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Assassin's Creed Origins


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So I've spent a few hours playing this and it's still introducing me to mechanics but without hesitation the two year break has definitely done this series good.


Where the last few instalments felt a bit like they were just slapping a new setting onto a familiar engine , this one feels like they've put work in to freshen it up. The climbing mechanics have been refined (so no more diving onto the nearest wall when you're running through a street), the fighting has been given a complete overhaul (no more hammering Square/X until everything is lying down), and it just all feels a lot more cohesive.


I've finished the first sequence...



and killed the first target, whose name escapes me right now... But anyway, I used Senu, my scouting eagle to find him, and as it was nighttime he was in bed. A quick overhead assassination on the guard outside his room and he was done. Nice and easy, in and out.


Once that was done I was brought into the present day. Oh yeah, the Animus is back. I had a little explore, doesn't look like the hub for present day is too expansive. Loads of emails and info to read though, including a little bit on Desmond.


Before doing that though, I'd been wandering around, revealing locations, enemy 'bases' and treasure chests, killing animals and generally making a nuisance of myself. The area you start the game in is a fantastic little starting area, it has a little bit of everything, including a few Synchronisation points - climbing them was fun.


The stealth bits are a lot tougher too - you still whistle to get people's attention, but you have to close the last little bit of distance to takedown someone. And when you do they don't seem to die, just roll around clutching their gut most of the time. I'm not sure if this is timed or if it's a permanent thing though. I haven't stuck around long enough to see! And when stealth inevitable goes tits up, the fighting is pretty fun too - R1/R2 for light/heavy attacks, L1 to block and L2 for the bow and arrow. If an enemy has a skull above his head, run, he's too strong for you, otherwise good luck!


It's a gorgeous looking game though. The colours are beautiful, the lighting effects are great, and it finally feels like they've put effort into the presentation.


Definitely looking forward to spending the 40-odd hours it supposedly takes to finish it in this world. Let's get Sphinxing!


OOOO! And I climbed the pyramids in Sequence 2 too! Not sure I should have yet, seeing as all the enemies were annihilating me in that area, but still!

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Glad to hear you're having a good time with it.


Been hearing a lot of good things from many folks, many of the chaps on the AC reddit/discord groups even think this is better/on par with BotW. 


It's excruciating not being able to play it until after I've finished Wolf 2, but I must stay patient and it'll be worth it in the end :wub:

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1 hour ago, Blakey said:

Been hearing a lot of good things from many folks, many of the chaps on the AC reddit/discord groups even think this is better/on par with BotW. 


Honestly, I only finished the first boss in BOTW (I'll go back to it eventually, just couldn't get into it at the time), but I wouldn't compare the two at all. It's like comparing BOTW and Horizon - there's similarities, but they're two completely different beasts.


Anyway, I spent another hour or so fooling around tonight - found a couple of new bows, a new sword and a new shield. No main missions done, I'm still just exploring the world, trying to get to grips with everything and trying new stuff out. A few more sync points have been cleared too.


I'm still in awe of the graphics, and combat is becoming a little easier as I'm levelling up too. I love the fact that even when you start a mission (side missions at least, not sure about main) you can just walk off and go do something else. No punishments, no reloads, just a case of 'fuck it, I'll come back later when I'm a bit stronger' and off I went!

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Started this today, put in about 2 hours.


Unsurprisingly, I'm incredible impressed by it. Spent awhile messing around the bountiful graphical settings on PC and found that my rig can run it at 1440p/60fps with ultra settings without any trouble whatsoever, and let me tell you, it looks FUCKING PHENOMENAL.


Honestly, I've seen a lot of beautiful games this year but this is definitely up there with the very best, I think it may even look better than Horizon :o. The way everything feels so alive as well, so full of colour, @regemond is right the opening area is an amazing place to get used to the game and familiar with all the systems at play, it's been 2 years since I played Syndicate and that was very much a different AC game than this one, so you're a bit bamboozled with all the different control schemes, what all the icons on the map mean and just deciding what to do, there is just an absolutely ridiculous amount of stuff in this game, I zoomed out the map and was just staggered by how big this is, going to take me 100+ hours to 100% it.


