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Films II : The Filminator


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On 15/10/2021 at 20:08, mmmark said:

Halloween Kills

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is awful and so disappointing. A majority of it is crap characters and you end up rooting for Michael. Curtis is barely in it. The best line is from the funny kid of the last one and that’s only 5 seconds of a tv interview.


I watched this last night and agree. I liked the last one, this was just boring, didn't land it's message, in fact spent too much time pushing that mindset.  I was liking how Michael isn't superpowered, people are just shit scared of him



I also thought Old was alright. Not perfect, obviously the end isn't all that, but up until that it's a decent film

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No Time to Die


Really enjoyed this and thought it was good - far better than the likes of Quantum of Solace and Spectre in my view - without reaching the highs of the magnificent Casino Royale. It was about on par with Skyfall to me, maybe a little worse in the scheme of things.


Coming out of the cinema I was quite positive about it but as time has gone on it has slowly slid down a little more in my estimations. Rami Malek's Safin was woefully underutilised I thought, he was barely in it at all aside from the Prologue and the ending sequence. He was never really menacing at all for me either, the opening scene was fantastic I thought but after that it never really built on that menace and ended up a bit of a damp squib for me.


The action sequence right at the beginning was one of the best I've seen from Bond in recent years but then the middle gets a little bogged down before the predictably bombastic closer. It had more emotional weight to it too, probably the most its had since CR or the ending of Skyfall which was unexpected. 


Thought Lashana Lynch was fantastic


as '007'

throughout, some great bits of cinematography in there. My favourite shot being when Spectre break into the top secret lab via the window, the shot begins upside down then rotates as they make their entry into the building. The whole opening sequence with Safin and Madeline is fantastic too.




Halloween Kills


After the sublime 2018 film I had high hopes for this going in but unfortunately it's just a bit of a mess. 


The plot is loosely the same as Halloween 2 in that it takes place right after the 2018 film as Laurie is taken to the hospital to be treated for the injuries inflicted by Michael. Michael predictably escapes the fire from the end of 2018 and goes on a murder rampage across Haddonfield. As he's doing this and with Laurie out of action in the Hospital, Haddonfield's residents team up, emboldened by survivors of Michael from years past like ringleader Tommy.



The middle of the film is all about these survivors and Haddonfield residents in the Hospital. Teaming up, getting angry and agitated at possible sightings of Michael, which seems to be a really lousy, flimsy attempt at a metaphor for mob justice not prevailing or something when the fake-Michael turns out to be some poor Mental patient that they've pushed to Suicide. How you mistake a 6ft something man in a mask for a small little Danny DeVito looking bloke is beyond me though, the filmmakers didn't think that one through I feel.


Due to the Residents' stupidity and how obnoxious and annoying they are, by the end of the film you start rooting for Michael to butcher the lot of them, to which he duly obliges in a closing scene where he seems to turn into an Avenger and slaughter about 25 residents who had him surrounded, leaving the door open for next years finale, Halloween Ends.


I still enjoyed it to a degree because of how stupid and silly it was, as well as me just being a big fan of the Halloween franchise in general but yeah, as a film it's a mess. I really hope next years is a return to form.



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Me an the Missus are doing an (original) Halloween run as most of them have appeared on Netflix and she's never seen them, we watched the second on Saturday and although I was convinced I'd seen it I couldn't remember the film at all.


She's making me watch the third film though which as far as I'm aware is terrible and has nothing to do with Michael at all.😢

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