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Dangerous Driving


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So, the downsides are there. 

It’s locked to 30fps on base machines (though I can’t actually tell the difference), there’s one music track on the menu when you boot it up and then you need a premium Spotify account to play and control music through the menus.

There’s no online or offline multiplayer at the moment. There isn’t even a tutorial of any kind, you’re just thrown straight in expecting you to be a Burnout fan.


But it’s fast, fun and completely mind blowing that this was made by just 7 people.


I’ve hooked up my Spotify and am currently hurtling round the tracks listening to a Prodigy playlist. I can tell you that bouncing round to No Good, Voodoo People and Break & Enter is fantastic.

It’s a shame that there’s no specific music and if you’re using another premium music service you’re out of luck. Also the music doesn’t get filtered like it did on Burnout when you boost.


But if no-one else will make it, Burnout fans should embrace this as the good outways the bad.


Also, I’m gonna make a collaborative playlist if anyone wants in.

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I was really put off by the interview the guy gave on GI. About how he’s a hotshot and knows what to do with any racing game series. 


Then goes indie, makes a knock off of what he was already making, only people talking about it are fans with all these asterisks and caveats, and then tries to peddle it as “It’s like Burnout in 2019”. 


Half baked bullshit of something you did 15 years ago. Yeah that’s super appealing. 

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Yeah, the game is great but comes with a bunch of caveats. A 6 or 7 out of 10 is fair.

It all depends on how much you’re willing to overlook the minor setbacks and give the small team the benefit of the doubt. They started making it in August last year, it’s out in April this year and it plays great. That’s all that really matters to me.

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Started Playing this tonight, Had a friend over and relived the early 2000's playing Burnout, Laughing like a couple of maniacal loons, such good fun, not without a couple of flaws but really fills a gap in the racing marke that was left empty after EA murdered Criterion.



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First Patch Due 

Should fix a few of the Bugs / Ai Banding issues


even less reasons for people not to be playing this 




Since the game’s release we have been monitoring bug reports and have prepped a series of fixes in response to these. After the Easter break we will complete the testing of these fixes and release a first Patch. This will contain the fixes listed below:

  • Prevent unfeasibly short leaderboard entries
  • Fix for 2 Crash bugs, 1 in the menus on Xbox and 1 in game on all platforms
  • Prevent AI shooting past the player at super sonic speed
  • Prevent AI speed not being capped when you’re in Takedown Camera (hence why they speed past you)
  • Ensure Aftertouch Takedowns give you the advantage they should (not reset at back)
  • Ensure laps always register on Hypercar Heatwave event on Desert Marathon
  • Stop AI always crashing at start of Island Lighthouse track
  • Minimise player getting reset being persistent wrecks after a Crash
  • Ensure it is possible to get Platinum medal on Formula DD Survival Event

Exact timing will depend on submission through Sony and Microsoft. We currently estimate the patch will be live during the week of April 29th.

After Easter we will also publish a roadmap of other updates and fixes, including fixes for bad collisions and the addition of 6 player online play.




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just finished this tonight (well i skipped 4 races and no where near gold/platinum on everything) and it was good fun mostly, on the last series it seemed more like luck avoiding accidents though with increased traffic and speed (well it is the whole way through but the last series was where it crossed the line into annoying for me), although the cars were fun to drive still, it was pretty intense.

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