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Having never played this before, I had a go on the free weekend recently, and I've picked it up.

Trying to work out which of the characters I'm good with.

I started out mostly playing Bastion, I've also been playing a lot of Orisa.

Last night I was playing Zarya and was doing ok.

Hanzo can piss off... as can tracer...

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I was away from this game for almost a year and a half but I still followed all the news connected to it._BUT I've seemed to missed the most important thing. (which has apparently been in the game since January but no seems to know about or use it._)


Payload/Adjective Callouts - If you bind 'Acknowledged/Understood' to a button/Key not in use (Left D - Pad for example) and target the objective, your character will say defend or attack it.


If you bind 'Group Up' and target a player it will say "I'm with you!"


If you bind 'I need healing' to a key and play a healer then target players and press it, your healer will call them over to be healed. @Hendo


If you bind 'hello', it says hello to the specific player you're target.


 I'm not sure why Blizzard is hiding this stuff, spamming worries  i don't know. :mellow:



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For someone who somehow became a 'gremlin' with Mountain Dew and Doritos, it was quite a serious origin story. Glad my main finally got a video though. 


Still think Blizzard needs to make a animated Overwatch film. 

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