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Digital Board Games Night

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Yeah, i can't remember the exact joke but it's something like 'you can speed up the building by buying crystals... only joking, our game isn't like that' As i said before for a board game  tutorial the writing isn't terrible. 


I've set up Through the Ages games for @Hendo and @Chimay separately but i'm thinking i should probably set up a game with all 3 of us in too. 


Also i think Pocket Tactics have been reading this thread too. :lol: They just posted a guide to all the cool browser based tactic games... i want to play them all. 



Take a look at the link and if anyone wants to play something give me a shout. But probably the one that'll interest most people here is..


Blight of the Immortals



 Blight of the Immortals lets you play a long-form cooperative game in a fairly original fantasy setting,where the traditional Tolkienian races are under siege from an army of the undead. Players have to work together to outmaneuver the horde. The game can be played very slow real-time or turn-based single-player if you don't have any friends.

Iron Helmet's last game is the fun board game Buccaneers, Bounty and Boom! which has you commanding goblin pirates and scoring points for acquiring loot and raiding villages. It can be played on several time scales, and will appeal to players looking for something closer to a Eurogame economic empire builder.


By the Neptune's Pride guys. I've played a lot of Neptune and a bit of BBB too but some how i've never heard of Blight before. Looks really cool co-op too. 


The speak about good short games on BGA, so we'll need to check them out too. 


Some of the RTS's look cool too. 



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I've joined the three player game @Duck - enjoying this though have absolutely no idea what i'm doing yet. Had a go at the easy challenge last night and I had my arse handed to me. 


Just had a quick skim through the link and some of those look great - i'll have a proper look when I get time.



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