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Fallout 4

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Another 5 hours played today/yesterday, Didn't really know what to do in my game today, so just decided to do a load of Railroad quests, after a while though I realised that these were all pretty similar and were just repeating like the Settlement quests, and got a bit fed up with them, so gave up and did a couple of Miscellaneous bits and pieces (killed my first Death Claw!) and then decided to make a start on a couple of quests I'd picked up hours ago but had put on the back burner and then I called it a day.

Found another really cool area today,


, it's like the opposite of Diamond City, a bit filthy, rough around the edges with some interesting characters to say the least, can see myself spending a fair bit of time here I think, more later today!

And a couple of pics:





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Didn't have as much time to play as I wanted to give Battlefront a go tonight/this morning, so just the 3 hours yesterday for me, and some of my most interesting 3 hours I've spent with the game so far I must say.
Got about 3 or 4 quests in around Goodneighbour, decided to start one called "The Silver Shroud" and it's just amazing, reminded me of some of the longer quests of F3 and it's got that personality and quirkiness to it that so far has been lacking (for the most part), won't ruin anything, but I highly recommend doing this quest, it's just awesome.
After this I did a quest for the Cabot family, then started another for them and then it was time to call it a day really. Managed to chat some Woman in The Third Rail in Goodneighbour up, and managed to get her in the bedroom :lol: no Witcher 3/Dragon Age style awkward sex scenes I'm glad to say, but I did get some kind of 'lovers companionship' perk/benefit or something after the deed had been done :lol:
Just one pic to share today, a British robot (although they all seem to have British accents, this one actually had a Union Flag on it :lol:):
Also, thought I'd share this article:

1.Cover System
On first glance, Fallout appears to be one of those cruel shooters where your character’s full range of motion is either “bolt upright” or “gnarled crouch”, while Raiders contort into cover, blind firing and probably laughing at your bracketed knee joints. Then someone worked out there’s a full cover system the game never actually tells you about.
As explained here, when you walk next to corner, your gun will dip - your quiet visual cue that you’re now technically in cover. Hit your iron sights (LT/L2/Right Mouse) and you’ll see that your character now leans out of cover like some kind of actual human scared for their compromised safety in a sudden hailstorm of ordinance. Useful!
Chief among my interests in Bethesda games is taking advantage of the developers’ peerless commitment to junk and using the Grab function to make new pursuits for myself. I enjoy making tottering piles of weaponry, like my character is some kind of medieval ATF agent, or filling a room with stomachs. When I turned on Fallout 4, I thought my time of experimentation was over - the old right stick click no longer did the job.
Thankfully, the button’s simply been swapped, so I can still complete my bone palace - hold your interact button (A/X/E), and whatever interactive item you’re pointing at will suddenly begin to float, letting you reposition it at will. With Fallout enemies’ new tendency to come running after hearing you clatter over a kitchen’s worth of Old World saucepans, it can even be a handy stealth option - just grab any obstacles and pop them down out of clumsy foot range.
Unless lit by bioluminescent fungus or angry, oxygen-slurping Molotov flames, odds are that most of Fallout’s more hostile indoor locations will be pretty dark. Given a general lack of electrical generators and a wish to get the jump on hardy wanderers like yourself, enemies tend to hide in shadows. Time to smoke them out.
Turns out, your centuries-old Pip-Boy has one more trick upon its well-moulded sleeve. Hold the button to bring up your menu (B/Circle/Tab) and you’ll begin emitting nuclear-powered light (in a lovely touch, it’s co-ordinated with whatever UI colour you’ve chosen). Every suit of Power Armour comes with its own headlamp - and you can change what kind of light you want by heading to the Helmet section in a Power Armour crafting station.
4.Supply Lines
If you’re going to spend time building a sizeable settlement this is, if not essential, then really, really, really, very, really helpful. Grab the first rank of the Local Leader perk (it’s in the Charisma section) and you’ll be able to send supply caravans from one settlement to another. That might not mean much, but let me ask you - have you ever tried to build a Radio Transmitter and been told you don’t have a crystal, because you stored it in a workshop 50 miles away? This solves the inevitable rage-destruction.
Supply caravans mean that connected settlements pool their Workshop contents - enter Workshop mode, highlight a spare Settler, and you’ll see an option for “Supply Line” pop up at the bottom of the screen. Hit the button and choose which settlement to send them to - as soon as their name changes to “Provisioner” you’ll be able to share resources. My tip - Sanctuary comes with a ton of wood and steel, making it the ideal place to pair with any fledgling settlement.
5.Holster Weapon
I basically use this one for screenshotting, so perhaps not essential stuff but, and I hope you’ll agree with me on this, it is a thing that exists. Completing the triumverate of “long button press actions” (sadly, holding the jump button doesn’t make you fly, or suplex NPCs or something), holding the reload button (X/Square/R) has your character put away their gun which, if anything, makes conversations seem a tad more civilised.
6.Extra Inventory
All of your companions are, secretly, musclebound freaks. Especially Dogmeat. Dude is ripped. Talk to any of them and select the Trade option to bring up their inventory - after which you can scroll through your items and load them up with all the Power Armour pieces you don’t want to lug home - having a companion effectively more than doubles the amount you can carry. The Trade menu serves an altogether more cosmetic function, too...
7.Clothe Your Companions
Spending hours in a blasted Wasteland, it suddenly becomes important that the companions you spend all that time looking at, well look nice. Luckily, they’re easy to outfit - trade them some clothes (or weapons) and, if they’re useable, an Equip prompt will appear at the bottom of the screen. Hit that (Y/Triangle/T) and they’ll emerge looking simply sparkling.
Certain items even work on non-human companions. Dogmeat can wear more than you’d think (mine’s currently in light armour and some fetching welding goggles), and Codsworth has a penchant for hats (although he’s a bit picky - he’ll wear bowlers, but not fedoras, like any English gent worth his salt).
8.Tag For Search
Running low on a crafting material can be a troublesome process - not least when it’s something generally invisible, like gears, and you start having to comb through irradiated junk to find a suitable pick-up. But there’s a solution.
If you come across any greyed-out material while crafting, a prompt to “Tag For Search” will appear. Hit that, and any time you highlight junk containing that material in the wild, a magnifying glass symbol will appear next to its name, indicating that you’ve hit paydirt. Incidentally, if anyone knows where to find some paydirt, I really need it for that bone palace I said I was building.
9.Drunk conversation
OK, maybe this isn’t a mechanic, but it’s somehow more important to me than anything else in this list. Get your character smashed up on delicious booze, and they’ll act… differently in conversation. My favourite element of this are the already hilarious dialogue-skip noises. Instead of your “yeah”s and “uh-huh”s, you’ll suddenly hear them slurring out “concur!” and generally making an arse of themselves. It’s the little things that mean the most.
Have to say, I had absolutely no idea you could do 1, 2, 5, 6 and 9 :lol: :lol:

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I'm going to have another go at this over the weekend. Probably from the beginning. Mainly because I think we'll be waiting a while for a patch and I'm really in the mood for a Fallout game. :(

I'm thinking of just ignoring that garage completely.

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Which garage are you referring to, Duck?

Also, Bethesda released a statement yesterday saying there was a patch in the works:


No timescale on that, and it'll be tested and put out on PC first, but I would imagine that if they're announcing it is in the works it must be close to being released upon the world.

And another update on my game, 3 hours played yesterday, now 44 hours in, Level 32.

Spent yesterday solely doing the remaining side-quests (that weren't repeating ones) that I had on my Pip-Boy, finished off the one involving the Cabot family, then moved onto one in Goodneighbour which was great as well, did a short one that only lasted about 3/4 minutes and then I moved on to polishing off the remaining miscellaneous tasks I had on my Pip-Boy, went to one at some Gallery I hadn't discovered yet and that turned into another quirky weird quest :lol: love it, more later today!

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Another 3 hours played yesterday, just did a shit-load of quests really.

Finished off a main-story quest that I was part-way through from yesterday, after that I did a couple of the Detective side-quests for Valentine, a couple of Misc. tasks and then met up with the Brotherhood of Steel.

