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Your Top Five Albums

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I thought I'd start this, just for shits and giggles.

Post your top five albums of all time. You can say as much or as little as you like about them. However it must be studio albums only. So no live albums, no compilations, and no greatest hits collections.

Mine are ..

Queen - A Night At The Opera


A pivotal album by Queen. Released in 1973, it was the first album under Queen's new managment. Rumour has it that it was overdubbed and spliced so many times to get the well known Queen harmonics, that the tape was almost see-though in places.

Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction


Guns N' Roses first album, released in 1989. Contains all the great songs you all know. It's original album cover was banned because it showed a woman getting raped by a robot. This picture was moved to the inner sleeve instead.

Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast


Still my favourite Maiden album. The first with Bruce Dickenson as frontman, and their first big seller. Has a great song based on the old ITC series 'The Prisoner'.

Coldplay - Viva La Vida


My first Coldplay album, and the best. Before I got this one, I just hummed along to Coldplay whenever it was playing.

Meatloaf - Bat Out Of Hell


This was my first ever album I bought myself. I saved my paper round money to buy a radio/cassette player, and bought this album mainly because I liked the album artwork. I know that sounds weird, but I've bought many albums on the strength of their artwork.

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Moved to Media. ;)

Coldplay surprises me, the others don't. I'll have to have a long hard think about mine, as it's always the stuff I'm currently listening to, or recent stuff, that I'd end up listing.

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ok computer - radiohead (could probably have all 5 as radiohead albums)

daisies of the galaxy - eels

comfort eagle - cake

rumours - fleetwood mac

led zepplin 2

i'm not all that knowledgable about music, most of the stuff i listen to has been recommended by friends and i have a lot of compilation albums :P

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Funeral - Arcade Fire


The stunning first album from Arcade Fire, every track on it is perfect. Without a doubt my favourite album of all time.

Virgin Suicides OST - Air


It was hard for me to pick an Air album. All of them are good and there is a surprising amount of progression through there discography. I've gone with the Virgin Suicides OST as IMO it is the most "Air" sounding album, and Playground Love is a perfect song.

Siamese Dream - Smashing Pumpkins


Again, I love pretty much all the Pumpkins work and picking one album is a hard task. Siamese Dream is probably the most obvious choice outside of Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness. Siamese Dream seems to sum up that Pumpkins sound perfectly, its heavy in all the right places, but still sounds fresh today.

Pixies - Surfa Rosa (although its hard to pick between this and Doolittle)


Running theme here.. I've gone with Surfa Rosa purely because it has "where is my mind" and "gigantic" on it. Both albums are fantastic though.

White Pony - Deftones


Something of a leftfield choice perhaps? I love this album so much. Again its incredibly heavy when it needs to but, can also be very subtle. Every song on this album is great. Stand outs are Change (in the house of flies) and Knife Party, I would say it is the "metal" ok computer, but I'm sure others will disagree.

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some good albums mentioned so far, agree with Jim about White Pony too, massively underated by the mass music media

I'll post mine once I get proper net access

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I dont think i have 5 major favourites but i guess i post the ones up i listened to alot.


Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory


Papa Roach - Getting Away With Murder


System of a Down - Toxicity


Eminem - Eminem Show


Timbaland - Shock Value

Im not very good at reviewing, i'll leave it like that.

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Black Sheep - A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

Possibly one of the best Emcee's never heard, Dres spits out mouthfuls of words that word hurt the average rhymer with ease. Not all killer but i do fucking love this album and its bursting with hip-hop quotables that i still use to this day.


Nirvana - Nevermind

Came out during a pretty golden period of my life and every listen takes me back. Couple that with the fact that every track is made of kick ass.


DangerDoom - The Mouse and the Mask

This is a collaberation between MF DOOM and DJ Danger Mouse. Its a themed album, being all about Cartoon Networks Adult Swim. Pretty much every track in genius.


Depeche Mode - Songs of Faith and Devotion

Dave Gahan was at the height of his herion addiction and it certainly gave him a soul to his voice that outshines all other vocal performances (imo). Gore's songs are sung beautifully, and what fucking songs they are.


