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Marvel's Spider-Man


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this is so far pretty much what i expected, i don't like open world and this sort of game structure usually, but gravity rush and sunset overdrive i really like due to the fun traversal and i think/hope this will be the same. the city is amazing, been having fun swinging about collecting stuff. it can be easy to die, even on easy, guess it'll get easier as i power up.

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That last picture is outstanding.


I played a few hours last night. Not enough to have a full opinion of it, but enough to know I fucking love it.


The swinging is so much fun though. So simple, but the depth to building up speed is great.

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I started this earlier, put in around 4 hours.


So far I’m a little underwhelmed I have to say. It’s good and I am enjoying it so far but I think I was possibly a little too hyped for it and it hasn’t yet been the transcendent experience on the GoW level that I was expecting. It is very early days though and I’ve only done 2 or 3 story missions so that could all change very quickly.


The traversal and combat are definitely the best things about it. The traversal hasn’t quite lived up to my expectations with how it feels to control spidey but it is still one hell of a rush just swinging and zipping around New York, I just wish there was a little more finesse and variety required at times I guess but maybe that’ll come as I get further into the game.


The combat is what has probably surprised me the most. I didn’t want to believe the Batman Arkham comparisons pre-release as I thought it was a little lazy but yeah when you get into the game it immediately reminded me of Arkham for sure. The impact of the kicks/punches and even the cinematic mini-cutscene that plays when you defeat the last enemy in a gang. It does do enough to feel distinct though with all the aerobatic combos and the numerous wall bounces, webbing and things you can do, it feels more spidey and less brutal than Arkham which is pretty much perfect.


The puzzle elements I really didn’t expect as well and they’ve been a real delight. Yes they’re basic and we’ve seen puzzles like these in games time and time again but in a game like this they are a nice addition and provide some nice variety from the open-world missions and being Spider-Man.


The story missions I’ve done far have all been very hand-holdy and the first mission almost felt on rails at times. Maybe these are unfair criticisms and they are effectively tutorials but even so I was a little disappointed that I didn’t really feel like I could explore at all and felt locked into the next objective marker.


I’ve not done any side missions yet but the activities have all been pretty underwhelming too, they’re fun enough but they’re very much of the tried-and-true open world variety rather than innovating in any meaningful way. I’ve absolutely no idea how Insomniac haven’t been derided from left right and centre for using towers to unlock fogged areas of the city, if it was Ubisoft, journalists from around the world would be docking the game 1-2 points out of 10 for their inclusion alone! ? 


I love older Ubi games so unlocking the entirety of Manhattan from fog by climbing radio towers and revealing local activities is in my muscle memory along with finding all the backpacks - it’s compelling stuff. But when other companies’ games have been derided for years for the same practices you don’t really expect to see them still in a game in 2018 is all. Again it’s early days though and many more exciting side missions and collectibles may open up as I progress through the story.


So so far so good but it definitely isn’t without its issues. The game is damn fun and the feeling of swinging around the city has had me grinning like a Cheshire Cat but the question is will that be enough to carry it for the rest of the game if everything else apart from the combat feels tried-and-true? Time will tell.

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6 hours ago, DANGERMAN said:

did anyone else have to install the whole game before they could play? I've just put the disc in for the first time, downloaded a patch, now I'm waiting for 43 gigs to copy


yeah i think it's because you can access the whole city straight away. well i read that somewhere and it made sense anyway.


i wasn't sure if i'd like this but it turns out i really like it which means i've played way more of the side stuff than i usually would, which in turn has made me annoyed by it a bit, but only a bit, and i think i'm near the end now so good stuff. i was dying a lot early on, then got into the combat and and was doing ok, later on it can be a bit messy, but i'm mostly only dying now when i'm trying to do a challenge and not paying attention or something.



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Yeah - this is pretty much what I wanted from a Spider-Man game. Swinging is spot on, the combat is fantastic and Spidey himself is really endearing with some genuinely funny dialogue. I like how we're playing as older Spidey. I've never really been that into my super hero stuff but now my kids are interested in it I'm enjoying the Marvel stuff a lot more. Spider-Man is definitely one of my favourites and I can relate to someone that has far too much on his plate and no money!


I spent about four hours last night, and only did a handful of story missions – spent most of the time collecting backpacks. The attention to detail in the game is bonkers - you can tell the whole team love the source material, and visually it's pretty astonishing, even on a launch ps4 on a 1080p led tv – it must look stunning with all the 4k bells and whistles!



