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Mafia 3


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So yeah played the first 3 hours of this yesterday, bit of a strange one really, not quite sure what to think of it.


My thoughts are definitely positive, but I don't feel like I'm blown away by it in the slightest, I'll mention the problems first, there's some kind of weird lighting issues, when it's the day it doesn't quite seem as bright as it should be and the sun seems to follow you about in a strange manner, at night the game looks fantastic but during the day it looks a bit odd at times.


Then there is the much publicised 30fps lock, at 1440p this is more of a 30fps estimation than a lock, it goes down to 25fps every now and then and is far from stable.


Fortunately, the story so far has been excellent, Lincoln has been a great character to get to know and I'm intrigued to get to know where it goes next, its been rather hand-holdy so far but I've been allowed to stretch my legs so to speak in the last half an hour or so. All the cut-scenes seem to be really cinematic and well-told and there's been a twist already that was executed perfectly.


So yeah, a solid, albeit not mind-blowing first 3 hours, I'll be back at it tomorrow, a few pics below:








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I'm interested in this but will wait for a good price.

I liked Mafia 2 but it was a bit of an empty open-world. Has this got more in it?


I watched the opening 30 minutes or so on a Giant Bomb video and it looked pretty good fun.

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11 hours ago, Hendo said:

I'm interested in this but will wait for a good price.

I liked Mafia 2 but it was a bit of an empty open-world. Has this got more in it?


I watched the opening 30 minutes or so on a Giant Bomb video and it looked pretty good fun.


Yeah, I quite liked that about Mafia 2 myself that it was one huge elaborate set, purely there as a backdrop to the story. You're right though there wasn't much else to do apart from driving to story missions and having to fill up with petrol on the odd occasion, there were the Poster collectables to tear down too but that was monotonously boring it was unreal.


This has definitely got more in it, but it's definitely along the Ubisoft-lines of filling an open world than other examples, you have to hack junction boxes to expose wire taps in a certain area which then shows up all the collectables and points of interest on the map, then you find another Junction box in another area and rinse and repeat really.


I'm 6 hours in so there's probably still more side-missions that'll be revealed to me, but so far I've had a weed-trafficking side-mission, but it's mainly the collectables at the moment that fill the map, there's the rackets too but they're couples with the story-missions really.


On the technical side there's definitely something funky going on, it looks more blurry than it should at 1440 and the sky looks incredibly weird and grainy at times too. It's definitely not great on the tech anyway, have had a lot of problems already, it dropped down to 15fps for me at one point earlier too, also hard some weird boxes of polygons appear if I turn around too quickly on the odd occasion, the view in the rear-view mirror when driving looks like an Atari game, the sky issues I mentioned previously as well, I can't help but think this needed longer in the oven really.


It's not a bad game, but it just reeks of mediocrity from what I've played really, it reminds me of those late ps2/early 360 era open-world games like The Godfather (which I swear the rackets are stripped straight out of) and Scarface, the story and cinematic nature of the cut-scenes are easily the best part of it so far, the soundtrack is great too, but everything else is pretty forgettable really.


I'll be playing it until Gears 4 comes out on Tuesday then I'll probably ditch it for a while and wait for a patch.

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9 hours played, starting to get into a bit more now.


The patch didn't really improve the frame-rate for me, it still seems locked at 30fps (even when I turn v-sync off) but it's probably because I'm running it at a higher resolution than 1080 that I'm not seeing an improvement. The good thing is though that the frame-pacing seems to of improved and it's a much more stable 30fps, yesterday i was getting the odd drop to 15-20fps now and then and bits of stuttering but this seems to of got a bit better now post-patch.


The boxes of polygons when turning round pop up ocassionally still though and the Sky still looks hella funky at times (and downright hilarious how bad it looks), found a vid below to demonstrate this:



But yeah, today was probably the first day I started enjoying it really, I will say that Hangar 13 pretty much ripped off Ubisoft's open-world design in terms of collectables and mission structure though so if you hate the was Ubisoft does things then you'll probably get sick of this quite quickly, with me though loving that Ubisoft structure it all seems reassuringly familiar and it was easy to get into my old Ubi rhythm of opening areas to see all the collectables, collecting collectables and then carrying on with side/story-missions in that area afterwards (and rinse and repeat), Jax would love it too.