In the short amount of time I've spent with it it has already got its hooks in me, that addictive AC gameplay loop just does something to my brain. Looting, picking up collectibles (which are all very much in-the-world now, no floaty stuff) then infiltrating a camp or something, discovering some hidden treasure beneath a lake then finding some lost tomb or Hyena's Nest with a note from a murdered caravan trader. What they've absolutely nailed is the sense of discovery though, taking away the minimap and just leaving you with a Skyrim-esque compass at the top was a master stroke, I'm constant going towards the ? on the map and discovering cool new areas to explore.


I always liked the AC combat and never really saw much wrong with it, I know it's essentially waiting for a guy to attack you and pressing Parry, but it has (mostly) had a nice rhythm to it and flow to me, I didn't think they needed to change it much but folks have had a problem with it for quite a while so it has got radically changed. It is probably the one aspect that is taking the most to get used to to be honest, it's just a big change going from a light attack/heavy attack parry-based system with the face buttons on a controller to a primarily Souls-esque system with everything mapped to the shoulder buttons. It's SO much easier to be overwhelmed now too, enemies don't take turns waiting to attack and it's very easy to get cut down, especially by packs of animals or bandits I've found, switching targets on the fly still feels a bit weird but the swordplay is already starting to feel really nice and natural, as a Souls player I should get the rhythm of it relatively quickly.


Did a few side missions too and they seem to have more of a personal touch this time around, the tasks required weren't that much different from AC-norms but there was some neat personal touches with Biyek helping friends or the the village in certain ways, it's not much but it adds more context to proceedings than there was in the past which is cool.


A quick word on Biyek too. AC protagonists tend to come in two flavours, stoic characters like Connor and Altair or wise-cracking jack-the-lad types like Ed Kenway, Ezio, Arno etc. So far, Biyek has, surprisingly bucked that trend and kind of eked out a different kind of character for himself, he is rather stoic from initial impressions but he seems to have a kind heart and doesn't take himself too seriously. Heard mixed things about him in reviews, so I'm pleased that I like him so far.


Technically it feels much more stable as well, I had a few issues with Syndicate two years ago (although my rig wasn't as powerful then) and Unity's issues are well documented. This though just feels so stable, you got a sense in past games that it would be just on the edge of breaking, everything just seemed a bit fragile if that makes sense. But all that is gone here and it just feels so smooth to play, it's not easy to convey that but it just feels solid, I've not encountered one single bug (minor or major) at all so far either, I know I'm very early in, but in previous games I would've seen at least a minor clipping issue by now.


So yeah, this is going to have my undivided attention now until I 100% it, god knows how long that will take! Another incredible game (so far) in a phenomenal year.


Some pics:



Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-10-31-16-52-28.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-10-31-17-5-32.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-10-31-17-8-27.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-10-31-18-27-25.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-10-31-18-51-56.jpg

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5 hours ago, Blakey said:

What they've absolutely nailed is the sense of discovery though, taking away the minimap and just leaving you with a Skyrim-esque compass at the top was a master stroke, I'm constant going towards the ? on the map and discovering cool new areas to explore.


I love this feature too. I'm going to try and avoid the BOTW comparisons, but as it was mentioned previously I'll say this; it's honestly what I felt like BOTW was missing. I know the game was about that sense of discovery, but just a LITTLE bit more pointing me in the direction of things and I'd have been happy.


5 hours ago, Blakey said:

It's SO much easier to be overwhelmed now too, enemies don't take turns waiting to attack and it's very easy to get cut down, especially by packs of animals or bandits I've found,


I discovered this last night too, when I headed in the general area of a side mission. It took me to an enemy camp where they were all 4-5 levels above me. I managed to take out one or two of them (utilising stealth as much as possible), but then just got annihilated by two dudes.


