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You cant count stuff like Mario Galaxy though since its nintendo only so it goes to the big titles that hit the PC and the 360. Something like Crysis cant win due to the low amount of people who can run it properly. Bioshock is probably going to be my single player game of the year though.

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i guess it depends who's awarding the GOTY. so there is a definite official one then, i know half life was goty, wondered why id never seen any nintendo games brandishing goty. who award that one then, and why shun ninters? MS?

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I dont know really if there's an official game of the year thing I only ever cared about the PC ones before and PC Zone here in the UK and PC Gamer across the pond tend to be the one that gives them away.

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I'm opening this as an alternative to the VC update thread in Retro, so anything that's not related to the weekly Euro VC updates, plonk 'em here.

Some juicy bits to kick off.

Neo Geo and more!

Quite a bit of news today, as Japan gets a reconfirmation that Neo Geo games are headed to their VC. And sooner than you might expect! According to the site of SNK, the company who originally created the system, the first games will be coming to Japan in September, and will have an average price of 900 Wii Points. Three games were also confirmed to come: Fatal Fury (September 11th), World Showdown and Magician Lord (Both September with no specific date). It is yet unknown when Neo Geo games will hit America, Europe and Australia, though SNK recently said America would get them "in the summer". Let's see how that works out.
Second of all, Hudson has updated their Virtual Console site with the upcoming games for all regions: America can expect Bonk 3, Neutopia II, Legend of Hero Tonma and World Class Baseball, with Bonk 3 hitting September 3rd. Europe and Australia will get the same, minus Bonk 3, as they got it today! Japan will also get a number of titles, see the news post about Japan's September VC list (Up later today) to see which they are.
Last of all, the OFLC has rated two new titles. While normally a nice surprise but nothing exceptional, this time it's two games, both of which were previously only released in Japan. Yes, Mario's Super Picross and Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan) are headed our way! As SMB2J was recently removed from the ESRB, some people were wondering whether we would get Japan-only Nintendo games - This is a nice reconfirmation.

Japanese Virtual Console list - September 2007


-Battle City (September 4th)

-Mach Rider (September 4th)

-Burn! Professional Baseball

-Tower of Druaga

Super Famicom:

-Super Metroid

-Gradius III

Nintendo 64:

-Sin & Punishment: Successor of the Earth

Mega Drive:

-Golden Axe III (September 4th)

-Chelnov (Atomic Runner)

-Super Thunder Blade

-Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole

PC Engine:

-Legend Of Hero Tonma (September 4th)

-Override (September 4th)



-Detana!! TwinBee

Neo Geo:

-Fatal Fury (September 11th)

-World Heroes

-Magician Lord

Finally, America's (belated) VC update.

Super C - NES (Contra)

Breath of Fire II - SNES

Ghouls 'n Ghosts - Genesis

Some fucking great news there!

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America gets...

Adventure Island - NES

Donkey Kong Jr. Math - NES

Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure - TurboGrafx-16

Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole - Sega Genesis

Apparently, Landstalker is pretty good.

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This could perhaps have its own thread, did anyone else get an email from microsoft saying that Live Arcade would be down on the 10th September, does it mean anything special?

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I wondered whether this should get a seperate thread, but I just hope that this gets seen.

Sin & Punishment heads our way

A new title has just been rated by the OFLC - Yes, it's Sin & Punishment! This N64 game is not known by too much people, and for good reason - It wasn't released outside Japan originally. However, those that did play it all share the same opinion: It's one of the greatest N64 games ever made. It plays similarly to Star Fox 64, except that you can also run, jump, slash your sword, have one on one duels and more. Highly recommended when it does come out, especially if you didn't play it before!

Check out the OFLC rating page.

Another quick surprise is the fact that Gradius III has been OFLC rated as well. This SNES game was released in America a while ago, and will be released in Japan this month, so PAL gamers were wondering when we would finally get it.

Always one of the great "lost" games that Western gamers never got, as a mostly PAL gamer I've only heard about it.

Here's some gameplay footage.

So it's a run-and-gun from a different angle? Not what I was expecting. I wonder if it's actually amazing or if it's just been built up by the people who played it so those who didn't would feel worse? ;)

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you can probably tell by my signature that i quite like it...

it is amazing, paid about £100 for it at the time (including the convertor cartridge) and it was well worth it. the level over the sea is one of the greatest things ever

so yes, it really is that good! bizarre co-op mode though

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looks very good. looks like this'll beocme a member of the very exclusive Club TGK's VC Games, open only to classics i never played first time round. whats the bizarre co-op mode?

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I was playing Sin & Punishment on "Project64" a few weeks back, it really is as good as they say and shouldn't take long to get over here as they only need to change the coding to PAL and give the menus english text, everything else is already in English.

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TopGunKnacker wrote:

whats the bizarre co-op mode?

one of you controls the player and the other one does the aiming. but the guy who controls the player can also move the aiming... it gets very confusing

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Ah this was talked about in the last issue of n*rev.

Might have to pick it up when its released.

This is what the VC should be used for, giving us games they were too lazy to do first time round!

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What America got this week.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Sega Genesis

NES Play Action Football - NES

Neutopia II - TurboGrafx-16

Apparently Neutopia II is an awesome Zelda-style RPG. Look!

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Were they talking about Neutopia II on one of the latest 1up/egm/retronauts podcasts as I'm sure I've heard it mentioned by them...I think. That music sounds like Go West by the Pet Shop Boys.

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A few bits and pieces.

LocoRoco PS3 next Thursday

Sony has rolled down our news hill and sung confirmation that LocoRoco Cocoreccho will be available next Thursday on the PlayStation Network.

It's the one that's an interactive screensaver rather than a fully-fledged game, remember - and will cost GBP 1.99 (EUR 2.92) to download.

So when you sit there not doing anything for a little while, your not-a-game will start - maybe you were looking out of the window at a passing squirrel or a talking hedgehog.

The idea is to wake up the LocoRoco using a little butterfly, then guide them around the map by titling scenery using the Sixaxis controller. See, it is used for something.

All-in-all we're told there will be more than 200 singing blobs to play around with, as well as baddies to stop you getting to the end of the level in one piece.

A shame you're paying for a screensaver, but then as it's LocoRoco, I probably would. :blush:

Rez heading to XBLA

Q Entertainment will be bringing Rez to Xbox Live Arcade in Q1 2008, the developer announced earlier today.

The game will be a direct port of the PS2 and Dreamcast original, but will be updated with HD visuals and 5.1 surround sound.

You can check out screenshots in our Rez HD screenshot gallery.

"Personally, Rez has been and will always be a lifelong concept," creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi explained.

"I hope to take what I learned from the experience of creating the original game and look forward to taking it to a whole new level in the future."

The original Rez was a delightful blend of 3D shoot-'em-up, abstract visuals and music that changed as you strung attacks together. As players navigated each of its five levels, the music would build up to crescendo.

It's also famous for launching on PS2 with a "Trance Vibrator" USB peripheral, which rose to particular infamy thanks to some graphic Internet coverage.

More on Rez HD (working title) is promised soon.

Awesome stuff, but no idea how they will squeeze it into 150 meg. Ikaruga is coming too to XBLA.

Gorgeous Sega Rally videos

Just click and watch. :)



Tony Hawk's Proving Ground demo is up on Live now.

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