The missions themselves very much remind me of the Gang missions in AC:Syndicate, having to defeat smaller enforcers, take out warehouses etc. to then make the big boss guy for that area come out of hiding and defeat him, it's a cool way to do things, I liked it in that and I like it here, but as above, if you don't like this Ubi approach you might not get much out of it.


So yeah, things are definitely looking up, I've actually got the urge to play more right now so you know it's got its hooks in me a bit.


Also, here's a funny gif:



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Its definitely got its hooks in me, played another 4 and a half hours earlier :o 13.5 hours total.


Still enjoying it, as mentioned in my previous post it is reassuringly familiar with how similar the structure is to Ubisoft's games, and in finding myself getting lost in the world like one of their games, it's just incredibly captivating and addictive taking over the rackets and finding collectables.


Granted, there doesn't seem to be much more than that too it though at the moment, the odd story mission when you capture a district and gain an associate and a few drug running 'steal this truck/boat and bring it back' type missions in the Bayou but not a whole lot else as of yet.

Managed to get all the factions to their maximum earn rates too which means I get more cash generated and also get a few perks like being able to get my cash deposited, calling off the police for 30 seconds and having a car delivered, all very handy.


I was giggling at times driving about at the Sky and lighting though, it's just bizarre. At one point I hopped out of the car at the docks to pick up a few collectibles and it just went pitch black, could not see anything at all :lol: it was also alternating between light and dark every 30 seconds of so at one point and the trees in the Bayou looked to have a neon outline on them, all very odd.


Been driving around the whole of today in 30fps again, after I'd finished I looked up what frames people with similar rigs to mine were getting and they were all way higher, so I went back in to have a tinker about in the settings and it tiurns out I hadn't turned the FPS up to 60 in the video settings in the menus :lol::blush: as soon as I turned it on it went up to 52fps, fucks sake :lol:


Also, here's a funny glitch compilation:




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Another 8 hours played over the last 2 days, 21 total.


Was continuing to do my usual Ubisoft open-world thing of opening districts up, collecting collectables, doing side missions and story missions district by-district but had a look around after Tuesday's session and realised that I'd needlessly been collecting the Green fuses, they're littered all over the map, but their only purpose is to enable you to wiretap the Junction boxes, there's no achievement or anything, same goes with the rest of the other collectables it seems :blush:


So yeah, in yesterday's session I stopped bothering with the wire tap fuses and just concentrating on Junction Boxes and the blue collectables (vintage playboy magazines, hot rod magazines, communist propaganda etc.) as I would like to still get to 100% completion if possible. Trying to focus a bit more of getting the story stuff done too as it seems I'd hardly made any headway there at all, so made a bee-line for the story missions today.


Got rather repetitive I have to say, I get what Hangar 13 have tried to do, make you feel like you're gradually taking over a district, first by getting info, then by taking out rackets in the area, taking them over and eventually taking out the leader of that District to make it your own, but it's just all so repetitive really, it's just like an Assassin's Creed game in a lot of ways (albeit with the parkour), even the stealth stuff is incredibly similar, especially with the whistling to attract guards etc. It's also much easier to use stealth than go in guns blazing, the game can be surprisingly difficult and obtuse if you use guns so Stealth is always the best option.


It is enjoyable, but when you do tons and tons of identikit missions one after the other it does drag a bit, this is balanced slightly by the superb story missions though, I genuinely look forward to them, do all the leg work in a district then eventually I'll get rewarded with a cool mission to take out a Leader/Lieutenant/Capo, they're all really varied and you don't know what to expect, one of the ones I played today reminded me a lot of a Mafia 2 mission in a Hotel, I won't say anymore, but it was bloody great.


So yeah, back to the grind tomorrow really, still enjoying it but it's hard to recommend at full price, definitely a 'wait for a sale' kind of game, I'm glad I only paid £23 for it.