Another couple of hours for me last night too. I'm not particularly going out of my way to uncover all the '?' markers, I figure I'll come across most of them eventually anyway, so it's not a massive thing to go seek them all out. If I'm close enough though I'll always go take a look. I'm not paying attention to missions just yet either, I've been exploring a lot of the map and climbing to sync points wherever they show up. Currently have 20 done (out of 58) which is increasing Senu's perception. I THINK this means he/she will detect enemies/hunting opportunities faster and from farther away, so it's definitely useful to bump up.


Speaking of the map @Blakey mentioned, it took me fucking forever to realise, but there's a little set of numbers on each one with a shield between the two (eg 12 *shield* 15) - this is the strength of the enemies in that area. So without having to go and explore, you instantly know which areas you're able to go into and survive. It's a fantastic little idea and not one I remember the series doing in the past (Syndicate might have touched on the idea).





I've finally got the hidden blade. I'd been wondering when I'd get it, but Bayek's Mrs had one as a present from Cleopatra (the Egyptian ruler, not the bad 90s band), she gave it to me after we'd had a little romantic reunion (read as: she got plowed in a big pool/underground lake). It's not as effective as it used to be - the level 15-16 enemies that murderised me weren't being taken out by it, just having a LOT of their health taken. I like this a lot though. It really makes you think about what combat situations to get into, whether it's worth going for a hidden blade strike and a quick finish or whether to try and bow and arrow the enemies from afar. It's a fantastic reworking of an established mechanic.


Last night's discovery - if you're roaming around at night and someone is asleep by a campfire, you can kill them, pick them up and put them on the fire. This'll set their clothes alight. Nice little touch.


Oh and hippos are vicious fucks!

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Played about 2.5 hours of this today.


Spent most of my time exploring and polishing up all the remaining side-quests I had in the starting area, also managed to work out one of the Papyrus Puzzles with my own noggin which is rare for me! 


Eventually did the assassination mission (by accident), I was exploring the temple where the target was and just happened to take him out whilst he was sleeping :lol: once the story flashback was over (quite dark and well acted I thought) I mopped up all all the treasures and other loot here before leaving Siwa.


I'm really pleased they don't give you the whole open world to explore from the get-go, that was actually one of the things that ruined WD2 for me, I was just overwhelmed with how much stuff I could do all at one time, I much prefer being let loose in a set district one at a time, mopping up everything there is to do there before moving on, best way of doing things in my mind.



I'm really pleased this has a present-day element to it as well! I was incredibly relieved, I know they'd hinted at it at E3 and stuff but the way the game starts I had my doubts whether we'd ever go back to the open world. So to go back, and in such a cool way was definitely a treat! I spent ages just reading the emails and it's incredibly cool how they link the player character Layla into Marion Cottillard's/Jeremy Irons' characters (Sophia and Alan Rikken) from the movie, it's fantastic how Layla links in with the development of the animus and how they mention the Madrid facility going under and stuff, so damn cool!


So yeah, I'm still besotted with it so far, it has managed to exceed my (already high) expectations.

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Spent another 7ish hours on this since my last post.


It has just got better and better really. Since exiting Siwa the game has naturally taken me towards Alexandria, but before you get there you enter this massive Lake Mareotis area which is just too beautiful for words, like honestly, I've seen a lot of beautiful games in my time but this is definitely up there with the most beautiful. All the boats floating about on the lake, the distance plumes of smoke from Alexandria, all the little islands dotted around and the shoreline filled with Hippo and Crocodile caves to explore and hunt, it's just a magnificent treat for the eyes.


I spent ages exploring every nook and cranny here, making sure all the ? were not question marks any longer, and then eventually made my way to Alexandria. The beauty here just went up a notch again, I went up this huge tower to the North of the city that pretty much overlooks everything and I literally gasped at how beautiful the skyline was, it's like an oil painting at times, it's just that damn beautiful, whoever was in charge of the art direction of this game needs to get a medal of some kind that's for sure.


The missions are somewhat standard AC really, I guess that will be a disappointment to some, but in a city as large as Alexandria it definitely makes sense for them to go back to the standard mould. Plenty of forts to liberate, side missions to do and other palaces to loot for treasures but yeah, all standard AC stuff really.


