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A Plague Tale: Requiem


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I want my mummy...



Spent a few hours with this through Game Pass (Xbox obviously)... think I played Innocence toward the tale end of last year and so far this feels nicely familiar. I'm up to Act 3, the first act being more or less a tutorial and the second playing pretty much how you'd expect.


Things start harmlessly enough but it doesn't take long for things to fall to shit and the whole world wants Amicia dead for reasons... this time she can fight back a little more, she has a stealth attack and can knife enemies, I haven't got her Crossbow yet but like I say I'm only up to Act 3. You can also break line of sight and hide again if discovered, I can't remember if this was a thing in the first, if it was it was bloody difficult.


Some of the views look stunning and so far it's played nicely... there's no performance or graphics mode so I'm not sure if it's locked to 30fps or not... think I saw somewhere that it's 40fps if your display supports 120hz (mine does so who knows)


I ended up really liking the first so I'm looking forward to playing more of this.














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Is it just me or is there a ton of chromatic aberration in Nag's screenshots? The bloodborne style visual distortion on the edges of things


It's usually not something I notice but it seems particularly strong. Is there a toggle for it?


edit the best example is in the last photo up above that's not in a spoiler, if you look to the left side of the boy's cape it's like there is a purple line on the edge of it. That effect is being applied to absolutely everything in the image but is particularly noticeable there

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Unfortunately had severe technical issues booting this up on the Series X. Got into the game and it froze on the title screen and almost locked up my console, booted again and it froze on the settings screen as I was inverting the Y axis, booted again and it froze on the opening cutscene. I think it was my 4th or 5th try of booting it it finally ran but yeah, not a great start unfortunately, never had any of these kinds of issues on PS5, a real shame. 


Once I got into the game I've liked it so far. I only vaguely remember where the last game left off but Hugo and Amicia look quite a lot different to their character models in the last game, I'm struggling to remember the Mother or the young alchemist (can't remember his name) who's with you either. I guess I might need to watch a recap of the last game. I'm about halfway through Chapter 2, really liked walking through the city, feels alive and bustling which is something I don't think the first game had at all.


Game is a looker for sure but has this weird gloss over it, reading the posts above this seems like it's the chromatic aberration so I might try turning that down too whenever I next get a session in. Framerate has been fine, think its running at 40 fps with the VRR/120hz of my TV. 


So yeah, about 90 minutes in and so far so good really. Doesn't feel much different to the first game so far, looking forward to my next session with it.










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4 minutes ago, one-armed dwarf said:

They look fine and CA isn't in them but play how you want


No seriously, I was kindve glad to hear what it actually was... and I do think it looks better, it's just something else to toggle off along with motion blur.

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Part way through Act 6 now... I have no idea what my play time is, don't really care either as up to now this has been pretty special. 


I didn't really expect there to be quite as many full on action set pieces as there's been, with some full on combat sequences to boot... that along with some pretty tough stealth segments have helped keep the game feel like it's a nice tempo. Liking all the characters helps tremendously too.








The game continues to look amazing, probably the best looking game I've played on Series X to date.

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I finished chapter 3 tonight and think this game is kind of a mixed bag. For the most part it’s a big improvement over the original. In general the gameplay is full of smart additions. Infinite rocks, combining items in new ways, companions now have abilities. Nothing earth shaking but sensible additions to what was already there. This game is a bit more cinematic/Uncharted which I like. It’s not a full on movie game by any means but there’s more set pieces and are of higher quality. 

The only thing I don’t like so far is this game is much harder than the first game. I think I’ve died/failed more times in the first 3 levels than I did the entirety of my 2 play throughs of the first game. In the first game the levels were a lot more linear with very few abilities which had extremely limited usage, so it was always super obvious what to do. I haven’t even got many abilities or options yet. But the stealth sections in this game are just much wider and bigger with a less clear through path and I’ve managed to fuck up at seemingly every step. Some people will say this is an improvement to the game with more player agency and stuff, but honestly, when I put this game on I wasn’t looking for a game that required thinking or trying. 

The game also looks so much better than the first game (playing on PC). But the lights from fires in this game are eye searing. It’s on my monitor as well so it’s not even a HDR thing I just find the lights too bright and I’m squinting at fake light. The stealth sections in the dark are actually easier because I can see clearer when I’m not being blinded. A weird problem but it’s there. I can’t seem to adjust it, either.


The last thing for me is the story. I have no idea what’s going on. I only finished the first game 2 months ago and played it twice so I remember it fairly well. But I have no fucking clue what’s going on in this game. Why is the brother still ill? Why are guards still hunting us? Who is this guy from the order? Why is the sister now special as well? I’m so confused. I don’t think they’ve done a great job here at all. Also the characters are really boring to listen too. The voice acting is nearly always the same panicked, heavy breathing whispering and it gets boring to listen too. Need some range.


I sound super negative when actually I am enjoying it, and there are new things here which are neat. But I’m as mildly happy with what’s new and how much better the game looks as I am mildly unhappy with the extra difficulty, not being able to see and repetitive characters. It’s a mixed bag so far. 

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I’ve reached my limit with this game right now. It’s just way too hard and annoying. The first game played like a glorified QTE and it was so much more fun. I’m really not looking to engage with this game I just want it to play itself and take me along for the ride. Instead they’ve made a game where you actually have to play it and do stuff and that’s not what I’m interested in at all

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I’m at the bit on the beach trying to get to the ship. This is like the 4th stealth section in a row and I’ve just hit my limit with it. Give me the easy rat puzzles and nice scenery. Quit it with the multi-path stealth sections and wandering guards everywhere. The game needs to get out of my way and let me win, it’s not a good enough game to expect me to give any more than 10% effort. 

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