The story stuff I'm not really sold on yet, things haven't quite gone the way I thought they would, but everything is still a bit predictable so far, but only 3 or 4 quests into the main-questline to be fair.

The Detective quests were a cool distraction, one of them in particular was really quirky and unique, had me giggling away at times I must say.

The way the BoS were re-introduced was so bloody cool, came out of the building I was doing the main-story mission in, looked up and suddenly there was that massive ship below, and a couple Vertibirds flying through the sky, an incredible spectacle and gave me goosebumps I must say.

Level 35 now, 51 hours played.

Took a few more screenshots too:

Todd Howard riding a horse :lol::


Ship in the Sky:


Ships in the Sky:


My Bobblehead and Magazine collection:


Piloting a Minigun in a Vertibird:


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Immature?... yes.

Still had me giggling like a little girl though... :lol:

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Another 3 hours for me yesterday, Level 36, 54 hours played.

Finished off some quests for the Brotherhood first of all, absolutely love these quests, I adored the Brotherhood in F3 and I adore them again in F4, there's just something so inherently cool about the BoS base, the Vertibirds that you can call in to pick you up, all the unique personalities on the ship itself all getting on with various different tasks, its a sight to behold, will definitely be siding with them in the Story if that's the way things go (have a feeling it will be), been with the Minutemen since the beginning, and have had Preston as my companion right from the start, but the BoS have a special place in my heart.

After that, I cleared up a few Misc. tasks I had on my Pip-Boy which took me to the Combat Zone where I met another potential companion, again decided to stick with Preston, found another Bobblehead (think I've got 7 in total now) and then carried on with the story.

Had a couple of really cool quests in the story, won't ruin what they are, but very unique outside the usual template for a Fallout quest to say the least, then started another which involves going to the Glowing Sea, a whole humongous environment of the Commonwealth wasteland I hadn't explored 1 iota, incredible different, atmospheric and much more 'mad max' than any other part of the Commonwealth, will be a dangerous but unique place to explore I feel.

More tomorrow!

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Another 3 hours yesterday, Level 38, 57 hours played.

Pretty much just did story quests yesterday, made quite a bit of progress and things are definitely shaping up now in the main questline, taken a few interesting turns and it already better than F3's main questline, had to use the building mechanics to get through one of the story missions, I mean I know you had to do it at the start and you have to do it in the Taking Independence Minuteman side-quest, but this is the first when I thought 'damn Bethesda, you really want us to use these building mechanics' it was cool how the implemented it though, and luckily I had almost all the components I needed already to build the stuff I needed, just needed a biometal scanner, which I luckily found in the first hospital I went into, so didn't take me too long to build everything.

Very interested to see where the story goes next, getting incredibly intriguing at the moment, hope this will open up some more side-quests too because I've all but run out apart from the repeating faction/settlement quests which I just can't be bothered to do ad nauseum.

Few more pics below as well:

Deep in the Glowing Sea:


A lovely view:


A cool ship and base:


More tomorrow!

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Why is every single thing that's metal in this game made out of fucking Steel?, where the hell is the Aluminium?

This crafting is about as much fun as getting your eyes gouged out!

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Apparently the cans have them in when you dismantle them.

I've not even played this game and because everyone else is playing it I'm absorbing info through that they're talking about. I know you can get copper from electrical items when you break them down for instance. Nobody knows a reliable way to get screws though.

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To be honest I wish I didn't have to give a fuck where I get stuff from but a mission seems to be pushing it on me... which is wonderful.

I'm really enjoying the randomness of the game too, you know, like missing every single VATS shot when the guy your shooting is 3 feet in front of you... it's awesome. :)

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If you're just getting started with the crafting stuff, Nag, I highly recommend the tutorial video I posted back on Page 3 of this thread, it's not explained very well at all and that video teaches you everything you need to know.

Steel is one of the things I have the most, a lot of Settlements I have (particularly my 'home base' - Sanctuary) the first thing I do is open up the Workshop menu and go round scrapping everything highlighted in yellow that can be scrapped, there's tons of stuff to scrap in Sanctuary (less so in some of the other Settlements) including lots of cars and mailboxes which should net you a fair amount of Steel, you can then transport this to your chosen Settlement via fast travel (if your chosen Settlement isn't Sanctuary) and start building shit there, voila!