I think that's the one big takeaway for me so far. For anyone new to the series and fed up with the old AC formula I'd still recommend AC4 over this, this has its moments, you can plunder ship wrecks and there's a much greater emphasis on role playing and exploration than the city-based AC's but the mission types and variety are much the same, if you want something truly completely out of left field then AC4 is still the best bet and still my favourite game in the series.


With that being said though, I am absolutely besotted with this. For an AC fan like myself it is pretty much a love letter, everything I expected to be in there and more, I've heard a lot of negative things about the combat from reviewers (one explicitly said on a Podcast he rated it 3.5/5 stars because he just pressed R1 for the entire length of the game) but I really dig it, it's far better than past AC games in my view and definitely much closer to the Souls-style action-RPG combat. It isn't perfect, there does seem to be some kind of weird disconnect with the targetting at times when multiple enemies come at you, but it feels great to me and far exceeds past efforts in my view, the 'press R1 to win' complaint doesn't hold water with me either, I've tried this strategy multiple times and got my arse handed to me, you have to dodge, shield-break and strike in equal measure or you're going to have a bad time.


So yeah, still in Alexandria at the moment, done all the side missions available to me there at the moment and have continued on with the main quest-line for now, cannot wait to pick it up again. I just absolutely adore this world.


Some pics:



Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-2-17-49-20.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-2-18-45-5.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-2-18-55-7.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-3-15-4-24.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-3-15-39-47.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-3-15-49-50.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-3-16-9-23.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-3-18-4-7.jpg

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Put in another 7 hours into this over the weekend.


I'm just absolutely besotted with it. It's definitely up there with my favourite AC's (AC4:BF, AC:B) now. I think it's mainly the world, it just sucks you in, it's SO believable, it feels so alive and so vibrant, you have all these different areas of flora and fauna and you've constantly got something to do, whether you're doing a side quest, a main quest or discovering one of the myriad ? upon the horizon, it's just such a rich experience, you constantly want to discover what those question marks are and peel bag the fog on the map.


I focused almost entirely on side-quests today, what I usually do in AC games is discover everything there is to discover in an area, unearth what all the ?'s are on the map and then go back in to do the side quests. Since I spent Saturday solidly uncovering the rest of Alexandria and almost all of two brand new areas to the East, today it was time to work through my backlog of side quests. Most of them weren't really that memorable to be honest, standard AC fayre really, but there were three which were really cool that I wanted to share with you.


One is where you meet up with a jealous old friend who fawns over your wife, you end up getting battered with him in a Tavern and then the night ends in fisticuffs then you both hungover lying on a bale of hay :lol: the second was helping rescue a load of Poets/actors from around Alexandria and putting an end to the miscreants that are harassing them. And lastly, a women loses her kid in a cave, you discover loads of blood next to a Crocodile's lair and think the worst, only to discover he's alright and is actually some smarmy wannabe philosopher type :lol:


I'm not sure if I've mentioned the wildlife yet already or not, but it really does add an extra layer to the world and its believe-ability when you're exploring the world. I've been attacked by Crocodiles, marauding Hippo's, King Cobra's out of nowhere, Lion's, packs of Hyena's and all sorts, there's also a shit-ton of cats walking around towns. My favourite thing to do (similar to Far Cry) is to open an animal's cage and just let it take out all the guards in a base for you, never gets old!


Also dabbled in the Chariot racing. It is an absolute blast! Pretty damn hard though, your chariot has a life gauge to it and once it reaches 0 you're ejected out of that particular race (there's 3 races per tournament along with 4 Time Trial races) so it can be pretty harsh to be doing so well, get rammed by the realistically aggressive rival chariot racers and be ejected out the race. There's also this mechanic where you can get knocked off your chariot and have to frantically press A to take back control. The courses are much more well designed than they needed to be too, every tournament features a new setup of track with new obstacles and slightly different hazards for you to avoid everytime, keeps the courses feeling fresh and new even though you're essentially racing on the same bit of dirt.


