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Dead Space Remake


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Spent a couple of hours with this over this afternoon... after the reviews I've been counting the hours. First up I'll say spend some time setting the game up, turn off film grain and blur and knock performance off you'll notice a marked improvement in picture clarity. Also the game came set for stereo sound which is odd.


The game does look great though, plays really nice too, having played the three Dead Space games repeatedly this feels really quick compared to the clunky original games... took a little while to get used to but feels nice now, especially after changing to the DS2 control option.


Noticed quite a few new doors in the environments I've seen so far, also walked to the beginning of chapter 2 instead of using the tram which was really weird... been a couple of instances where you choose what to power up... one where you're forced to kill the lights and this game does proper dark, no bullshit greys in this game... it's dark!


The game has already made me jump more in the first two hours what with noises or necromorphs creeping up behind me than The Callisto Protocol managed in its entire run time... it's good to be back.











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Another hour or so on it today, I'm loving seeing all the little differences between this and the original... had a really cool moment earlier where instead of using the tram to move on to the Engineering Deck the whole front end of the ship opened up and I had to Zero G flight there. There's also a really cool introduction to the Infector enemy type.


I've decided to go for the "One Gun" trophy on my first run so that's obviously making things more difficult... trying to get my damage up as quickly as possible for the Plasma Cutter, it's good that the skewer mechanic from the second game is used as that's a one hit kill.


I'll be hitting this hard tomorrow.😁







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Around six hours in this now and up to Chapter 6....


Had my first run in with the Hunter enemy today, I still hate this cunt, same as the original game... made all the worse as I'm not rolling a fully upgraded Isaac yet... being forced to throw stasis all over the place in an effort to stay in front of the thing and making some really dumb mistakes. It's the closest I've come so far to being completely out of ammo.


Also been through the whole ADS Gun scenario which has been completely reworked in that now it involves a Zero G space walk... flows much nicer than the original game tbf.


I've made a start on all three side missions now which look to be fleshing out some of the side characters more, a cool thing is the game will straight up tell you if you can continue these at your present position and you can check the map to see if you'll have the needed security clearance to reach the destination... saves backtracking only to find a locked door. The added lore and reworked audio and written logs are great touches too... I've always liked this universe.











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That's him, they're in all three games to be fair... they seem easier in the third though, even though there's two of them.

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Around 11 hours in this now and only just hit Chapter 8... I can clock the original in around 10 hours nowadays so some of the side mission backtracking and not being too sure what's going to happen is definitely slowing me. Just picked up the Tier 4 Engineering Suit which is fully specced and so is the Plasma Cutter, still looking for the third upgrade for that.


Completed one of the side missions which netted me a snazzy experimental stasis rig which adds lightning damage when using stasis (obviously)... any help is welcome. Still on track for the one gun trophy although I've kept the Force gun in my inventory as selling the ammo is a steady stream of cash.











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13.5 hours now, built the master override key today so did a fair amount of backtracking to previously locked rooms and gained a fair few weapon upgrades... which I won't be able to use until new game plus. Noticed that the map shows certain doors as locked when they're actually open... caused me some headaches while trying to work out pathways.🙄


Also had a couple of proper glitches today, one where Hammond didn't appear where he should have, there was just a Pulse Rifle lying where he should have been and when I reloaded the game the camera wouldn't move from the save point... luckily loading the save manually and not hitting continue sorted both problems. I really thought my game had corrupted for a while though.


So in to chapter 10 now...


And it pays to be careful when there's corpses around...😂









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Started this last night. My first impression: fucking hell. I loved the original, played it several times, on 360 and PS3. Had a Issac action figure that’s rig lit up. One of my favourite games of all time.


My hopes for this were high. I’d have been happy with just a graphical upgrade. But it’s so much more than that. It’s just phenomenal. I can’t wait to see more of  the additional stuff they’ve added.


You can’t please everyone, I read Jim/Stephanie Sterling’s review. 5 out of 10, absolutely rips it to shreds. The review is laughably shit. Their main issue with it? EA fucked Visceral into the ground, wasted the franchises material, and the new material is “not needed”. 
I used to value their opinion, but haven’t in a while now, as they’ve gone right nasty. The review is pathetic. 

