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Resident Evil 2

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They really messed up trying to do the 2nd run scenario thing. The ways in which it's harder and/or different aren't enough to make it really feel like a worthwhile time to do it all again and more Mr X isn't fun because he's neither scary nor interesting as enemy types go.


Like there are minor ways in which he gives an interesting flavour to exploring the station, like if you forgot to clear a hallway out of lickers and now you're fucked for going down that hallway cause you can't creep past a licker when the Tyrant is stomping behind you. But that's it really.


I really wish there was an A playthrough just with that B playthrough ending so it feels a bit more complete. The A Leon run on hardcore is the best time I had with the game but doing B Claire is sort of dull to me just kiting that big fedora asshole around. It just comes down to the lack of interesting options to deal with him, the choice is made for you and it's just to run away.


The A scenario uses him much more sparingly and is better for that imo.


I tried that Hunk thing and didn't like it much, it's just a zombo gauntlet. I would like to see them try and design interesting difficulties for the core game. Like maybe add some weird modifers like item boxes being unique (REmake 1 has this). It would create issues going to the lab but would still be interesting. Or make that no item box trophy be linked to a game mode which removes them altogether.

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You could do that stuff yourself if you wanted... Do a no item box run, earn that unlimited knife and prove yourself a Resi god by doing a knife only run, if that's even possible on this game.

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Ha, fuck you zombos!...


You can earn infinite ammo for the other Ghost Survivor scenarios by completing that using only 60 handgun bullets... fuck that noise though.


On to a Claire hardcore run now.


I'm not playing through with this skin but it is pretty cool they've released them for free.

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