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Buying a Gaming PC


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11 minutes ago, shinymcshine said:


They are reputable enough, but 'legit' remains a bit hazy - since they essentially sell keys from cheaper overseas markets (which were never destined to be sold as such in UK etc) - a bit like setting up a different region account on your PS or Xbox to buy cheaper deals from their respective regional stores - so there is a small risk that one day someone could challenge whatever you've bought, if it wasn't being used in its intended region.




They're pretty much as legit as you can get. You're buying a physical CD key which is them sent to you to redeem on Steam etc.


They're a reputable seller, you're not buying from a person or a 'shop' like a G2A or whatever, you're buying from them and they buy physical copies of games from different markets. 


Obviously you do you etc. and same goes for Maf, but I used them religiously when I used my PC from 2014-2019 for almost all new game releases on there and never once had an issue with them, they were superb.

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