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Red Dead Redemption 2


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The controls are really weird, I keep pressing the Touchpad for map and calling my horse with the wrong D-Pad button (thanks AC Odyssey). 


The gunplay doesn’t feel like it’s evolved since the OG RDR. It’s so incredibly clunky having to click in and out of cover and move up to the next position, felt like the analog stick was stuck in treacle.


I’ve only had a few gunfights but every one has been a chore so far because of it, you just feel like just staying in one cover position so you don’t have to keep moving.

I really didn’t think I’d be saying this but the R* game it most reminds me of is LA Noire. Early on there’s a cabin you have to search and I was just going around hugging walls and inspecting/picking up objects like LA Noire, you can do this with almost every richly detailed interior too.


The quality of the writing, cinematics and atmosphere created though is truly phenomenal. The opening feels like you’re in


The Hateful Eight

and the attention to detail of the world and environmental design is astounding.


I’ve been overwhelmed already with everything there is to do, I sat down and played Dominos at the camp for 40 minutes last night. I haven’t even discovered a lot of the side activities either, it has all been so bewildering that I haven’t quite got a handle on it.


I’ve been a little disappointed with the ‘talk to strangers’ thing too as a lot of people in the only town I’ve been in have only had the ‘Greet, Antagonise, pull weapon’ commands which don’t really seem nuanced. I have had a couple of cool stranger interactions outside of the town though.


Overall though, it’s just intoxicating and I can’t wait to dive back in and properly get used to my surroundings and all the different systems at play. The gunplay is easily my biggest grievance and if I don’t get used to it or it improves I feel it’s going to massively drag the game down in terms of enjoyment for me.

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Slow-Burn : The Video Game.


I’m not sure how much time I’ve put in so far as I keep getting distracted and doing random stuff on my phone, rather than play the game, which is not a good sign.


I’ve hog-tied someone though, if that helps place where I am.


There’s already been so many systems and diffferent controls to remember that I really think it’ll be a struggle if you put it down for more than a few days and try to come back to it.

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I do get the complaints about Chapter 1. It is an on rails Prologue essentially (not really sure why they called it Chapter 1 in the first place) and is a glorified tutorial for a lot of the systems in play.


Once you get to Chapter 2 you’re left to your own devices and the game really starts to shine. I’ve has great little moments like watching an old school projector ‘movie’ in a makeshift cinema, coming across a prisoner and shooting his shackles off for him to reward me with a house robbery tip and a Mexican guy that challenged me to a shooting challenge with some pots - I lost so decided to murder him and get my money back :lol:


The highlight of my session today though was a trip of my own accord to find one of 4 famous gunslingers for a Stranger mission right up in the Grizzlies. Getting completely lost in the wilderness, almost killing my horse (thank fuck I had some revival medicine), crossing revines bricking it that my horse would drown, being hunted by Wolves, coming across a random dude in his tent and deciding to kill him and take everything he has, having to change to cold weather clothes and eventually making it to the hideout after real world hours went by to find this guy and to get a treasure map as a reward. 


It definitely felt very reminiscent of BOTW in some ways, albeit with less distractions along the way - aside from the odd gunshot or wolf attack. It also reminded me of Fallout a bit when I was looting the gunslingers hideout for everything it’s worth and having to manage all these different survival systems.

I’m still struggling to get used to all the different systems and controls though and just remembering what every button on the controller does is nowhere near automatic yet - and that’s after 9 hours. 


I adjusted the sensitivity of the aiming and that did seem to help the gun play a little bit but it still feels a bit funky, I definitely think the more I play of the game the more it’ll become second nature.


I tried my hand at hunting as well and it seems incredibly difficult. I did manage to kill a few Rams and Deer after a bit of practice but the first few times I tried hunting Coyote’s and Foxes my arrows were going all over the shop :lol: it is pretty crazy how quickly you run out of stamina too.


Slowly but surely I’m getting more used to the systems and it’s growing on me, I still think it’s maybe a little dull at times with not as much to titilate or distract you as the likes of Fallout and BOTW but I love the levels of interactivity and depth that it’s trying to pull off. It does feel like an open world LA Noire/Shenmue at times and I’m absolutely a-ok with that.