In terms of my progression, I'm up to Level 22 now. Feeling quite powerful now but the combat definitely isn't a pushover by any means, I listened to one reviewer say 'you just mash RB on every encounter, it gets boring after awhile' and I honestly think he played a different game to me. Sure, fighting standard enemies you can mash RB and batter guards in no time, but there's more daunting bigger enemies with larger shields and tons more armour dotted around certain camps and you certain can't just mash RB to batter them, you get your arse handed to you! I infiltrated this HUGE camp at the end of my session today, did all the objectives and only had the one Captain remaining to clear it, he annihilated me time after time, I think it took me 4 tries in total to finally defeat him, this guy was not messing about! I had to use all the tools in my arsenal, dodging, shield bashing, adrenaline hits, arrows, retreating and throwing fire bombs at him etc. just to be able to put him down.


So yeah, I absolutely adore this :wub: anyone that liked Witcher 3, AC4: Black Flag, Horizon: ZD maybe even BotW and Bethesda RPGs will get a kick out of this I think, it's an easy recommendation. There's more 'AC dna' in there than folks were expecting I guess, but I still think there's enough to the wider world in the game to enjoy without getting bogged down in the AC-ness of it all, if that makes sense.


Chariot racing pic:

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-4-16-6-44.jpg

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Sounds like you and I are playing in almost exactly the same way @Blakey. I spent about 5-6 hours playing it Saturday and uncovered the North-Eastern parts of the map - climbing sync points etc and doing loads of side missions. I'm not going out of my way to hit the '?' but if I get close enough I'll usually go take a wander.


I found a great side mission that, although it felt like a typical 'go here, kill a few dudes' mission, it also dealt with it in a way I hadn't seen from this series before. I had to talk to a few people and investigate hieroglyphics that had been left in their homes. This gave me a clue to find The Temple Of A Million Years. There were no markers on the map - just 'stand here and head in this direction. It's marked by ***'. Stars intentional so I don't have to do spoilers.


Anyway, just the fact that it left me to my own devices, and when I did eventually find what I was looking for it still didn't ping on the map, or give me the normal XP for finding a new location. It's a complete departure for the series and not something I feel like they'd usually do.


I was talking to a mate about the game too, and I basically said to him "this is what the first game wanted to be." All those promises, all the potential, all the little ideas they had in the first instalment, it feels like they've finally managed to get what they want out of the series and take it in a direction they always wanted to.


As for progression, I'm level 20 I think, and definitely in an area that's out of my depth (Level 30-33 enemies and wildlife) so I'm completely avoiding combat right now, just trying to get in and climb a couple of towers then get out again. I've unlocked a few tools and can equip two melee weapons, but I'm still on a single bow - I've not found one that's particularly effective for the level I'm at so I try not to bother with it and just stay up close and personal.


I'm at that point of a game where I'm constantly thinking about my next opportunity to play it and deciding what to do next. It's definitely got its claws into me.

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So it turns out if you take on a side mission where you need to escort some guy back to his mother, he WILL take the most populated party for the guards that are all looking for him. The same path where an almost constant stream of guards comes along, leaving you to get into a fight with literally about 20 people in a row.


It also turns out that this is the path a 


bounty hunter


This box was added by mistake...


is patrolling and will come to finish you off after the rest of the guys have chipped away at your damage.


It turns out the dude missing his mummy is a cunt. Also, I assume he died too, because the mission dropped out of my list when I reloaded.

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Spent another 7ish hours with this over the last couple of days, up to Level 27.


I did that side quest on Monday @regemond it was indeed brilliant. I really do think the Investigation side-quests are the best, I love it when Biyek feels like an Master Egyptian detective or something, I don't think I've mentioned this previous but there's a multi-objective side quest you pick up on Lake Martheous (or whatever its called) where you investigate a series of ritualistic murders throughout that Eastern region which are excellent and feel like Batman's Investigation missions or the Witcher Monster quests. 