Prince and the New Power Generation - 0-5->

The album with an unpronouncable symbol that later became his name (for a while). Its not an album for everyone but it has quite a range of songs from Pop to Dance to Soul. It reminds me of Christmas for some reason and thustly i always listen to it around the time to be jolly. My favorite of all the little mans albums.

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Rage Against The Machine - "Rage Against The Machine"

The first and best album. They haven't come close to making something as cohesive or well produced as this, but maybe they're not trying to, they're certainly not bashing albums out every year.

Only one track I skip on this ("Settle For Nothing") but the rest make up for it. Possibly the best album to drive very fast to.


The Cure - "Disintegration"

Best album they ever did, shame that they haven't done a decent one since 1992.

It's an hour of either full on depression or other-wordly bliss depending on how you view The Cure. This is the first album that really took me somewhere, and without the aid of narcotics!


Nine Inch Nails - "The Downward Spiral"

Another album of un-told misery and soundscapes.

First impressions weren't great as I found the opening track, "Mr Self Destruct", totally impenetrable but the rest of the album clicked straight away and soon I got into the first track.

It's one of those albums that changes the more you listen and you hear things you didn't before. Worth it alone for the cover of Johnny Cash's "Hurt".

Wink, etc.


Radiohead - "OK Computer"

More misery.

Utterly amazing from start to finish. I went back the other day and listened to all their albums in order and this is certainly still the only one that really stands up from beginning to end. To think a short time before that the same band made "Pablo Honey".


Miles Davis - "Bitches Brew"

The first time I heard it I thought I'd wasted my money.

By the 3rd time through (and it's a double album) I wanted to punch everyone that had ever recommended it to me. But then I kept putting it on while I was going to sleep when working 12 hour shifts and somewhere in the hazy half-awake half-asleep zone, something just clicked and I found its grooves.

Apparently the story goes that musicians were just being recorded jamming with Miles and some were really depressed afterwards that they hadn't made anything of worth but then when they visited the record company office the secretary was playing this amazing music and when the guy asked who it was, she said, "It's you with Mr Davis!" The producer had manualy cut up and stitched back together the tapes to make compositions out of the endless jams - that would be piss easy these days, but doing it with tape is pretty hardcore.

As an easy way in, I'd probably recommend listening to the "In A Silent Way" album first as that's a similar kind of thing but much more chilled and easier to get into.

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Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible

From the front cover to the quote on the back, everything about this album is perfect. In Utero might have had the critical edge but I'll like my angst with intellegence and communism logos.

Suede - Dog Man Star

Difficult second album full of pretentious art wank, in band arguments, drugs and nuclear sex.

dEUS - In A Bar Under The Sea

Shouting, roses, violins, band arguments and other drugs. Those crazy Belgians!

Massive Attack - Mezzanine

The death of trip hop. A band not talking to each other. Liz Fraser

Tindersticks - Tindersticks 1st Album

One of the most perfect bands I've ever heard.

P.S. I'm actually a very cheery person!

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Massive Attack - Mezzanine

The death of trip hop. A band not talking to each other. Liz Fraser

Very nearly picked this, would certainly be in my top 10.

Such an impressive atmosphere in that album, light years away from the first two albums which sound ultra primitive in comparison.

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It's hard to pick 5 favourites so I'm just putting something out there, Jimbo made it easier by picking 3 of my favourites too, so I won't pick them just to keep it varied.


Blur - Modern Life is Rubbish

While it isn't the album with the heavy hitters it is one I go back to the most, it's the most varied, consistent and honest Blur record. Love it.


Pulp - His 'n' Hers

Just tune after tune after tune. I'm amazed how well it stands up today despite being an almost 80's inspired album, awesome song craft with Cocker's lyrics, he is still one of my favourite songwriters to this day.


The Hold Steady - Separation Sunday

I could easily have at least two Hold Steady albums in this list but I won't, with variety being the spice of life and all. While musically it's just decent, anthemic, bluesy rock but like Pulp it's Craig Finn's lyrics that raise them above anyone else. They're not open to interpretation or vague, they're insightful, observant and to the point. It makes me wonder why more song writers don't do this.


Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf

This is just an awesome ride of a record, I don't really know what to say about it, I love how it's put together and even after years of listening to it I'm still amazed by Dave Grohl's drumming... I mean I don't remember this in Nirvana..