It happened years ago. They’re bringing the game to a whole new audience. But because EA did a bad thing years ago, this game is “utterly unnecessary and despicable”. 

Yeah, fuck off with that nonsense. It’s excellent.

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I guess that's a matter of opinion, especially as the original game has aged really well (even better on PC from all I've read) there's also the fact I'm doing a one gun run so haven't even used any of the other weapons which have all been tweaked or altered in some way.


I will say that I highly doubt I'll be going back to original after playing this and as far as I'm concerned this is up there with the Resident Evil 2 remake in terms of quality... I'm struggling to think of a single thing that's worse in it.


@one-armed dwarf

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So just finished the the game... around 19.5 hours and for me the game didn't put a foot wrong, it was everything I want from a remake, modernised graphics while keeping classic gameplay and adding some of the better bits from later games. I really hope these guys get the chance to do something else with this ip (Dead Space 2 Remake, full on sequel) as they knocked it out of the park with this one.













On to NG+😁

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Started a NG+ plus (on hard difficulty) today and that's given me a chance to play with some of the different weapons, so I've stashed the trusty Plasma Cutter and equipped the Pulse Rifle, Ripper, Flamer and Force Gun (obviously I'm going for the 30 kills with each weapon before settling on a permanent loadout)... all of the weapons are partly upgraded from my previous playthrough and nodes I've collected on this run.


Pulse Rifle is pretty much as I expected, it's primary fire is pretty much a waste of time so I'm using it for it's secondary which is for all intents a Grenade Launcher... it performs pretty well considering it's not fully upgraded although it eats ammo.


The Ripper is an absolute beast at close range that's able to hold of multiple Necro's just by slightly shifting the blade left and right. Haven't really found a use for it's ricochet shot... things move too fast for that jazz.


The Flamer is the weak link so far (again) it's primary doesn't stun the enemies and so far it's dps isn't good enough to put them down before they reach you... it's secondary is great though, it makes a wall of flame that stops everything (so far) in its tracks and allows you breathing space to use other stuff to finish them off.


The Force Gun has always been a personal favourite of mine and its doesn't disappoint here. A lot has been made of the peeling system in this game and while it was visible to an extent with my Plasma Cutter run this shows it off in full effect basically shredding skin and flesh down to the bone and looks excellent... the gun absolutely destroys whatever is standing in front of it. This won't be going anywhere.


Just before the end of my session I'd gotten the 30 kills with the Ripper so I'd swapped it out for the Line Gun so I'll see how that handles tomorrow.

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Been through all of the weapons now and gotten the 30 kills with each of them. Of the two that remain it's the Contact Beam that stands out.


The Line Gun is an odd weapon, you'd think it would be an upgrade to the Plasm Cutter (and in one instance it is) but without the ability to direct the beam horizontally and vertically it lacks the precision of the PC... the one instance it does stand out is on Lurkers as long as they're on a floor/ceiling where it can hit multiple tentacles at once, if they're on a wall tough. Strangely I never used its alternate fire once.


The Contact Beam is basically this games version of a Magnum... without the ammo limitations that are usually applied to that weapon. It's primary fire is now more like a Ghostbusters Proton Pack with a constant beam of energy blasting out and mangling anything but the most armoured Necros. It's alternate fire is its old primary, the charge shot, which will mostly one-shot rank and file enemies. 


So just like the original game (unless you purposefully want mix things up) I'd say the optimum loadout is Plasma Cutter for accuracy, Force Gun crowd control and Contact Beam is the power weapon for getting shit done quick.


Up to Chapter 8 on my new game plus, it's been very manageable with upgraded weapons, even blowing every Credit on upgrade nodes every chance I get. I know I'll probably eat those words when I get around to an Impossible playthrough.



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Finished my run today and got the alternative ending which is actually pretty cool... it leads directly to the second game which I hope these guys get a crack at.


Just need to do an impossible run now for the platinum which has to be done on a fresh new game... that could prove tricky.

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