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I know I'm just talking to myself at this point :lol: but I'll carry on my diary series.


Another 4.5 hours played yesterday :o (25 total) that's a lot for me, hadn't planned on doing so much but time just seems to fly by when I'm in game, pretty good for a repetitive bug-ridden game really, not sure what it is but something just keeps me invested and I'm compelled to carry on playing more.


Just mainlining it now really, focusing on the story missions exclusively, picking up the odd collectable here and there and wiretapping all the junction boxes in the particular district I'm focused on.


Made quite a good amount of progress, all of the Lieutenant's are either deceased or working for me now, all my Underbosses have 2 districts each so far and are rather happy about it, and I've made some headway into the first Capo district. Similar mission layout to what I've described in previous posts, destroying contraband, raiding warehouses, killing enforcers etc. but things were a bit more interesting in the Capo district at least, this is mainly down to the 'Southern Union' being one of the rackets you've got to take over/destroy which are essentially the KKK, one of the missions I did I had to raid a Supermarket in the dead of night to investigate what was going on there.


I walk in, sneak round and just hear an auction going on, it's only when they say 'this one hails from Haiti and has black nubile skin' I realise what they're on about, I thought it'd be something like this but it still shocked me a little, I go upstairs and find a crowd, 2 guys in white hoods and a guy in a Texas-style suit and a Black guy bound and gagged in front being presented to the crowd. It was surprising and genuinely a rather unique mission, definitely stood out, especially as it was just one of the Racket missions and not one of the more cinematic story missions anyway, needless to say I enjoyed shooting the two guys in hoods and then went after the ringleader in the Texas suit and slaughtered him too.


So yeah, more tomorrow really, trying to take over 2 districts a day now if I can, still doesn't feel like I'm anywhere near the end though.




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Played another 3 hours yesterday, 28 total.


Made some decent progress again, carried on where I left off yesterday and took down the Southern Union racket, after I'd taken it over I then got an objective to take down some white supremacist radio host. This mission took me barging in on a KKK rally on top of a hill - complete with burning cross imagery and everyone in the infamous robes - and gunning them all down, got a really weird bug after I'd killed everyone that made a humongous pyramid emerge from beneath the ground, honestly thought Pyramid head was making a reappearance at one point  :shock: 


After both the rackets in the area were complete and the KKK guy was crucified it then gave me a mission to kill the Capo in the area, and damn this mission was crazy good.

You go undercover at the wake of the KKK guy you'd killed above (which is the woman you have to kill's husband), get dropped off at the front door in disguise in a waiter suit, spike the wine with LSD so all her bodyguards and guests flip out, follow her up to her study and pop her senseless, you then have to rescue this guy (who's on the same property) and escape, it was a bit hand-holdy, you didn't really get any autonomy to tackle it how you wanted or kill her how you wanted but it was still bloody awesome, just walking through this fully detailed yacht club/mansion seeing the cooks, waiters etc. behind the scenes then seeing the guests and the coffin of the guy you'd just killed up close and knowing what was coming later

 it was just a bloody great mission.


After this was complete the district was mine and my first Capo was deceased, so I moved onto the next Capo district which was the French Ward and proceeded to take down all the rackets in that area (Drugs and Sex in this particular zone), managed to do all that and then called it a day, got a few missions left tomorrow to kill a judge and eventually the Capo in that district tomorrow. One more Capo to go after that and then I'm 1 on 1 with the Don! 

More tomorrow.

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3 hours more played yesterday, 31 total.


Really making some headway now, finished off the French Ward district from the day before, couple of cool missions, one fairly basic one


following and then taking down a Judge and then another that was much more impressive that involved blowing up an old-school steamboat with the Capo I had to kill on-board and then boarding the boat, killing everyone on board, cornering and killing the Capo in the long grass of the swamp after, great stuff and rather impressive, not quite as memorable as the Funeral mission though.


