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Sea of Thieves

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Three of four sessions in since I bought it.


Mixed feelings overall. This is definitely in a better place it was since I tried it when it came out. It still suffers from the same shit I talked about earlier in the thread where you're just sat twiddling your thumbs for massive parts of the game. Sometimes it feels 80% of the game is stood on deck watching for ships and hoping they try to attack you or hoping they ignore you because you're full of loot.


They do seem to have upped the stuff that happens while out at sea. There's more wrecks to dive down to and plunder and stuff like ghost ships and megaladon attacks happen more frequently. You do still get those times where there's absolutely fuck all to do but there seem to be fewer occasions where they do happen.


PvP is still shit. It's actually moved away from the sword rushing that was prevalent when I last played, now it comes down to having a pistol and a sniper rifle and getting two shots off quickly, Although teams focusing one player and wearing a team down like that is better, mainly because it makes the other crew 1 man down for 30 seconds so you can sort of stagger them so they trickle in one by one while you steal all their loot. It's still very poor. Ammo never really matters either since you're either fighting on your ammo box or theirs.


PvE. This is still bad. In fact whenever we've done anything where we have to kill skeleton bosses, it's just easier to take them to the beach and blast them with a cannonballs and sniper fire. A lot of this boils down to the melee being flat and uninteresting and the guns only having 5 shots in them before you have to go find an ammo box. You know what would sort this? Allowing you to either have unlimited ammo but longer reloads, or by allowing you to resupply off of skeletons that have firearms that you have killed.


The riddles and stuff are good. In fact the game has this weird loop where you buy a quest and set out on it, but you might find a message in a bottle on the way there and find out it's a case of having to make a diversion to do something else, where you'll end up picking up another quest. So one voyage to go find a chest ends up netting loads of quests because they naturally chain into each other. Sometimes you get these quests where they overlap, for instance we got one where we had to dig up 8 chests on an island, but it was also infested with skeleton bosses. It's here where the game excels since you're filling the ship up constantly with chests which makes then journeys onward more risky because people are going to want that shit. When you do go to hand in you have to be careful about people running onto your boat and helping themselves.


The biggest frustration I have with this game is the controls  for keyboard and mouse. They are impossibly shit and whoever decided that it should be like this needs a slap.


If you talk to any NPC in game you need to press Esc to back out. This is stupid since pressing Esc also brings up the menu settings. It is also a huge reach away from WASD.


You press F to interact with stuff. Except when it's R for no fucking good reason whatsoever. Why? Because fuck you, that's why!


When you look at the chart in the ship, you go into it by pressing F. That's like how you chat to people, so going off the chart and back into gameplay must be Esc, right? Nope, you press F again.


When you pick up a chest you press F. So what will it be this time? Esc or F to put it down? Well fuck your logic because you need to press X to put it down on the ground. You would think trying to equip weapons would drop it right there on the floor, or clicking the right mouse would lob it in the direction you're looking? Nope.


Looting barrels for supplies throws another unneeded key into the mix. You can press R to take all, but instead of it shutting the window like it should, nope, you have to press X to back out. Unless you're on a cannon and then that's F to get off it, and R to reload it. Fuck me, what a load of bollocks.


Also the run/walk keys are where they normally are on Shift and Ctrl, but for some reason walk only works when it fucking feels like it.


Just making it so that it's the same button to interact with something and the same button each time to disengage would make life so much more easier. There's no need for 3 different ways to disengage and then make them all distinct to certain actions.


It's honestly one of the dumbest control systems I've seen in a game. Usually it feels like they've crammed a control system onto a pad, but here it feels like the other way around.


Back to the good stuff though. It looks and sounds amazing. The bits where you're actually forced into working as a team are properly enthralling, and after a bit everyone on deck just works autonomously because that's the way it settles you in. The emergent gameplay can be pretty cool and the mind games you can pull with the other players and ships makes it worth a look.


I needs more content for sure, but it's sort of getting there. Stuff like the mermaid statues and ghost ships are a step in the right direction, bits that tie up the time of the player but give a decent reward if you can cash them in are what is needed to flesh out the experiences.. Maybe adding stuff like NPC that have already dug up the treasure and are running around the island with it. Chests that have some sort of gimmick like the one that cries and fills your ship with water make sailing about more interesting. There's a whole host of things they could do to pad it out, and maybe realise that it doesn't all have to be all go here, do this, return treasure because I think that there should be a way to cash in on some minor level without having to have every last bit of it at risk.


The next DLC is supposedly based around sending people to the same islands so they will clash over objectives. I think this will be good for both sides of the PvPvE stuff because the PvP players are naturally going to gravitate towards those quests and because of that the PvE players are going to be left alone a bit more to do what they want, but those PvP islands are going to see a lot of conflict for anyone going through.


Really it's what comes out after that. It needs a lot more stuff to do as well as some killer content like the volcano quests. Only then will it becomes something that I could recommend wholeheartedly. As it is now it's a maybe if you're really into gaming that is mostly  fucking about trying to find out where the shit is.

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I really, really want to play this but I’m guessing I’m on my own, huh?

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I really like that the damage stuff looks all knocked up. I got pangs of all the stuff I'd been through on a night on the last cash in when you'd turn around and look at the boat is it was basically just a floating wreck held together with repairs. The ship almost becomes a character at that point, it's been through so much.

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