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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II


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I’ve played about 3 hours or more of the campaign which I believe is about half way. 

It’s alright but it’s like a ‘best of’ of the series. Think of it as a Now That’s What I Call CoD! 

Track listing includes:


A swimming bit.

A sniper bit.

A gunner in the skies bit.


All the hits dating back many years.


The story and overall attitude of the game is awful I’ll say that. Dude bros with guns. No one is likeable or too much different for anyone else. 

The game is very linear as to how you can tackle each short segment. Be a few metres away from where it wants to be and you’re killed.


I look forward to multi once the campaign is done with. 

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I've been playing too, and completely agree with the Greatest Hits analogy.


It's enjoyable enough. The cutscene graphics are astoundingly good, but you'd expect that for CoD, to be honest.


Doubt I'll drop into MP too much, if at all (the game was free anyway, so no big shakes there), and I'm unlikely to play the campaign again. But for a one and done, I'm not complaining right now. Except for the mission where you have to jump from car to car. That can go fuck itself.

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