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Double Kick Heroes


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Couldn’t find a thread on it, nobody else played this?


It’s a rhythm action game for those who like metal and killing zombies. Worth it alone for noticing how close the fake versions of bands like Iron Maiden and Faith No More are.


At least watch the opening few minutes of the story, I’ve been having a great laugh with it.



On GamePass currently, worth a look.

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Oh yeah I played this on gamepass too, I really like the idea behind it but struggled to get into it at first, then after changing button confg started enjoying it more near the end. Its a cool game but It’s really hard imo, just about managed to finish it on the second to lowest difficulty but only just scraped through button mashing style on a number of songs. Pc gamepass version had a few bugs, nothing too bad though. Button config I was using in case it helps anyone (Xbox pad):


low fire - A/dpad left

high fire - B/dpad down

grenade - right and left bumper


needs rock band drums compatibility really.

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