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Sonic Forces


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Started this earlier.


Put in about 2 hours and I think I'm 2/3 of the way through it :lol:


It is definitely not the longest of games that's for sure. But you know what, it's actually quite fun.


The story is hilariously po-faced. It's deadly serious, you have all Sonic friends in there (no Big the Cat though...) and they're all talking to one another like a bunch of cool animal pals, but also forming a deadly serious resistance against Eggman's forces who've taken over the World. It's nonsense and I can't take it seriously at all, at least they tried, I guess?


But yeah, the levels themselves are pretty cool. You have the avatar levels, classic sonic levels, modern sonic levels, modern sonic + avatar duet levels and bonus stages. Avatar levels you can use a weapon - by pressing ZR - which allows you to plough through hordes of enemies, you also have a grappling hook which allows you to swing from hanging sphere to hanging sphere to get through a level. Classic Sonic levels is basically old school Sonic stuff like from Generations etc. no lock on, no boost and a bit more platforming. Modern Sonic has all that boosting, lock on, grind rails and more of an emphasis on speed. Lastly the Sonic + Avatar duet levels are like a mix of the Modern Sonic and Avatar elements mentioned above, you both work in tandem boosting through enemies, using the grappling hook and weapon, there's even this cool double boost thing which sends you into a batshit crazy-fast run but that's been pretty rare.


The environs are classic sonic fayre, there's a chemical hill zone, a green hill zone, a casino zone and a zone that looks like that one from Sonic: Lost World - Mystic Jungle or some shit? They get repeated way too often, there's been some stages where I've had a double take - wait, I've been here before? - but you just kind of go with it and it'll always have some new spin to it or slightly different course.


This may sound like sacrilege, but I always liked Sonic for the speed and not really for the platforming. This succeeds at that in spades, whenever you're boosting down a level, grinding on rails or generally going incredibly fast then it's an absolute ton of fun, it can't help but put a smile on my face. 


So yeah, very much in the Sonic Adventure mould, but less ambitious than that I'd say and at least you don't have to do fishing with Big the fucking Cat, so there's that. 


But yeah, it's not fantastic by any means, but if you can get it cheaply enough it'll give you an afternoon of fun at least.

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Finished this last night, think it took me 3.5 hours in total ?


I had a lot of fun with it, I don’t think it’s a bad game at all but a distinctly mediocre one.


I probably would’ve rated it higher if it just stuck with the Sonic Adventure nonsense fun but some of the later stages throw some platforming at you and it gets pretty frustrating at times, the controls just aren’t up to it.


The final boss fight is pretty cool though, albeit rather by-the-numbers.

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Just picked this up myself,after watching Arin and Dan from Game Grumps play it.


Yeah,I actually quite like this. It’s not perfect,and as Blakey mentions it’s not the longest game in the world. But it’s fun,so that’s good enough for me. Grinding at top speed in space was gloriously ridiculous.

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I love Sonic the Hedgehog games, even some of the bad ones, but I think this might be the second worst “main entry” game in the entire thing. Which was compounded by the fact that a couple of months previous they put out Sonic Mania which is probably the best Sonic game ever made. 


I heard a rumour that Mania made lots of profit, and Forces really feels like a budget title in all respects. Hopefully that gives them a wake up call that hey, quality, simplicity and forward thinking will see you further than rip off games aimed at Deviant Art millennials who like teeny bopper punk music 

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34 minutes ago, DifferentClass said:

Oh yeah, everyone: Maf likes to pretend he's not a millennial. 


I really hope Christian Whitehead and the Gang get a shot at a totally original Sonic game. 


What do you mean pretend?

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That reminds me,I need to go back to Mania at some point. I got about halfway through and got sidetracked.


From what I’ve played of Forces,I’m enjoying it. Admittedly I haven’t played a lot of the “bad” Sonic games (Boom,06,Unleashed).  But I have played some truly awful games over the years. And thus far,this has been good. Not incredible,but I wouldn’t call it bad. 


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