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If I had to guess it will be like    Me: I really loved it except for a few bits here and there   and OCH will be like   OCH: Fucking trash is nothing like the comics whe

@OCH I wouldn't disagree about GotG2, I will about Ragnarok though. I think they'd painted Thor's character into a corner personality wise between the two avengers films and the two Thor movies. Ragna

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5 minutes ago, DisturbedSwan said:

Moves from this November to May 2021. So about 6 months.


Think he means from its original release date which was May 2020.... according to Wiki.

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Interesting title for the Shang Chi film. The continued damage control for The Mandarin in lieu of Iron Man 3, I assume?

I'm not surprised by the date push backs though. They're trying, but I just don't think cinema is viable for the blockbuster releases this year and yeah, Tenet proved that. Off topic but I'm curious if WB will still push Wonder Woman this year?

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More of this, please, this is glorious ☺️


Catch the little Spider-Man PS4 nod as well


This is why Spider-Man is the coolest superhero because no one else moves like that

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My late night uncalled for random defence of the Dr Strange movie.


This is not to say it is a perfect movie or even one of the MCU’s best movies but it was one of the last MCU solo movies I enjoyed.


One of the reasons I really enjoyed it was because of the director and how he tried to honour the idea of classic superhero stories while working within the boundaries of Hollywood superhero cinema. He even had statements either before or shortly after Dr Strange was released lightly criticising other superhero movies, Marvel included but unnamed, about how the heroes in these movies are more soldiers/killers than superheroes. 

Here are 3 ways that Dr Strange tries to fight against that which I really appreciated and enjoyed. Spoilers for Dr Strange ahead



First is when Strange inadvertently kills a bad guy in the movie. He  gets really mad at Wong and says that he is a doctor that took an oath to save lives and not take them. Flat out pointing out that superhero’s killing people, even the bad guys, undermines the point. 


As mandated by Hollywood superhero cinema the 3rd act must have massive amounts of destruction and death and casualties which Dr Strange also abides and does. But cleverly because the movie revolves around the Time Gem the movie gets to have it’s big fight action sequence in reverse so the scene is exploding and burning back to being fixed and all innocents are alive at the end. 

And lastly of course they even get to do a classic Marvel trope of the hero beating the villain by outsmarting them instead of out punching them. Dormammu I’ve come to bargain. 

This is not to say that Dr Strange is a flawless movie or a top 5 MCU film. There are a few things about the film that are either wasted or wasteful but here are the things I really liked about the film and I think go either unnoticed or undervalued. 

I’m looking forward to the sequel but bummed that the director left the project because I wonder if these sensibilities went with him. 

Also in the movie they mention the Living Tribunal which was very exciting. 

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The next Strange movie is Multiverse of Madness so are they really going to do a thing where they exit Spider-Man out of the MCU using multiverse crap? 🤔


But Spider-Man and Dr Strange team-up? Classic!

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