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Jimbo Xiii

Play/Want/Bin Feb 19

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the cut off for posts is tomorrow, but hopefully that's enough time for the Switch demos and the likes of Crackdown to get a mention

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Into the Breach.

I am shit at it. It's something I am enjoying while I'm playing it but I don't feel any pull to go back to it. I don't feel the same way I did about FTL.


Sniper Elite V2.

I bought this years ago after Hendo was talking about it. It's alright, it does feel very last gen though, I've probably picked a good time to play it because if I left it any longer it might have been unpalatable. It doesn't help that I am shit at it and also it's quite hard in places too. It's been a goods trainer for learning mouse and keys again.


Elite Dangerous

I've spent hundreds of hours on the PS4 version and now I'm on the PC version. It's so smooth and everything looks amazing, the lighting and bloom effects are particularly spectacular. It's the perfect second screen game as well, you can autopilot it. I've been re watching LOST while starting out this time.



Anthem, I guess? I'm mainly looking forwards to it so I can get some social gaming in. Same with Division. And EDF5 when Regemond gets his life sorted out.



I'm alright thanks. Life is good.

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