It is weird though that they force the crafting stuff on you at times, especially when Todd Howard said you can forget about it if you want to. Its happened to me three times in a few main-faction quests where I'll have to go out and find some material from a hospital or something, then fast-travel back somewhere and build something, it doesn't really bother me as such, but its a bit jarring at times, and ruins the immersion a bit, for me anyway, when I'm so entranced listening to the story, talking to people, doing quests, just general Fallout things and then BAM 'we need you to build this' and that particular stuff comes to a halt until you've built this thing, this is only with 1 faction mind, so it may be different if you do things differently to the way I did them in the story, and you're still doing Fallouty stuff finding that component, but, still, it's a bit jarring, I agree.

Anyhoo....5 hours played on this today, I was initially going to only play 3ish hours but I just couldn't stop thinking about doing some bits and pieces in the game whilst eating Dinner so felt compelled to head back on later for another couple of hours :D. Level 40 now, 62 hours played.

In the afternoon I just did a load of story stuff today really which then kind of stopped and morphed into faction stuff (seems to be going a bit like NV now with various different factions you can decide to side or not side with in order to finish the story off completely), did quite a lot of this and think I'm only 2 or 3 quests away from finishing the story, but that'll have to wait until I've maxxed out all the possible other faction-quests I can, also got jealous of a forum member on another forum I frequent seemingly getting more Bobbleheads than I currently had, so I was compelled to hunt a few more of them down :ph34r:, so after the story/faction stuff I then decided to go Bobblehead hunting.

Quick look on the net, and it showed a few locations I'd already been to previously and cleared that I'd missed Bobbleheads, so went and got these, then discovered a couple of new areas and got a Bobblehead in one and will finish getting the other tomorrow, the 'cheivo popped for getting 10 Bobbleheads, and I got 1 or 2 more after that popped so I think I've got 12 in total now, still a way to go, but progress at least.

Story has been surprisingly good and has taken a few twists and turns I didn't expect, quite predictable really overall, but a few moments that had me going WTF in surprise along the way which is always good, I do like to be kept guessing. One of the environs you go to is just incredibly cool and something more out of Mass Effect than Fallout 4, won't ruin this for anyone, but anyone else who has entered the


in the story will know what I mean:


More tomorrow!

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I'm doing the bare minimum crafting wise, it doesn't interest me in the slightest.

I managed to bump myself up a few levels yesterday, still feel like that whatever I'm putting points into (special or perks) isn't making a blind bit of difference to anything and don't really feel any more powerful than when I left the vault, especially in regards to armour and weapons... everything just seems so complicated for no good reason.

Got Piper up to full affection, now I can't decide whether to keep her around as a pack mule or send her packing so I don't have to babysit her.... Although I suppose she takes some of the heat when it comes to the constant Grenade spam.

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Definitely keep a companion around in the early days, as it helps a lot (unless you've got the lone wanderer perk) I'd say. As for the perks and stuff, everything is incredibly confusing and there's so much choice that it can seem overwhelming about what to put your point into, especially in the early goings, but they do make a difference, I'd say the health one, Idiot Savant and Scrounger are three of the most usual initially.

Another 3 hours for me yesterday, all I did was go Bobblehead hunting really.

Had a quick look at the locations of them online yesterday, most I'd already discovered so went to them. Dunwich Borers, Mass Fusion Building, Poseiden Energy, Vault 81 were some of the places I went to, cleared each place out of enemies (when they were present) and managed to find everyone I wanted to at each of the locales, think I've only got about 5 or so now to get so hopefully get them all the coming days and move onto finishing off the faction quests and story, then I think I'll pretty much be done unless there's a lot of post-game quests, I'm anticipating there will be, but you never know with Bethesda.

Some more pics below:

Preston glitched through the floor :lol:


Another lovely view:


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Another day, another update.

5 hours played yesterday/today, spent almost the entirety of my time Bobblehead hunting, only had 5 more to get after Wednesday/Thursday morning, so wanted to finish getting them all today/yesterday.

