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Dragon Ball FighterZ


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Also in our last fight where I tried to spark and DR’d your super dash holy shit I had to turn it off. 

I got bad news, man. We suck shit at DBFZ. Our movement is bad, our combos are bad, my punishes and understanding of what beats what is fucking miserable.


If you saw my assists randomly coming out in the first couple rounds it was because I was trying to air dash like it was Guilty Gear…

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I did my first re-jump combo!


I even managed to throw on a super at the end!


This took so long. Notice I say “did” and not “learned” as to do this twice took me the best part of 45min. The re-jump part was actually not the most inconsistent part at the end it’s the quarter circles and for some reason the medium hit. It kept coming out as 2M instead of 5M even though the inputs on the side of the screen clearly show i never pressed down. I swear these PS5 pads are shit for this. 


Anyway. Totally impractical for someone of my clumsiness but it was fun to do. See if I can remember it next time I try. 

The combo video I was looking at the 3rd combo is actually the hardest.


J7LL! I can’t work it out. Apparently people in the comments couldn’t either and the the guy gave an answer and says that you have to push back up and L at the same time, then slightly delay the 2nd L. I tried this for an hour and didn’t get it once. The nerve of putting it under ‘BnB’ combos pah I say pah.


But I did a hard combo go me. Kamehamere-jump!

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Oh wow I did the super hard combo



The timing on that 2nd L before the Ki blast at the end is so precise. It’s like frame specific or something. At most a couple of frames. It’s ultra tight. I have managed to do it 6 or so times so far, though, so possible. Just getting used to the timing. Great damage for a solo combo (Even when taking the level 3 off I just do that because it’s cool)



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I tried playing Jiren again because I would like to learn how to play this character and I still can’t do it at all. I spent 30 minutes trying to do the 1st basic BnB jump cancel combo that every character in the game does. I can do it with every character I’ve tried except for Jiren. I just don’t understand why. Whenever I’m punching in the air and try to jump cancel the enemy always just slips away and Jiren won’t follow. Each punch pushes them further and further back until the combo drops. 

Even on the few times I did somehow manage it I try to super dash LL2H and even the super dash won’t connect. That’s supposed to be automatic.


I think it’s because the basic air combo with other characters has a 2H in it that kicks them upwards. I think that ‘sets’ them in place in a sense so you can easily follow. But Jiren doesn’t have that so you probably have to time it to chase them correctly.


I honestly don’t know this character is the hardest shit.


How depressing. I don’t know why with this character doing basic stuff is so hard. I take it all back DBFZ is 15 hundred times harder than Guilty Gear. 

When this game doesn’t make me happy it makes me sad 😢

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Fucking shit. Me and @HandsomeDead played this tonight and I need to start right back at the beginning. 

You know I don’t quit early even when I’m losing but I had today. I really couldn’t even pull the simplest thing together. I might as well played with Gogeta only and that’s because most of his combo is just pushing square.


I was even practicing some Gogeta combos yesterday and they just went right out of my head today.


I don’t know if I’ve been poisoned by GG but I’m struggling to have a good time with this game anymore. It’s just too hard. Not only do the usual fighting games mechanics of ‘turns’ make no sense to me, add on the layer of RPS that DBFZ has and I’m just lost. 

I just don’t know what to do. I don’t even know where to begin on what I should improve on. I was playing this game better when I first started it a year ago than I can today. 

Man oh man. What a catastrophe. I just don’t know what to do. You would think I had never played a video game before the way I was playing today. 

Fucccccck. Where to even start? 

I know UI Goku can do stuff. I think he has the most tools of any character in the game. I can’t even get him to move. 

I am so disappointed. Those 10 games or so rocked me. I do not know what to do with this game.


It’s the hardest fucking shit I’ve ever tried to do. 

At some point in the future I need to go through DBFZ basic tutorial videos on just how to play the game at it’s most basic form and then practice that for a month or something. 

I feel embarrassed

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You weren't that bad.  I was a little more on it with my execution than I was last time we played, though I still need to test the limits of my A21 combos and should probably use an assist.


I've not played against randoms for aaaages so I don't even know how I stack up generally.

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Check this video at 1:58 and watch these 2 Trunks flips. Even the commentators are frustrated by how good it is.



I don’t know many fighting game players but Wawa is easily my favourite. He’s not just good he is exciting to watch and you always see some crazy shit. 

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I've never seen Trunks do that.  I've not seen people use him and I only played against him in the early days as everyone seemed to drop him.  But he had that tool this whole time?


That stomp combo that Cooler does is something I've been trying to do more.  I didn't use it against you the last time we played as it's not quite in my muscle memory yet.

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