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Game Pass & Gold (Xbox & PC)

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I signed up to gamepass about a year ago, did the gold upgrade thing for 2 years, didn’t think I’d use it much as I usually just buy stuff I want to play when it comes out, but I usually buy gold anyw

Firstly, patience, I'm trying to split the bigger threads out. Secondly, yeah. And I'm sure they'll be a thread just on the new machine too. 

And on the PC     I picked up Kawami on humble bundle a few months ago, but haven't started it, so might try and start with 0 instead. Indivisible looked interesting from the promo

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I restarted Costume Quest at the weekend as I wanted to get into the Halloween mood. It's still a great game. Would buy again on Switch if they were to release it. 

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Here's the games leaving...


Leaving October 15


Felix the Reaper (Console & PC)  
Metro 2033 Redux (Console & PC)  
Minit (Console & PC) 
Saints Row IV Re-Elected (PC) 
State of Mind (PC)


Leaving October 30


After Party (Console)
LEGO Star Wars III (Console)
Rise & Shine (Console)
Tacoma (Console & PC)
The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game (Console & PC) 
The Red Strings Club (PC)

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6 minutes ago, Craymen Edge said:

Supraland is very good.


I'm guessing it's not about the car?

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Forza Horizon is about as colourful as it gets... and I'm pretty sure they have Supra's in them too.

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1 hour ago, regemond said:

What's wrong with that one?


Constant inane chatter. You can't walk five paces without a pointless dialogue opening up, in which every member of your party has to chip in with some witless remark. 


I actually took that cartridge out of my switch and took a hammer to it, the fucker annoyed me so much.

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6 minutes ago, Maf said:

Lol. I think you’re confusing bright with colour when it comes to Forza.




Let's say it's a bit of both.👍

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