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Game of the Year 2018

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GotY 2018


1: Spider-Man. 

2: God of War.

3: Forza Horizon 4.

4: Hellblade : Senua's Sacrifice.

5: Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

6: State of Decay 2.

7. Red Dead Redemption 2

8. Soulcalibur VI.

9. Far Cry 5.

10. Shadow of the Colossus.

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15 minutes ago, radiofloyd said:

Retro Ed casting a vote from the future for Dragon Quest XII...


No idea what you're talking about :awe:


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I doubt this will change in December but


  • God of War
  • Spider-Man
  • Spyro remake
  • Pokémon Lets Go
  • Shadow of the Colossus Remake
  • Life is Strange II

Havent played enough to do a top 10. Could throw Octopath and RDR on the end but I didn't really enjoy them.


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May as well fill the list, as technical achievements RDR2 and SotC are fine... not much fun to actually play them is all.

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Should probably start drafting mine 


GotY 2018


1: Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey Redux

2: Yakuza 6

3: Football Manager Touch

4: God of War

5: Chuchel

6: AstroBot

7: Tetris Effect

8: Mutant Year Zero

9: Captain Toad

10: Super Smash Bros



Games not from 2018 discovered in 2018


1: Finding Paradise 

2: Persona 5

3: Doki Doki Literature Club 

4: Refunct

5: Cat Quest 



"Indie" Games of 2018


1: Chuchel

2: Bloodstained Curse of the Moon

3: Donut County 





I'm struggling for indie games. I've played a decent amount but they're all from last year. Gorogoa and Finding Paradise are both great but came out in December. I think the only thing I played that's eligible is One Strike and that's just decent  EDIT: thought of a couple

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4 hours ago, ThreeFour said:

Hmm interesting Spider-Man appears a few times. Can't wait to unwrap it 😁




Honestly,it’s SO good. Satisfying to swing around the city,a great story. There’s some annoying stealth missions,but they’re mercifully short.

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Ok, this is unlikely to change in the next week or so


1. God of War

2. Spider-Man

3. Civilisation VI Switch Edition (if this is invalid pop it down to the not from 2018 list)

3. Shadow of the Collosus

4. Spyro Remake Trilogy

5. Pokémon Lets Go


Games not from 2018 discovered in 2018


1. Breath of the Wild

2. Dragon's Dogma

3. Dark Souls II


I'm not able to fill a full top 10 list as I simply haven't found 10 "new" games this year I really really liked. I couldn't really put RDR or Octopath on as they are games I didn't like. The best game I played this year was Breath of the Wild. It's just the best designed open world I've ever seen and I loved how much of what made it great were a bunch of really simple ideas rather than a complicated set of systems and skill-trees where you grind for hours. It's just wonderful to play a game which is simply about exploring and little else. That's the  one that got away in 2017 but I was never going to blindly buy a Switch until I knew that it would be worth it.


Dragon's Dogma has not got a good open world but it's the only game I've played which marries an open world with an exceptional combat system and great enemies to fight in it. It's very uneven and plain bad in some respects but it's also got some of the best open world moments I've had in a game. But that's also kind of the problem with Dragon's Dogma. It's full of amazing moments but spread out across a game that can be full of tedious busywork. So it's a testament to how good those moments where that I was able to get on with the boring stuff.


Dark Souls II, I catalogued my playthrough of this over on GTM. Most of the first half of it was full of complaining about how stupidly it was designed. That for the first few hours your character is hopelessly slow and completely unable to deal with the most basic of threats. Until you pump up the ADP stat and you get a bunch of i-frames added to every dodge and animation and it becomes much more playable. Once I got to the second half of the game I really turned around on it and it's the first Souls game I've played where I managed to make sense of the lore and story on a single playthrough rather than the multiple it took me with Souls I and BloodBorne. That's a good thing and a bad thing probably as the mysterious lore is part of the reason I love replaying the games, trying to make sense of them. But Souls II is way too long to replay.


As for the games I've played that actually got released in this year few of them are really memorable to me except for God of War. I really liked how it's world was relatively small and not-to-scale but gave you a nice degree of freedom. I liked the openness of the combat system. It's not quite all the way Devil May Cry but it's one of those cause-and-effect type combat systems where every technique has a specific set of situations where it's effective and the fun is in figuring out where to deploy them. When to throw away your axe and pummel an enemy's defence down with your fists. Recognising an opportunity to use one of those delay-and-stance-shift moves. The incredible feedback from the axe weapon itself and how it throws the enemies around. It's everything which the old games weren't for me. The combat in GoW 2018 rewards thought while the old ones reward mindless mashing. It also manages to shift tone and lore very convincingly which really surprised me


I can't really write anything on the other games I played this year as they're kind of forgettable compared with these ones. I thought Spider-Man was great fun but just that. Civ VI got me through a tough time in hospital but it's also just another one of those games. Pokemon Go has horrible accessibility issues where I had to just stop playing it after my surgery cause of the mandatory motion controls in it. Collosus and Spyro are just remakes of old games so everyone knows what they are. Spyro only figures in this list I think cause it was such a breath of fresh air after Red Dead Redemption II which was both massively boring to play and had a very limited colour palette.

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I finally have ten games, though there’s a chance the places will still move about a bit, especially if I go back to Mutant Year Zero.


1: God of War

2: Dead Cells

3: Tetris Effect

4: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

5: Forza Horizon 4

6: Celeste

7: Red Dead Redemption II

8: Yoku's Island Express

9: A Way Out

10: Mutant Year Zero : The Road to Eden

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Bumped RDR2 up two places as I warmed to it a little more by the end.

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I’ve just been editing my list on the first page if this thread and it’s done.


I really only think it’s worth filling in the Top 10 of the year, the rest of the categories seem a little pointless.

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1 week left to get your votes in!


Any votes cast after 23:59 on January 20th will not be counted. 


All votes cast not in the correct format (shown in the OP) will not be counted. :)

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