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Telling Lies


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I’m about three hours into this. It’s the second game by Sam Barlow who made Her Story, and it’s the same style as Her Story but with more characters/actors.



I’m enjoying it. The story isn’t super fascinating but it’s engaging enough. The music is atmospheric and very well done (I don’t remember music at all in Her Story) and there are some other nice touches that add to the atmosphere of the game. And unlike The Red Strings Club, Telling Lies isn’t stingy with achievements. One achievement in particular made me smile.


Achievement spoiler not a story spoiler:



Like in Her Story, the game is all about inputting search words. You play as a woman sitting at her computer and you can often see her reflection on the screen. At one stage your cat jumps up on the keyboard and inputs a random bunch of numbers and letters into the search bar - if you then click the search button the game gives you an achievement.


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Finished after about 5 hours with 7/11 achievements. I would recommend it if you liked Her Story. It kind of shows how much the gaming landscape has changed that Her Story could generate a lot of attention but this game was released without much notice, despite being an improvement and step up from Her Story in every way.

The acting is great, like I said in my Steam review special mention has to go to the young girl who played Alba. Not sure if there’s much of a career in starring in games like this but she surely has an acting career ahead of her.

The music deserves special mention too. Overall, I would give it 8/10.

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