Some pics:








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2 hours ago, Nag said:

Who's writing it off? I'm certainly not... it's just not the beginnings I was expecting (or wanting)...like I said I'm sure once I'm left to my own device's it'll shine... I'm not even that bothered by the clunky controls and shit at the minute, it's rock star, it is what it is...


Yeah my bad, copy and pasted from GTM and forgot to delete that line.

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After finally getting it installed I played up until my first 'hog tie'.


Holy shit, this game is amazing. I must be in the minority because I'm really enjoying the intro. The combat feels good, I love the weight everthything has to it. You can almost feel the recoil of the rifle when you fire it. And the graphics are insane! Even on my launch PS4. I've taken loads of screenshots in cinematic mode already. 



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Loaded my game up today and seems I hadn’t finished the mission I started, so had to rob a train again.

At this point, I’m not gonna spoiler tag the fact that I’ve hog tied people or robbed trains, as they should be fairly obvious things you’ll do in the game. However, the conclusion to that particular mission:



The first moral choice I had earlier in the barn where you set fire to the house and find the woman whose husband had been murdered and she had most likely been raped by the rival gang - I let the guy who jumped me go.



The second moral choice at the end of the train rob, I pointed my gun at the 3 guys left alive and told them to get on the train. As they whimpered and climbed up, I shot the last one in the face point blank.


Because I’m a cunt.

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I usually always play as the good guy in games when give the choice but for this I made the conscious decision to be an ‘orrible cunt.  


Here’s my choices for those two moments @Hendo



I beat the guy who jumped me to death (in first person too because I was trying it out at the time).


Then murdered all 3 people left on the train.


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2 hours ago, retroed said:

You do by default, but it can be changed in the menus. Switch to standard FPS.


Thank Christ for that!




That’s the best news I’ve heard since I found out there’s a big waterfall in it. I love videogame waterfalls.........



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Wow, @Blakey! You are a massive ‘orrible cunt!


I had another moment of a moral choice of let a guy go or let a guy go, if you catch my drift.

I did the former. If I live to regret it, i’m going to murder every last one of those moral choices.


Also @Nag, the broken wheel is literally just at the point where it becomes an actual open world. I had great excitement at this point. Started a mission to go into town and then this happened. No spoilers in the video.



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Sit back and allow me to tell you the tale of Arthur Morgan, the most incompetent outlaw this side of a Carry On film.


So first of all, I’m off to go do a mission to find some female legendary black widow woman, who has had 6 husbands and no divorces.

On the way a carriage with a massive cage, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang style, was coming towards me with a woman screaming for me to help.

So I turned around and started shooting the two bastards involved. Then shot off the lock to let the woman out. Then because left trigger is also used for focusing on someone to talk to, I ended up pointing my gun at the poor woman who ran off. So then I have a bounty on my head.


Get to where I needed to be and died several times getting chased by the law. Eventually I get to my waypoint and because of my wanted level, I can’t start the mission.

So I head back to a friendlier town to pay the bounty off and get bitten by a snake.

I kill it and skin it and then also kill a deer to make some extra cash to help pay the bounty off.


See video above to see how good my horse skills are, and it will not surprise you to learn that I bumped into a tree which made me fall off along with the animal pelts which then damage them and decrease their value.


Eventually stop off at the post office and pay the bounty off. Leave the post office and accidentally jump on the wrong horse. Jump off and get on mine but now I have another bounty on my head for horse stealing.


However on the plus side, I killed a legendary bear and now I’m wearing his head for a hat. So swings and roundabouts.



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Played a couple of hours. Done the lasso thing. It's what I expected tbh. Rockstar games tend to have a slow opening before enough of the markers and world is opened up to truly revel in its sandbox. Admittedly ive no idea how long this hand holding prologue is...

The old flick n shoot is coming back. Preparing myself for a long game here with what I'm hearing. Although I doubt I'll spend much time with side stiff if it's too mundane.

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