Rush - Signals

Yup, I was gonna get some Rush in here somewhere. If you put music in genres like films and games are then this is my favourite sci-fi album. I could have gone with Moving Pictures but I think this is their most well paced album. It goes against their prog heritage but the songs are kept around 4 - 6 minutes long but room is still left for some drum/guitar/bass noodling which you expect, but they also keep nicely melodic, it really is a best of both worlds type album.

But now I'm sad there are a few records that had to be left out.

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bit of a bump and I'm sure i'll miss something off


Mogwai - Come On Die Young

I started to get really bored of music around the time I left school. I'd forced myself to get into the likes of Tool, NiN and Rage, but I still felt a bit clichéd. I saw an inch long review in Kerrang giving C.O.D.Y. 4/5 and figured I might as well take the chance on something completely new to me. I can still remember the first time I listened to it round a mates house and being proper blown away by it. Granted now I can hear Slint and the likes in it, but then i'd never heard anything so grand or so bleak. Generally it only comes on now when I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself or when I cant sleep, but it still feels fresh and unique. Listening to it late at night when it's pissing it down outside is probably why it's still my favourite Mogwai album


Kerbdog - On The Turn

I think I got this when I was about 13 and I still fucking love it. Irish band who later became Wilt for a bit, and started out sounding like a solid but uneventful Metallica tribute band. This album though is pretty much a straight forward 90s rock album with hook after hook. Every single song is immense. It's nothing big or clever, it's just good. It's also out of print and rare, although it appears to be on itunes and amazon which is better than nothing I guess


Tom Waits - Alice

For me this and Closing Time are mr Waits' best albums, but he's not too many bad ones. Again though it was something new to me, although Mule Variations and Blood Money were actually my introductions to Tom Waits, Alice came shortly after. His lyrics are always amazing, but on Alice his use of imagery is better than on any other album. He was writing it for a musical and as such the concept comes through and you've got songs about talented circus freaks, red light districts, and mental illness. But paired with that you've got some of the most beautiful and affecting ballads of his career like Flower's Grave, Lost in the Harbour, I'm Still Here and the underdeveloped (imo) Barcarolle


At The Drive-in - relationship of Command

I'd begun to convince myself the In/Casino/Out was the better album but it's not. There's so much energy and aggression on ROC, again it blew me away the first time I heard it. It's good to have a proper heavy rock album sometimes, something a bit punky, and RoC does that while still remaining interesting


A Silver mt. Zion - Horses in the Sky

Like C.O.D.Y Horses... seems to be the one most fans of the band dont like, but for me it's their most interesting. The first track "God Bless Our Dead Marines" is maybe a bit 6th form lyrically, but it's expansive, difficult and oddly singalong. Things improve lyrically ("imagine the view from a helicopter gun ship...") and eventually turns into as good a modern protest album as i've heard. Hard work unless it clicks, but I think a couple of people here heard God Bless Our Dead Marines and liked it (ill maybe?)

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I'm with you on Come On Die Young and Alice (actually, that was the first album of his I bought as well - but I bought that and Mule Variations the same day, then went back and got Blood Money and then Closing Time), but I really don't understand people's praise for At The Drive-In. To be fair, I can't get past the guy's voice, it really doesn't suit the music and just sounds the equivelant of someone scraping a chalkboard to me.

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ok, bit of a bump, another forum I'm on has a top 5 albums thread currently and I remembered we did on.


So a full 6+ years on, some of us are still around, has anyone's lists changed? "New" people, what are yours?

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I'd probably swap out Bitches Brew for Mezzanine but a top 5 is always gonna be a hard pick.

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mine would still have


Kerbdog - On The Turn

Mogwai - Come On die Young

Silver Mount Zion - Horses in the Sky


but I'd add:

This Will Destroy you - young Mountain

and I'll switch Tom Waits albums from Alice to Closing Time

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I think I still stand by mine but I'm amazed I didn't at least give a mention to:


Soulwax - Much Against Everyone's Advice

Filter - Title of Record


Another two albums where I enjoy every track.

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Off the top of my head...

Prodigy – Music for a Jilted Generation

Chemical Brothers – Dig Your Own Hole

Trentmoller – The Last Resort

Radiohead – The Bends

Leftfiled - Leftism


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