After this I went back to the grind of taking down rackets, had 1 last district to do which was Southdowns so went here and started getting on with the job, taking down rackets and eventually took over both of them. Managed to collect all the collectibles in this area too and also unlocked all the junction boxes which means the map is 100% mapped out with collectibles etc. still weirdly missing a few though, 100% on the Playboy magazines, Communist Propaganda and Repent magazines but the Vargas paintings and album covers are still missing, looked all over the map and not managed to find them so who knows, hopefully the further I get I'll unlock a few hidden areas where I'll take down the last Capo and then the Don himself, if not I'll have to consult a guide to see where I may of gone wrong.


So yeah, feels like I'm right at the cusp of finishing it now, may finish it later today who knows, been quite a ride, still rather derivative and repetitive at times, particularly taking over the rackets but this is countered by the story-missions which are in general pretty great, albeit not spectacular.


More tomorrow.

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Finished this on Sunday, took me 34 hours in total.


Let's get the shit out the way first, the game is riddled with bugs and glitches and throughout my game I had an incredibly weird lighting issue which meant it went from Day to Night in seconds repeatedly, every time I ventured into the Bayou area it was dark as well and sometimes I could barely see anything on screen, it was abysmal, tried messing with the lighting settings but this made the city ridiculously saturated so I had to leave it dark. At the end of one of the story missions when I killed the leader I'd come to kill he fell over and a gigantic red pyramid (like Pyramid Head from Silent Hill) popped out of the ground, it was an incredibly surreal moment as you can imagine and made me stare aghast at how this could happen really, incredibly bizarre, another bad bug I experienced was getting a collectible locked in a building behind a door towards the end of the game.


I hear you, I hear you 'Well if the story's good and the city is great to explore then it won't matter about the bugs!', but unfortunately neither really lived up to my expectations. Although the city can feel great at times (especially coupled with the fantastic period soundtrack), and the attention to detail in parts like the French Ward (French Quarter) is fantastic, it just doesn't feel finished, you see this driving around where you can see Tramlines but there's no Trams, train-tracks but there's no trains, a multitude of Petrol Stations but no option to fill up the petrol tank on the car you're driving, it still doesn't manage to feel finished. The collectibles don't help either, they're rather barren and similar to previous games, vintage Playboy magazines, Communist Propaganda, period Album covers, Vargas paintings and Repent magazines, there's no achievements/trophies to collect any of these and the green spots on the map which I was initially collecting have no worth apart from enabling you to light up all the Junction Boxes on the map, which again has no achievements/trophies associated and the only benefit of which is showing collectibles for that particular quadrant.


Fortunately though, despite all these issues I still managed to have a good time with it. This is mainly due to the somewhat compelling nature of the Racket story missions and the more cinematic set-piece story missions, Lincoln Clay is a fantastic protagonist, an incredibly well-rounded character that fits in perfectly with the troubled times the games is set, the Villains are perfectly acted and well realised too and you will have a great time playing through these story moments. Unfortunately though, Mafia 3 doesn't let you just play through these superior cinematic set-piece story missions, to unlock these you have to do lots of identikit warehouse smashing, assassinating, car destroying, truck stealing missions that are pretty much ripped out of Assassin's Creed, they're so incredibly similar, even down to the symbols on the items you're required to smash and for those who don't enjoy Ubisoft's way of filling an open-world these will bore you senseless after a while. For me though, I found them strangely compelling, it's probably because I like Assassin's Creed and am used to doing these kinds of missions for long periods of time in those game that I found it this way, but I did end up enjoying them at times, and feeling compelled to take over one racket so I could get to the story mission at the end where I take down the Lieutenant/Capo and take over the district. Some are genuinely interesting too, the Southern Union Racket (Slave trade) was incredibly interesting and actually shocked me a few times which I didn't expect, but for the main they're just smashing the same boxes, raiding similar warehouses or destroying/stealing vehicles over and over again.

It's a shame that Hangar 13/2k Czech decided to go down this path, but I see what they were aiming to achieve, they wanted you to feel like you were taking over a district and eventually the city from the bottom to the top, and in one way they succeeded (taking over the City is incredibly satisfying) but I just wish they didn't have to include such mediocre identikit missions to get to the interesting missions every now and then. With the complaints levelled at Mafia 2 though I can see why they might've been compelled to do this, to make the city feel more involving and alive, but they don't really succeed at this really.


