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well i got it and played through the story mode, it looks amazing, controls well with the analogue stick (apparently not so well with digital input), it plays ok, story mode is too long but apparently arcade mode is shorter so that's good although arcade starts on hard mode and i can't get past the first boss on one life.

there's some good ideas in there and some good bullet patterns, fun to be had. but also some odd stuff that doesn't work too well, the wobbly bullets, being hidden behind smoke, lots of instant death stuff. not sure i like it or not - need to play more.

the time running out thing didn't seem to come into play in story mode much, except one bit in a sort of maze near the end, took loads of continues to get past that, not sure if i was dying or running out of time as they're sort of the same thing, most stuff if you get hit just takes off some time but some stuff takes off all of it - death. the 3d-ness of the obstacles makes it hard to navigate the maze too.

did you get to play it illdog? my score was alone on the friends leaderboard.

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i thought there's a chance you'd like this Hendo as it's sort of like r-type...crossed with bullet hell and loads of other stuff...so maybe not.

played through the story mode again today and did a lot better, was ready for some but not all of the surprise instant death/memorisation stuff, finished it within the 10 'continues' it gives you (although you can start again from any level with the 10 continues so it's quite easy to get through). the lives system/continues i don't fully understand, it doesn't really match most shooters, you'd usually have 3 lives per continue or something but this is one life per continue, with quite a lot of instant death stuff in the game (although hits from most stuff just reduces your time) - looking at it like that it's really harsh if going for a 1cc, but you keep your score after continuing so its almost like the continues are supposed to be lives.

tried the arcade mode again too and still suck, can't get past the first level :(

still not sure if i like it or not, there's definitely some good stuff in there though imo.

feedback from more 'hardcore' players (shmup forum) is generally bad, stuff like the odd bullet movement, bullet visibility, ship lacking firepower/narrow spread makes it hard to hit the enemies small hitboxes especially with the bullet hell style patterns, lacks button mapping etc... i agree with visibility, i'v been killed quite often by i don't know what, and the 3d walls you can't tell where you will hit them or not - this would be ok if you didn't take damage from the walls. and some of the wiggly bullet patterns - some are ok, some good even but others seem just wrong.


the developer actually has posted on there, says it's more for a mainstream market, although i think if most of the complaints were fixed it shouldn't really affect any desirability to a mainstream market. i think it's pretty interesting though as theres maybe something to that with the game scoring really highly, 86% average - maybe this shows us how shmups could have a chance to make it back into being more mainstream?:


unclear how well it will sell but they've definitely done a better job selling it to the press than more established shmups, cave stuff on metacritic gets about 10 less %.




i haven't properly read any of the reviews yet but will do to try and work out how it can do this. nice visuals and not dying instantly when hit might be part of it?

anyone any ideas on this? anyone tried it - liked it - and can explain what appeals more than other modern shooters?

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i've really tried to like it, because of the good stuff in there, and it looks really nice but i've had enough of it now, the score attack/arcade modes with difficulty starting on hard is too hard for me, getting slightly better but played the first stage probably 20+ times and still can't get past it. and the scoring seems sort of broke in story mode as i got a higher score using loads of continues, going through it again doing a lot better using far less continues i get a worse score. because continuing really should have some effect on your score but it doesn't so loses any sense of progression when getting better at survival.

+all the other annoying stuff.

still not read the story yet so may have another play through and read it.

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Good plan, i'd play ME3 first too.

was about given up with this but yesterday had a good run through story mode where i managed to keep well powered up throughout most of the game - wich made it more fun and so much easier to kill enemies. it's so easy to lose your power up level though i think it was more luck than judgement. and finally managed to get past the first level of arcade mode!

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I don#t really know what to make of this. Its a beautiful looking game for sure, looks lovely and sharp and im really enjoying the story but the game play is oddly bland. There doesn't feel like there's much going on, then suddenly there is too much. Im not a massive fan of how quickly the plane responds, it feels too quick and sort of jerks around, makes it tough to dodge heavy fields of bullets. You can slow time with the R trigger but this slows everything around you, you still move at constant light speed.

I'll give it more time fo sho, just really wanted to like it more than i do (at the moment). I have a habit of taking massive u-bends of opinion.

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