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Yuck. So, as per Marvel has been over doing the X-Men. In the last 2 years, off the top, these are the series they’ve had


Astonishing X-Men

X-Men Blue

X-Men Gold

X-Men Red


Old Man Logan

New Mutants


Rogue & Gambit (2 mini series)

X-Men Black 


Return of Wolverine

Hunt for Wolverine


X-Men Genesis (2 limited series)

And god knows what else if you include Deadpool. Deadpool alone has like a zillion books.


But lately a lot of this stuff has come to an end and they have condensed, not all but a good number of these books into the very new (use the term new loosely) series Uncanny X-Men. They have got 4 issues in — 4 — where the new storyline is called X-Men Disassembled and they are spinning it back out into 5 new series which are called Age of X-Man: Something or Over. I don’t know if these are one-shots or actual series but.


I don’t know. It is my fault. I shouldn’t care. They have been doing this literally ever since I started reading comics. X-Men above all else has always been it’s own particular brand of nightmare because there’s just so fucking many characters and stuff. But just like. Have some self control. 


I already have rules rules where I don’t buy Annuals and I don’t buy tie-ins unless I really enjoy the event then I might give tie-ins a go. But I’m adding “Not buying any more X books outside the core series” to my list of don’ts. I will buy Uncanny X-Men. I will but the main part of any X-Men events. If they start a series about something that interests me. Maybe I will buy that. But all of this surplus X-Men shit can stay on the shelf. The X-Men have been so flimsy for so long anyway they just don’t justify this amount of books. 

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This guy. Has gone all Mutant Jesus (again) and the Age of X-Man is likely to be his own nice little mini series nod to his origins from the Age of Apocalypse. So you are probably better off starting there, or after it finishes. 


Basically Maf, when it comes to Marvel Comics, you know the score. Unless it's Spider-Man or The X-Men, it really doesn't matter. They have both been the backbone of the Comics since Spidey's inception in the 60's and the X-Men revival of the 70's. Now that the comics are distancing themselves creatively from the control of the MCU, that ethos is presenting itself again.



Unless you are these guys or the Webhead below, nobody really cares



As Marvel have discovered in recent years, whenever they try to push someone else to the top. The fans push back at the Pretenders to the Throne.

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Inspired by the Super Sons series and wanting to ramp up to Final Crisis I bought this



I love Grant Morrison’s interpretation of Batman and the little character details he folds in so easily between their already established traits. 




Andy Kubert’s art is so good as well. That last panel is the only drop of sadness in the whole scene but it still hits because of the eyes. 


I already have some some of these issues from later in Morrison’s run but they were also the first Batman comics I read since I was a kid. Now after all this time coming full circle I get this stuff a lot more and it’s more potent now I have my own history with the character instead of jumping straight in. 



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So as Maf is.. elsewhere (odds on Sex Trafficking) I'll give a shout to my newest acquisition 




So #1 to #4 gave us the Return of the FF and #5 was all about the wedding of Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters. So next on the checklist is none other than Dr. Doom AND Galactus! 

The pacing of this issue, mostly a protracted fight between Doom and the World Devourer, is a notable increase on the previous five issues and while touching on classic tidbits of continuity between the two, something new and interesting is definitely going on (note the title of the storyline). Another solid, albeit brief in feel, issue 7.5/10.

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Whoa! if you thought you had an idea of where this story was going from the first two issues, this issue is the...



..Moment. Other than the cover, to post images or discuss story beats in detail would be a massive spoiler. Which I am not in the habit of doing, as I think it pretty dickish to do so and ruin other people's surprise. Suffice to say, Leader-1 ain't no Optimus Prime! I was invested before, but now I really can't wait to see where Scioli goes with this next! 9.5/10

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I just read Bloodborne: The Death of sleep from Titan Comics.


Written by Ales Kot with Art by Piotr Kowalski and colour by Brad Simpson


It was pretty good, especially for a video game adaptation. Some of the elements from the game, like the You Died screen, felt kinda forced and cheapened it a bit, but on the flip side to that it has some real nice lore expansion - such as why Iosefka won't open her clinic doors to hunters anymore. 


First issue was a bit slow, but it falls into a nice pace from 2 - 4 (it's only 4 issues). The art had some really nice, Mignola-esque panels in there, but as a whole it didn't do a lot for me. Not that it's bad, it just didn't excite me as much as it could have. It's a weird one because taking everything great about it into account it really could have been special, but looking everything that's just ok you see it could have been a lot worse. 


I enjoyed the story in the end though, and I'll be picking up and reading the next Bloodborne story these guys have done in a couple days.



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