The story is also rather disappointing, it's a classic revenge tale really, that's all there is to say, nothing too interesting happens from the start to the end apart from some somewhat gruesome moments along the way, it's incredibly well acted and the characters are very well realised for the most part (there's 1 that you'll go 'who's that?' to towards to the end though) along with some great missions through abandoned amusement parks, a funeral, Bayou Riverboats, Casino's, Banks, KKK meetings etc. but the problem is there's too little of them to really enjoy and the story just isn't as interesting or compelling as it needs to be.


So, unfortunately, Mafia 3 falls short of the original game and its sequel, you see that attention to detail shine through at times in the French Ward, the amazing Musical soundtrack and the radio announcers telling stories of the racial tensions, Presidential assassinations and Moon landings of the era whilst you're driving around, it does at times feel like a fully realised recreation of 60s New Orleans but unfortunately it just needed longer in the cooker to realise its potential and iron out the bugs.



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Been playing this the last few days (between watching Netflix) and finally have something to say about it.


Holy shit is it repetitive. Luckily that repetition is the kind of thing I need at the minute. That endless cycle of wiretaps opening up, picking up collectables, then working through a ton of missions.


I LOVE the way it's presented though - the documentary style clips between the story missions are an awesome touch.


Like Blakey covered, it seems very glitchy, especially when in a boat for some reason. Today it kept giving random textures, road signs and other crap that shouldn't be there across the horizon. And that's the only time it ever does it, on the water.


Something I'm struggling to get past is that it's come so long after GTA V but I still think it'd struggle to stand up to 4 in some respects. That might just be me though...


I know all that sounds negative, but the brainless cycle is definitely helping to keep me from going stir crazy right now. Not sure how many hours I've put in to it, but I think I'm going to end up hammering through loads of missions tomorrow seeing as I've cleared off loads of dicking about today and that's the majority of what's left.


Oh and Vito's favour missions are awesome. Revenge is sweet.


Also like Blakey said, the hotel mission was fucking fantastic!!

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Finished off the last couple of missions this morning, and this game really does have two completely different identities.


For the first half of its identity, it's like they wanted to expand on everything that gave Mafia 2 its charm but lost the magic in the bigger playground. It has this repetitive mission structure of killing everything in a segment to get access to killing something else in that segment, along with wiretapping and collectables that give absolutely no benefits. Everything that isn't a strict story mission just feels like the kind of filler that Assassins Creed loves to live off, but without the ability to climb anything above knee height. As I said, this was something I needed to carry me through a few days in the hospital, but I could see me tiring of it in the real world.


The second half is the fantastic part. The story missions. I absolutely loved this aspect of the game, and had it been in the Mafia 2 frame where the driving just took you from mission to mission instead of being open world I can see this having been much better received. Whether going in stealthy and slowly working my way through to a boss, or going in all guns blazing with a little firm courtesy of Vito, the different way you could approach each area was what kept me going so long. The variation in environments gave it extra legs too. Identikit corridors would have killed it for me i think.


Assigning districts for different benefits was a cool idea too, and I liked liking through the list to decide what it was I wanted the most. A special shoutout to the soundtrack too - fantastic start to finish. I just wish there was a bigger choice of songs for a 40+ hour game.

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Picked this up off eBay for £3. A pound for every hour I’ve played so far so nothing much to say atm. I’m really enjoying it tho, I like the world and that a lot of buildings can be broken into. The town isn’t just a set of blocks that can’t be entered like with gta.



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It was okay, esp. with the DLC that mixes up the gameplay slightly.


Enemy AI was pretty awful though, you can just stand around a door, use the whistle, and stealth kill so many of them (if you really want to).


Use to irritate me that you'd often lose a vehicle too after entering a building (the one you'd just parked outside) but hey, maybe that's just the crime rate.....


Much as the previous comments above, it's got some highlights, but it's pretty repetitive, and doesn't really build on M2 at all 

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