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Interesting game this. 198X is a narrative game set against the backdrop of retro arcade games. 


The game starts off with a simple Streets of Rage clone, then a side scrolling schm'up, then Outrun, and I won't spoil the next one because I think there's only 5 and I've seen 4.


The games are decent, the Outrun clone is really faithful, and it's the game where the narrative bleeds in to the games, it's well done. It all looks fantastic, more SNK than the Sega games it features. The music is brilliant, neo techno ambiance, I love the presentation. 


What I'm not so keen on is the story. I don't mind the coming of age story in and of itself, but it's so pompous and self-serious. It's bathed in weary vocal-fry, life and death analogues, but it's talking about playing Asteroids and Outrun, going to the arcade, it's horrendously up its own arse. I think by design, I think it's deliberately going for ultra earnest. Hopefully it gets to the point where it justifies its tone, because I really like everything else about it 

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