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I touched on this in the Splat 2 thread, but thought I'd make a thread in case folks missed it or whatever.


Not sure how many have heard of Discord but it's basically an online text and voice chat app, it's so much better than Skype and you don't have to mess about with phone numbers like with WhatsApp etc. So for organising games in the future (most likely on Switch let's be honest) and just general conversations it's a pretty damn cool app, you can get it on phone/computer browsers, there's a phone app and a PC app too.@mr lakitu very kindly set up the MFG group over E3 earlier this year so kudos to him, @regemond @Hendo @radiofloyd and myself have signed up too.


If anyone wants to join the MFG Discord group, click the link here: https://discord.gg/XB9Tbr it expires at roughly 7PM tomorrow (7th September)


Toodles :)

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