 99% of the time it will pick up the one you don't want

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I’ve done the initial area. Took me ages to figure out how to get the groundman’s hat off. I just kept trying to get him wet as possible ?


Its everything I expected really, a quirky puzzle game. The trailer shows you everything you’ll get out of it. If you like the idea of being a naughty goose, get it.


I love not only using the controls to do the tasks but to then show off afterwards, wings out stretched, quacking and waddling around.


So don’t think you’ll be playing for hours engrossed, this is a pick up and play whenever. A perfect lazy Sunday afternoon of a game.



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this looks like the sort of game i'd probably enjoy reading about/watching (videos and stuff i've seen look really funny) rather than playing myself so wasn't sure about getting it...but i got it tonight and finished it in about 2 hours, i missed some stuff out (you can skip one in each area - never got the garderners hat etc.) and there is more stuff to do after the credits but not sure i'll go back to it (working out the ones i missed would probably take me longer than the rest of the game and so annoy the crap out of me). but to be fair i enjoyed it, it's pretty funny at points :)

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Got up to Level 5 last night.


I like it. I don't think it's anything particularly extraordinary or anything but it's fun, cute and full of whimsy. The humour and novelty value of playing as a Goose goes off somewhat after the first couple of hours but the foundations are solid enough that it keeps you going back for more. I will say if playing a bunch of levels all at once it can grow rather repetitive, but as a pick-up-and-play kind of thing it's great to just jump in and be goosing about messing with farmers.


The way it plays reminds me of MGS meets Hitman really - which is not really something I expected to be saying ? - as I'm quite the fan of the genre obviously it clicked with me immediately once I figured out what it was, but as with many other examples in the genre a certain amount of frustration can set in by waiting around for a certain opportunity to present itself or being impatient. 


I've been compelled to do every single item in the to-do list available and have enjoyed ticking them off one by one, a few have caused frustration - it took me about 30 minutes to get the old man to fall on his arse in the Pub level last night - but many are relatively easy little puzzles that are a joy to complete. There's a secret to-do list too which I've only ticked one item off so far. I think after I've finished it I'll look up all the secret challenges, go back and do those. 


It really is a neat little game. I just wish there was maybe a little more to it sometimes if that makes sense.


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I went back and finished this yesterday. I still don't think it's that great, but when it all clicks it's decent fun. It's a bit needlessly fiddly at points, which means there's lots of waiting around for things to reset, I won't spoil anything other than to say 'bucket'


Glad it's done, it is short, but then I did google a couple of things so maybe that's on me. It made me think about difficulty, how we don't like being stuck but don't want it to be a procession either. I think Goose Game needs to move a bit quicker or needs a few more visual cues I think, but how do you do it without spelling everything out

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Hi guys. I wanted to draw your attention to a little indie game I discovered due to the good old Youtube rabbit hole. I was watching an old Caddicarus video, and he included this game in it. And it's a blast. You play a goose. That's it! Behind the very pretty hand drawn looking graphics is a stealth game, I suppose. You get a check list of things to do, but it's up to you how they get done. 


Here's an example of the start of the game. You come out of a bush beside a pond. The game shows you the controls. You honk. You flap. You peck. Then you swim across the pond and see a picnic on a park bench. What you do with it is entirely up to you. A little further along you find a farmer minding his own business, tending his crop of carrots. That's when you get your "things to do" list. Things like get the farmer wet, steal his keys, turn on his radio.


As you progress through the game, you realise that the main point of being this goose is to annoy the hell out of the villagers as much as possible, while trying to complete you current things to do list. And if you're like me, usually you'll be giggling maniacally while playing.  The art style is really nice, the horrible goose struck a chord in me, and the pranks are puzzles to figure out and moves to time and execute. Like stealing the farmers keys is more difficult than it sounds, especially if you've already pranked him, and he's aware of this bloody goose walking around his fields. Though the things to do are not exactly challenging, it certainly brings a sense of satisfaction to complete list after list.


In all, it's a sedate laid back game with a horrid sense of humour. If you fancy leaving the things to do list alone for a bit, just have fun pissing off as many people as you can.


Untitled Goose Game review: why you'll want to play with friends - Polygon

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