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Marvel Cinematic Universe

Jimbo Xiii

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Defo check them all out, I did wonder how interesting it would be if T'Challa was Starlord instead but it's probably one of the best ones so far i reckon. Things in there that you wouldn't expect at all.

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Watched the second What if episode yesterday. It's true, it was an interesting spin on the Guardians formular and I quite enjoyed it particularly the different take on some of the antagonists. 



Goldylocks Nebula was an instant favourite.


Also interesting that T'Challah was voiced by Chadwick Boseman. I actually have no knowledge about the production pipeline of an animated show but it seems the voice-overs are done rather early on if he was still able to contribute. 


I think I'll watch the remaining episodes as well. If nothing else I think there's at least some visual spectacle to look forward to in every episode, because they're really very lavishly produced.

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On 10/09/2021 at 15:34, Maf said:

Batman v Superman should have been the greatest superhero movie of all time ☹️

There is still hope for one particular Versus film, Maf. One that the name alone, will definitely put bums in seats...



There is no way in hell this isn't in the pipeline in the MCU boardroom.

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What If..? Episode 7

Well, I think the worst episode has just landed. This would be the "light hearted" one. Strange they chose Thor for that type of story. However, not one for me. It speaks volumes that the only bit of interest was the final twist, right in the last few seconds. Even that, looked cool, but without context made little sense. 4/10

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