I did another side quest today where you go on a wild goose chase searching for this ring for these scavengers, when you finally bring it back to them you tell them the


bad news that their mate (who had the ring) had got killed by Hyena's and they feign sadness and then go 'but what about the ring?!' and Biyek rolls his eyes, shrugs his shoulders and then chucks the ring at the 3 of them and walks off, you then see them all fighting and squabbling away in the dirt for it :lol: 


I've spent a hell of a lot of time exploring, the entirety of the Eastern regions are now fully explored except for the ones which are too high for my level (I'll come back to them later) so I've been putting some time into the main quest-line. Unsurprisingly after you kill The Snake (who's really The Hippo) in Alexandria the buck doesn't stop with him and you're tasked with assassinating another 5 guys (Crocodile, Hyena, Scarab and 2 more the names I forget) spread out across Egypt. 


I think this is a fantastic way of doing things as it encourages you to go to these regions and explore (if you haven't already) everything that area has to offer before moving onto the assassination itself. The way they just give these targets to you without any unnecessary exposition is really cool to, 'here's your targets, get on with it'. So I went to kill the first guy which is the Scarab, but beforehand you have the chance to do all these side-quests around the town to get to know the people you'll be helping out and make things easier for yourself by removing Archers from the situation etc. I'm not sure how much of a difference this actually made to the assassination itself (there weren't many guards, so maybe it helped in that regard?) and whether these were actually mandatory to go through with the assassination, but it was a very nice touch, and most importantly, felt incredibly organic. Biyek learning about the area, learning about his target and slowly getting an idea of who it might be and a good foothold on the goings on.


You then meet up with another contact in Lethopolis and do some missions for him. The amazing


twist comes when you finish one of his missions, are drinking Wine with his family and you pass out, only to wake up buried from the neck down in the desert, realising this contact was actually the Scarab all along.

I was just blown away by this, completely out of left field and no real precedent for this kind of thing in an AC game before as far as I can remember. There's a really cool little surprise after this too that I won't spoil, but let's just say fans of Black Flag will love it ;) 


After I put the Scarab to sleep I went and explored Giza, I'd been looking forward to exploring this region the most ever since I started the game and it definitely did not disappoint. Frequently as I ride/run/parkour my way through the world I just can't help but think how goddamn beautiful this game is, it honestly blows my mind at times, an AC has never looked this good. The pyramids just took my breathe away at times, it sounds like hyperbole but honestly it's ridiculous how gorgeous everything looks with the pyramids glistening in the sun, the sand swirling in the wind, birds graciously taking off, wildlife fighting each other and different factions going about their business in pathways and towns. It just feels so alive, much more so than any AC game I've ever played.


What sets Giza apart from the other regions is the tombs, right at the start of the game you explore one but I haven't encountered anymore until I got here. And they are just fantastic to explore, it feels a bit Souls-esque, Tomb Raider-esque and very Indiana Jones, walking through tombs without Senu to assist you, just relying on torchlight and your Animus Pulse to try to make your way through the darkness. I actually came across a proper physics puzzle as well! It was a relatively simple one based on placing counterweights on a lift to balance yourself up to an inaccessable ledge, but even so, it was impressive to see in an AC game.


So yeah, safe to say I'm more than besotted with this (if possible?) It's constantly on my mind and I just want to exist in that world at every waking moment when I'm out of it. Also, the first 'Trial of the Gods' started today, which is a week-long Public event for you to defeat a huge Anubis boss I think, you've got to be Level 40 to tackle it though so I'm not sure I'll be able to give it a go before it finishes, think there's a new one every week anyway.


Lots more pics:



Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-7-15-57-30.jpgAssassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-7-16-1-23.jpgAssassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-7-15-27-27.jpg




Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-6-17-48-46.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-7-16-17-58.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-7-16-19-9.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-7-16-33-3.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-7-16-59-10.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-7-17-36-25.jpg

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4 hours ago, Chimay said:

Am I right in thinking there's an 'explore mode' in this where there's no fighting/violence? Thinking this would be great for the kids to poke around in, minus the throat stabbing.


Yeah the 'Discovery mode', it's coming sometime post-launch, early 2018 I believe.

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Played another 4 hours earlier, about 26 total, up to Level 30.


Don't really have a whole lot more to add today, really, did a whole lot more tomb raiding and exploring today in Giza, definitely one of my favourite activities in the game, I just love the natural intrigue and mystery going into these forgotten Tombs, especially as I studied Egypt briefly at Primary school years ago and was always fascinated by them uncovering King Tut's tomb after all those years.


