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Fallout Shelter

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Let me tell you the story of Vault 111.

In the beginning, there was Vault 489 and it was a happy place. For about 30 minutes.

It turned out that the Overseer really didn't know what he was doing and had badly misjudged how much power he needed and sent too many of his people out into the wasteland to forage instead of looking after the vault's meagre power station, canteen and water system.

So the people left in Vault 489 were pretty much fucked.

The Overseer being a heartless bastard abandoned his people and left for a bigger screened vault to look over (albeit with slower, more sluggish technology) and opened Vault 111 to the world.

He was expecting maybe a round of applause or special item for naming it 111, but sadly that didn't happen.

Everything was going pretty good.

The people were happy, the vault was improving all the time. People went out looking for goodies while others stayed behind and looked after the vault, then everyone was called back to work together and help with booting out (or straight up murdering) raiders who broke in, killing giant roaches who burrowed in or putting out random fires.

The Overseer paid special attention to hooking couples up in the private quarters and watching them pair up to make new little survivors.

Of course the pregnant vault people were pretty useless in a fire or fight but could do any other job the Overseer told them to do.

After a certain amount of time (approximately 3 hours), the pregnant survivors gave birth to little ones who would take the same amount of time to become an adult. The Overseer spent this time shouting at his control screen demanding the rubbish ankle biters "hurry up and drop your balls, for the love of Christ", as children can do absolutely nothing but wander the vault smiling in their stupid smug manner.

The water, power, canteen and even the vault door got upgraded and everything was going well until supplies were running low and that stupid child wouldn't grow up quick enough and the other pregnant survivors weren't popping soon enough and people started getting sick. Then the roaches came and the Overseer pretty much gave up.

About 6 of the 16 inhabitants died before he gave up, turned his control screen off and refused to go back to the vault.

I'm sure later on he'll arrive at a new vault and start the whole process over again. With a new goal of seeing if he can cause incest, seeing as the men and women in there will pretty much fuck anything after a while.

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Haven’t played this since before they added a load to it, so I’ve downloaded the new Switch version and will see what’s what.

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Decided to give them some cash as I played a fair bit of the phone version and enjoyed my time with the Switch version, so went to the store to buy the starter pack for a fiver.


I completely forgot about the Switch points program so it turned out that I had just enough to get the pack for free, so that was a bonus.


Not sure how much more I’ll play of it. It’s an enjoyable time sink but it’s no Stardew Valley.

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