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Put another 8 hours in since my last post, 12 total.


It’s grown on me a little more since my last post but I’m still not exactly bowled over by it.


After all the collectibles dried up I’ve continued with the story missions a bit and they have managed to impress me quite a bit. I do find the Peter Parker segments a little dull at times but they’re fun enough and it is cool just role playing as Pete and taking in the vibe and scenery of places like the lab and FEAST centre. We never got to see the duality of Batman in the Arkham games so to see that duality with the character in this is very interesting to seeand brings some much needed exposition. 


The first MJ segment was way better than I was expecting as well. I thought it would be some janky-ass insta-death stealth section which would’ve been incredibly frustrating but it wasn’t like that at all and I loved every bit of it. I found the investigation intriguing and engaging and I really loved the sleuthing involved, probably one of my favourite elements of the game so far.


Some more side missions opened up which have been a little better as well where you research different environmental issues around the city. I expected these to be relatively rote but they’ve all been quite varied and fun. They’ve had me chasing pigeons with a spider-bot which was pretty mad and other mad bits and pieces with cellular phone waves and stuff so it’s been a nice distraction.


So yeah, it’s growing on me a little more but the traversal and combo are the only real standouts with the story missions showing some promise, more next week.

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Put some more time into this over the weekend and today, now about 19 hours in.


It’s taken a hell of a long time but I’m very happy to say that has FINALLY got its hooks in me and begun to live up to the hype.


The side missions and collectibles are still pretty mediocre but I finished Act 1 of the story earlier and I was just in awe at what I’ve seen, hats off to Insomniac, I really didn’t think they had it in them but the sequence I just played blew my fucking socks off and was a Naughty Dog level of cinematic excellence I never thought I’d see from them - particularly in a Spidey game.


The E3 2017 sequence was pretty damn special to play. It plays out a little differently than it did then and is a bit longer but goddamn is it fun the play but it’s the sequence after which really was magnificent in every regard.


It helps I’m buying into the characters that much more as the story goes on, the duality of Peter, his relationship with MJ and Aunt May is just so well realised, voiced and acted, it really is a tremendous achievement.


Some pics:









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After Monday's session I was really looking forward to getting back into this yesterday but unfortunately it didn't go to plan :(


I did a few more story missions which weren't exactly spectacular but still good nonetheless then unlocked a new side mission type so of course me being me I had to drop everything and concentrate on those side missions until completion for the rest of the session and it was honestly so incredibly dull. I guess it's my own fault for going for the 100% and maybe I should drop that goal and just enjoy the game but damn I was just so so bored with these particular ones, they had a little bit of variety to them at least but I just found them so tedious, glad they're over with now and I can just get back to the rest of the game.


I think I've come to the conclusion that I don't exactly love the Arkham Predator-style missions either. They've been done to death in AC, Arkham, Middle-Earth, Horizon and probably countless other games that I'm forgetting about that seeing them in this and used quite frequently makes the story mission variety drag a bit at times when they're not reaching the cinematic heights.


I forgot to post the photo on Monday but one of the side quests I did previously had you taking photos of QR codes from certain angles, I shit you not that I thought I was back playing the original Watch Dogs for a moment :lol: 


For all its huge positives I don't think I'll be able to forgive the appalling side missions come the end of the game, even if the story is as spectacular as I'm expecting it to be I still don't think it will be enough for a GOTY nomination for me.

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I've kind of been avoiding commenting on this thread. Not sure why, but here we are.


Anyway, I've been playing it on and off since release, I'm up to the part where you unlock the...



Black Cat


...side missions.


I'm just taking my time with it, seeing the sights (literally. I've got all the proper landmarks plus 4 of the 50 secret ones), picking up backpacks, fighting crimes, being a spectacular Spider-Man from start to finish. It's a lot of fun. I'm genuinely enjoying it. It feels like the kind of game you can just switch on, turn your brain off and swing about town, see what catches your eye. It's similar to the feeling GTA V gives you, where you don't have to play it with an aim, you can just wind down and do 'stuff'. If it had a radio it'd be an incredibly relaxing experience for me.


I'm enjoying the story though. Feels like typical superhero ridiculousness, and like @Blakey mentioned, I'm loving the relationship between PP and MJ.


One thing I really dislike though - the car chases. I just can't get a decent technique down for them.


Not really got much else to say right now, but just wanted to throw in that, for once, I'm playing a new release!

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