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Gotham Knights


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I’ve played this for 4 hours now. And the harsh reviews can honestly fuck right off. They’re way off the mark, in my opinion.


Usually, Skill Up does decent reviews, but I don’t agree with his video review of this. He moans that unlocking “Knigthood” for all 4 characters is a massive grind. Is it bollocks. There are two ways to level up. All characters share regular XP, so you can freely switch between them. But each character has a 4th skill tree, Knighthood. This needs to be unlocked for each character, and you do so by killing 3 mini bosses, and solving 10 crimes.


In my 4 hours, I’ve got Knighthood unlocked for 2 characters, and almost done it for a 3rd. The way he moans, it’s like it’s a huge chore. He also creams his jeans over Arkham Knight. Personally, I thought that game was boring as fuck. I’ve had more fun with this, than I ever did with that. 

I’ve also seen some people complain that one fight sequence has the rock remix of Livin’ La Vida Loca. To those people I say “Have you even played Saints Fucking God-awful Row?”. What a stupid complaint. 

Anyways. Combat-wise, this ain’t Arkham. There’s stealth takedowns, but I’ve not had opportunity to use them much. So far, there’s not the vast array of gadgets that Batman had in Arkham. But, each character has their own play style, and abilities. Robin has been quite fun so far. 

A lot of people got pissed off when it was revealed this is 30fps on consoles. I’m no graphics expert, and to be quite honest, I’m happy with how this looks on PS5. It looks pretty damn good to me. 

The story has been interesting so far, and it’s worth swapping characters, as they periodically have their own side missions, which further develop how they’re coping with the loss of Batman. 

So yeah. I’m having a great time with this so far.

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So I finally got back into this, and finished the Campaign tonight. And I really enjoyed it. It’s certainly more fun than Arkham Knight ever was. 

Unlocking Fast Travel is a definite must, as travelling around on your motorbike can take a fair while. 

I’ve a few Villain case files to finish off. Some trophies I’ll have a crack at. I can’t be arsed with getting all the collectibles though. One of those is batarangs hidden on rooftops, which have a bright blue glow when you’re close to them. Problem is, a lot of rooftops have similar looking blue lights on them, which can make you think it’s a batarang, but nope, just a light. 

It won’t win any Game Of The Year awards. But I’ve had a lot of fun with this.

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