Moved onto the 'Hyena' main questline after this. I was really impressed that


this played out completely differently to the previous one, on this occasion you learn the Hyena's real name more or less straight away and then it's a case of tracking her down. This being Giza, of course she's hidden in a secret tomb underneath one of the Pyramids! So I made my way down there to find some weird murder-sacrifice room that reminded me of some of the Apple of Eden-type rooms I'd seen Desmond in in early AC games and had to track her down. A boss fight ensued which took place in a sandstorm, having to constantly try to find the light from her fire arrows in the poor visibility was really cool, she went down quite easily but I like how they managed to make this assassination feel completely fresh and new than the last, and maybe one of the most original in AC history if my memory serves me correctly. Very cool.


Once I was done with Giza  I mopped up another region nearby then turned my attention to the region to the South. Surprisingly there were tons more pyramids here? I weirdly thought there were only 3 pyramids but a load more little tombs dotted around the place (Valley of the Kings or something?) so I was kind of surprised to see them all, these were much more higgledipiggidy though, one was bent, some were half built and stuff. This meant more tomb raiding though, so I'm not complaining!


So yeah, mopped up all the question marks here and cleared everything out, did a couple of side-quests and then called it a day really. Will finish up everything in this region and then move onto Memphis I think, I can now see it from the area I'm in, very tempting to explore!


 Just 2 pics today:

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-8-17-23-34.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-8-18-51-10.jpg

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Put another 16 hours or so into this since my last post, 42 total. Now up to Level 39.


I really didn't like Memphis a whole lot, I mean to look at it's just staggeringly beautiful and the way they meld the waterways into the streets and then the way the waterways naturally all lead out into the Nile is just spectacular. From an architectural standpoint this is very much an Egyptian-style city compared to the Greek/Roman feeling Alexandria with its ornate buildings, palaces and straight roads. I love the way they've differentiated it that much, it feels very unique and very much its own place, it feels a bit venetian too.


Unfortunately the design of the city, I feel, affected how fun it was to explore, it just felt impossible to get anywhere. When I'm doing missions and exploring a city in an AC game I want to be able to go all the way across the rooftops of the city to get to my objective on the other side without having to touch the floor, and that's just not possible here, you'll run for a short while and then have to jump off onto a street/river. I ended up just running about the place or commandeering a Felucca to get to my objective most of the time, and that just isn't ideal at all. I think it's the first time in the game I just got a bit bored, it just felt like I was going through the motions, running from one objective to another in a city which I've done in so many AC games over the years, after I was just gagging to get back out into the Open World the entire time.


Luckily the main target here (The Lizard) was far more satisfying than the city itself.


First off you go see this mad Witch Doctor type guy and he puts you into this crazy Scarecrow-esque hallucination/dream segment where you fight a humongous snake with light arrows in this Animus looking world, once this is over you do some more investigating and eventually find out he's a Priest at the temple. The next part is straight out of Hitman, you have to walk around and follow 5 Priests in the Temple that are all dressed identically and kill the correct one using the Lizard's persistent cough as a tell.


I put the story on the back burner again and went exploring after this. Mopped up everything I had left in Giza, Seqqura Nome and then went on to discover and explore everything in Faiyum, moving on to Faiyum Oasis, Uab Nome and another couple of areas to the East I've forgot the names of. It really is RIDICULOUS how big this game is, there's a whole half of the map I haven't even touched yet and I'm already up to 42 hours! It's absolutely crazy how big this game is, it honestly feels like the biggest game map I've ever played in, apparently The Witcher 3 is bigger, but this feels larger (maybe because Witcher 3 had an Island and stuff?) somehow.


