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I’m 3 episodes into black lightning. It’s on Netflix but not their show. It’s really REALLY cheesy and I think that’s why I like it. There’s every cliche going but moves at a faster pace than the Netflix marvel shows.


The music is great like with Luke Cage. It even has a similar story that the main bad guy (who seems to be very odd looking and an awful actor) checks in with their boss who is shock a prominent member of the community (although that hasn’t been revealed yet it seems obvious).


Theres enough twists and turns to keep watching and within the daft one daughter is a lesbian going through LGBT stuff and the younger daughter outright told her parents she’s going to lose her virginity on Saturday which resulted in one of the funniest scenes of the dad talking to the bf.


As I right this e4 has started and I genuinely thought it’s a dream sequence. 


Its stupid, but in a good way. 

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Ok so it took a little longer than I thought but I think I'm getting into this Good Place.


It can be a little typical American cheesy cheap humour at times, but it's getting more interesting and I'm genuinely laughing out loud a few times. The missus isn't, but she's weird. 

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Huh. I've binged to S2:E3. 



Michael is now working with them against the woman who's blackmailing him.


It's getting better and better. 

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