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Forza 7 Tourney

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A few years ago I set up a Forza tournament on here. It was back in the Xbox 360 days, and seemed quite popular at the time. It was either Forza 3 or 4. 


Anyway, I want to gauge interest in doing it again. The format will be as follows...


Timed laps leading to an online leader board. Dirty laps score lower than clean. The track being used, and class of car will be announced one week in advance.


The car chosen can be anything in the class selected, but must be of a standard set up. No racing mods, and as it comes from the factory. All tracks will be full circuit to enable flying laps, and no long tracks like Nurburgring full circuit.


Let me know if you're interested. If enough people say yes, we'll go ahead. To give you a heads up, if it goes ahead, the first track will be Rio De Janero street circuit.

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1 minute ago, spatular said:

i'll try and join in. got the game before xmas but not played it yet so this would be a good excuse.


Yeah I got it for Xmas too. This is my sixth Forza I've owned, having started with Forza 2. I like it so far. My only real gripe is I'd have loved to carry over my car designs from Forza 6. I spent a lot of time making them.

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