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Red Dead Redemption 2

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21 minutes ago, Blakey said:

Yeah even that web address link has spoilers in it @regemond


Ahh I thought it'd be ok given there were no characters named. Didn't think naming an illness would be too much of a spoiler!

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Completed this earlier, as mentioned in the completion thread. The story, details, world and characters side - amazing. The rest of it, not so much. 


The controls didnt bother me as much as most people. I never punched my horse or shot someone I meant to talk to by mistake due to them. The gameplay was serviceable. 


I did however find it a real chore to play at times. The mission design was really quite boring and repetitive for the majority of the time. The riding around got real dull real quick. And was especially bad towards the end where you’re basically having to travel the entire map for and after every mission. 


There’s a million things to do to. Which may sound like a good thing but I found most of Im such a pain that I just ended up not engaging with any of the systems. The hunting! Jesus what a twat. Even when using tips and a small guide it was just too much of a faff to get decent skins that I ended up fucking it off completely. The challenges, compendium, jobs, crafting, bounty huntersetc. just weren’t fun. Now the fact I was able to ignore these completely and still get through the game fine can be seen as a positive but I usually like doing all that type of stuff (apart from crafting, soooo sick of that in games) and the fact I didn’t want to in this game is a negative IMO. 


But, I can’t stress enough how much I loved the story and character side. They’re  what kept me playing, even when I felt I couldn’t cope with another’s ride through the entire map,  something interesting would happen to one of the characters and I’d have to play another mission to see the next bit even though I really didn’t want to play anymore. Ultimately I’m glad I stuck at it to see it through. 


Arthur is a Legend. 


Oh, and technically this may be the most impressive game ever. I also think we may be passed the uncanny valley stage with humans in games now. More and more games are really impressing me with this. All the facial ticks and expressions are coming through brilliantly, for the majority of the time forgot I was looking at characters in a game. 

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Just reached chapter 4. Wow. No spoilers but the ‘burning down the house’ stuff was so good. These characters are so much fun but such bastards at the same time. This game is magic.

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