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Its one of those point and click adventure games for your personal computer and it looks a little like this.


It looks exactly like that, pretty ain't it. I know very little about this sort of think but it is different in the way its story is told, there is no dialogue are even words in this game, its all told with short animated scenes, crunches and bleeps from the characters and enviromental stuff, it all tells the tale perfectly, it almost makes me want to stop using language myself.

The puzzles, I don't know how to guage these. You have logical puzzles like moving shapes and all that Layton type stuff and you also have your classic inventory item stuff too, this is where I get stuck. At the moment the last thing I managed to get hold of is a dead/stunned robot cat... I know a dude needs some sunflower oil... WTF is all my console raised brain can manage.

I was doing okay at it actually, the game starts out as a single puzzle per screen, you solve it and then moved on. I liked that. Later it does open up and all the inventory items build up with a series of characters that want different items and the little robot man shakes his head at everything I try the items on then I go running back to Halo.

In all seriousness though it is a good game and one I hope to see to the end, I think I will because it does have a hint system which is pretty much an ingame Gamefaqs, I won't use it too much though.... unsure.gif

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This is currently on sale until Christmas Day. I picked it up as I'd been interested in it for a while, mainly for its visual style and from reading the praise that pretty much all reviews have given it. I've only done the introduction screen so far to see what it's like, but it's really well done. It looks amazing, and like DC says everything is told via pictures and short animations.

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This is coming to Vita and PS3.

The latest listing updated from the Entertainment Software Rating Board has revealed that Machinarium will be coming to the Playstation Vita in addition to the Playstation 3. The adventure-puzzle video game received an E 10+ rating due to comic mischief and use of tobacco. You can check out the latest screenshots in the slideshow at the top of this article and the full rating summary from the ESRB below:


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