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It looks like it might be the end of the road for Bernard the Breton Berserker. I've had a few issues with the game hard locking and having a bit of a dig it appears that I've had a corrupted save somewhere down the line and I'm not entirely sure whereabouts that could have been. I've had some CTD's at various points in the playthrough as well as some hard locks that have required restarts, but it's always just been a case of boot the game back up and carry on and everything has been fine. There were repeated crashes at the areas around Riverwood and now at Markarth.


I did have issues last night with Broken Oar which made me look a bit deeper into it all. Apparently that cave is notorious for fucking up the game, but despite me going back to saves previous to it  I'm still having the separate issues of the lock. Which is a shame, because the build I've gone with this time has been extremely run, more so than I was expecting it to be. If anyone is spurned on to go play Skyrim try using a two handed weapon and using shouts a lot. It's fun.


I'm going to give it a bit of a jiggle, it's been suggested that if I turn off all the mods and go to the areas I have issues with and then do a save it might fix the issue. If not then I guess that's the end of it all for this seasonal traditional playthrough. I'm a bit gutted if it's come to that, but that's the way it is with Bethesda games and mods. They're not the most stable of games as it is at the best of times, so dicking about and making it so that there's possibly more issues that can arise is a thing you have to keep in mind.


If it is over I have learnt a valuable experience for the next festive playthrough, both from a mod aspect and an enjoyment aspect. I'll be looking closely at the stuff I have installed and removing it if I felt it offered nothing or just got in the way of me playing. As nice as the realistic needs was it could be a bit of a pain sometimes. Same with the cold and wet. Next time I play I'm thinking of builds that might not suit this style of play so those might go. I don't know yet. It is something I will have to ponder over.


One thing that will change. I am not doing the vanilla start ever again. I must have ridden in that cart in Helgan close to 20 times now. I can't do it any more, it drives me crazy having to do that part of the game. :lol:

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