The game is absolutely at its best when you're just exploring the world. You'll come across sights and sounds that are just magnificent and leave you in awe, I was exploring earlier and just randomly came across this HUGE arena with 2


MASSIVE Elephants

in full armour inside, stepped in and got my arse handed to me in about two seconds, it is just fantastic still discovering little nuggets of wonder dotted around the world even after all this time. I honestly think it far exceeds Horizon as a living-breathing, believable world and is almost on par with BotW, obviously the world doesn't feel as interactive as that game but all the beauty, animals going about their business, the attention to detail with all the people milling about their lives and the trades they're partaking in feel even more believable than BotW, it is so easy to get lost in the world. I think this is one of the only times I'll sit down for a boat ride across a river or just stand in a town for awhile just watching the world go by, I can't express how phenomenal it is, how fantastically Ubi have captured this ancient world.


A few more pics:


Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-9-16-25-35.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-9-17-13-33.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-10-15-42-49.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-10-15-43-5.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-11-17-15-12.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-12-14-33-56.jpg



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Yeah it's a stunning game at times. Its impressive how much variation they've managed to create in each area.


I put a couple of hours in last night, up to about 20 total and on level 23. I fucked up a stealth section, which led to reinforcements being called. I was at the point where I was winding down my session for the night anyway so I cleared all the dudes I could while I waited for them. I then annihilated the reinforcements from the shadows when I realised they'd brought a Phylake with them and thought 'fuck it, let's go'. Long story short...





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Yeah I've managed to take down 7 of the Phylake's so far @regemond. Initially I was quite intimidated by them but once I realised as long as you isolate them and are on horse back you can just ride back and forth taking pot shots at them until they go down :lol: I did this with a few of them, I have got off the horse and battered quite a few too though, so I'm not cheesing ALL the time ;)


Played another 4 hours today, 46 total, reached the level cap.


First thing I wanted to do now I'm a high enough level was try the 'Trial of the Gods' event. I didn't really expect much from this, I thought it would be some standard horde-mode type stuff but it was surprisingly an amazing fight, bloody tough too!


Took me about 5 or 6 tries, I almost gave up at one point, but persevered and eventually got there. Once you get his attack patterns down and learn when to attack and when to dodge etc. then it really isn't too bad, the damn packs of Hyena's he sends out were the hardest phase of the entire fight for me! He's a really imposing bugger too, impressively designed and surprisingly dangerous. So yeah, wasn't expecting much but this was bloody amazing! Highly recommend giving the next one a go whenever it comes out if you can, got a lovely new Legendary Sword that gives me health when I hit people as well which is always nice :wub:


Went back to the main quest-line in pursuit of the Crocodile in Krokodilopilos. 


Really loved all the Arena fights, just made me realise how much I love the combat in this and how satisfying it is. I kind of knew what to expect from watching E3 demo's and stuff, but even so once I got in there it was still impressive all the same, reminded me of Ryse and the Gladiator film, actually felt a bit like Russell Crowe's character in that actually which was awesome! 


Once I'd finished off all the fights here a standard assassination of The Crocodile took place at her villa, you have to kill your Siwan friend that helped you out in the fights too which was a bit of a bummer :( but she was a heartless mercenary I guess. This was probably the most standard of the assassinations I've done, and a bit disappointing really, just shot both her and your Siwan friend with an arrow from a distance and they both went down like a sack of spuds.


Back to Layla after this for the first time in AGES it seems. Thinks have gone to shit, her friend Dee has possibly been killed and Abstergo have come to shut down her little make-shift Animus project she devised, cool killing Abstergo fools and seeing Layla feel like an Assassin for the first time, reminded me of when Desmond first escapes and becomes an Assassin in AC1 (or 2? I forget)


Back to Egypt. I'm glad you get to avenge the death of the little girl (Shadya?) after this as well. That scene where you dive into the water and find her drowned, tied down by some rope and rocks was properly dark and I genuinely felt for her parents when she died, very sad.


Lots more exploring after that, completely uncovered the region to South East of Philadelphia and discovered everything there was to see her, messed around finding some Papyrus loot too which is always fun and then called it a day. I tamed a Lion for the first time as well, which was just as awesome as it sounds, want to try and get more animals to fight one another and see who wins in the future :lol: 


Couple of pics:

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-13-14-55-25.jpg

Assassin's Creed® Origins2017-11-13-18-22-11.jpg

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