Most of the locations for the remaining Bobbleheads I'd already discovered, but a few I had to find, some interesting locales to say the least. One of the places I went to was this place that sells canned meat to the Commonwealth, was expecting to approach it and there be Raiders or Ghouls or loads of Mirelurks or something, but I was surprised when I got inside that it was just a guy that sells canned meat talking to a trader that was complaining people were getting ill from his meat, needless to say, I got a quest from him to clear some Mirelurks out of the basement, so I thought, yeah ok, standard Fallout fair, I'll go clear them out, get some XP then find the Bobblehead.

So I go down the lift into the basement and the little cunt turns the electricity off and I get stuck down there with a bunch of ghouls! Seems he had a dirty little secret that he'd run out of nice meat a while back and had been packing a load of festering rad roach/mongrel/ghoul/radstag meat into the cans and selling it to people. So killed a load of ghouls (which is easy thanks to my ghoul slayer shotty with 119 damage now ;)) and eventually made my way out and found a Bobblehead.

Another interesting location was Vault 95, approached, again, thinking I would have to clear it out of enemies inside but was surprised to find a fully functioning Vault with a load of fellow Vault Dwellers still inside, pretty damn cool, did a few quests for them and got the Bobblehead here, then headed to a couple of less interesting locales, did a load more killing of Mirelurks, Gunners, Raiders etc. and eventually I got them all:


:D :D :D

After this I turned back to the faction quests, as I've got no other side-quests to do apart from the repetitive Settlement stuff. Met up with the Railroad again, did half a quest for them and then it told me I had to do a few quests for another faction, so started that and then my time with the game was over for today, more tomorrow!

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Another 3 hours played yesterday, Level 46, 73 hours played.

Just did a load of faction quests, firstly for the faction that cannot be named, then a load of Brotherhood faction quests, not doing any strategic saving and such this time around, just going to go with what I want to go with. So chose the Brotherhood, this in turn turned the Railroad against me and that's pretty much where I left it, think I'll finish it off tomorrow, really don't think I've got long to go now, hoping there's plenty of stuff to do after the main-questline is finished because the amount of side-quests I've got is seriously lacking at the moment.

Absolutely pwning now, got my toughness perk upto 5 and my rifleman perk upto 5 too so I don't take much damage and give an absolutely ridiculously amount out, my favourite sniper rifle now gives 146 damage out, love it!

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Quite a productive last couple of days... :)

This has dug it's claws in a bit now, I'm enjoying it... Hit level 31 and I'm starting to kick the shit out of things now which is a lot more enjoyable.

Mopping up any side quests in between story missions, so yeah, this is pretty nice now... I think I'll be dabbling in the season pass at some point. :)

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Finished it today, 76 hours played, Level 50.

Won't give anything away but sided with the Brotherhood in the end, I loved them in 3 and NV, and loved them in this, they just have a soft-spot in my heart despite some questionable morals. I think the Railroad or Minutemen probably had the best morals but they weren't kick-arse enough for me, so I ditched them really, got plenty of manual saves so can go back and replay to get other endings etc. but I just don't know if I can be arsed at the moment.

Thought there'd be loads of stuff to do after the main-story had finished, but there isn't anything extra apart from more side-quests/misc. quests to discover as usual really, bit disappointing, so I'm just going to discover all the places on the map that are marked but not discovered yet then probably call it a day and wait for the DLC, surprisingly not really got the motivation to carry on like I thought I would, but then I have done a shit-ton of side-quests and discovering already so maybe that's why.

Absolutely loved it though, it wasn't as mind-blowing as F3 by any means, and I definitely agree with the reviewers that said it was more Fallout 3.5, if you loved Fallout 3 then this was basically more of the same, and welcoming you home back into the Wasteland and back into that wonderful environment ripe for exploration. The one big negative for me throughout has been the side-quests though, they have just been nowhere near as good as those in F3 and involve much more shooting to solve the quest than role-playing and diplomacy as in F3 and NV, which I didn't really like. On the positive side though the main-questline was much, MUCH better than F3, much more interesting, much more involving and with some tough choices to make along the way about who you want to side with etc.

Overall, an absolutely fantastic game, but it doesn't set the world on fire.

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