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Ive played this beyond its terrible tutorials now and so I'm willing to give impressions ok?


Its good fun. It isn't like ssx no, or any game of that kilt. It isn't trying to be and those games dump you at a start line and grab you back once you're done. Here we have a big emphasis on exploration, online competition and risk taking.


It looks beautiful and you can snap around the map quickly with zero load times to areas you've scoped out using your binoculars during a walk about.


Please enjoy my video


Paragliding is boring as fuck. I don't understand it really.


I hate the music selection. When you die it plays the piano melody from To Build A Home which was funny at first but you can't turn it off and if you're doing something in which you die a lot you'll hear it a lot as it doesn't stop playing on resetting the challenge/race.


I'm not super far into it, it's probably massive, but it's quite relaxing and to be minding your own business for then a fellow player come over beside you and do tricks together is quite charming. It's akin to Journey in that aspect.







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Another stream game. Ended up really enjoying it, but the wing suit or flying was shite. Paragliding was the only aerial thing I enjoyed, but tbh this is a game about carving the white stuff.


There were subtle differences between skiing and snowboarding, but I couldn't tell you what they were if you asked me to give a definite explanation.


Enjoyed it mostly, but there were some things that I just couldn't get my head around. Mainly the areas that would ask you top do tricks over houses and stuff like that, it just felt like a big ask when you'd pull a sick trick over a ski lift and then end up shattering your bollocks on someone patio fence.


The thing that this game does really well is the chill aspect of spending time with someone. You can go to a race for example, and play alongside the person and see what they're doing, if you get a better time they're notified of it and you end up cutting better and smarter lines as you work out the quickest way down the piste.


I'm secretly waiting for the weather to get a bit cooler so I can reinstall this and go fucking about on the slopes. Feels wrong to be playing it any other time, if that makes sense?

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