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Granblue Fantasy Project Re:Link

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Cygames has released a seven-minute, under development gameplay video of Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link, its upcoming action RPG for PlayStation 4 developed by Platinum Games. 


The video consists of the same country village and battle scenes shown at Granblue Fantasy Festival 2017. During the village scene, the world of Granblue Fantasy, in which various races exist, can be seen completely reproduced in 3D. The series’ trademark Grandcypher airship can also be seen floating in the sky.


During the battle scene, Katalina, Io, Percival, and Rackam make use of unique skills, including well-known abilities from the smartphone game, and eventually unleash a Chain Burst attack by connecting Charge Attacks.


While originally slated for release in 2018 in Japan, today’s press release lists Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link‘s release date as “to be announced.”





Looks beautiful.

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Im looking forward to this, its basically Final Fantasy 15 but in an older setting and perhaps without a rushed ending to the story. Got high hopes based on what ive seen so far.

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