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Played and finished this over the weekend, absolutely loved it.


I don't want to give too much away about it so I'll just say it's a Text Adventure game with some twists and turns along the way, it sometimes feels like one of those educational games too as it gets you to input Morse code and do some algebra at some points. It's Published by the Hotline Miami folks (Devolver Digital) too.


It's split up into 4 short-stories, each around 30-45 minutes in length, no tutorials at all, all very much gets you to learn on the job and provides the materials in-game to keep you immersed in the scenario presented.


Got a cool Stranger Things/80s vibe going on too.


£3.50 on Steam at the moment and I cannot recommend it enough for that price, it really is a fantastic little game.








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I got this on the NS a while ago, played a bit, left it a while, then started again for a short time on Ch 3 today.


And, a bit like when I try those walking sims, I just don't get much enjoyment out of this either. 


Read an in game handbook, follow the code/instructions, and repeat the sequence for a bit more story reveal - I just find it all really dull.


At least in something like Papers Please there was a game element to the drudgery - your income varied by success - here it's all predefined, so feels, to me all a bit pointless.

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