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Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX


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You know the first thing about this that made me smile? It comes with a manual! I can't really recall the last game I had that came with a real one?

Anyway, this game (at time of writing, I'm not upto the second boss yet) warrants being remade. The original game was made in 1986. Gaming has changed a bit in 35 years and a straight up port isn't really going to garner any positive attention. Which, looking at some reviews and scores, this really has. Which, so far, I can only agree it deserves.


Oh and two things.

1) I never played this Alex Kidd game, so there's nothing rose tinted there.

2) I definitely won't be playing this with the infinite lives cheat on. With how extremely generous auto-saving is in this remake, it isn't really necessary. 

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I never really played any old school platform games that were really difficult like this, except for this one as it was built into our master system so i played it loads, never finished it. Not sure i want to play it again, even with easy mode/reduced difficulty. The quirky nature of it was quite cool, like the


motorbike level where you do mad jumps

might have been fun if it wasnt so hard.

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I think where times have changed and new genres have popped up since, I see this differently now. I’ve got the game over screen constantly and it hasn’t lessened my enjoyment. I think because I don’t equate it to a platformer, like Mario. It’s more of a Roguelike, like Super Meat Boy, 1001 Spikes or Isaac. 

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